Top 10 Sexiest Outfits in Anime

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Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

It’s fanservice over function with these get-ups. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexiest outfits in anime.

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Top 10 Sexiest Outfits in Anime

It’s fanservice over function with these get-ups. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexiest outfits in anime.

#10: Katsuragi

“Senran Kagura” (2013)

Senran Kagura is no stranger to elaborately skimpy outfits, but this reckless pervert stands out amongst the crowd. She may be a powerful shinobi capable of summoning a giant dragon, but her choice of uniform is less about stealth and more about flashing as much cleavage as possible.
Couple this with the fact that she is all-too-eager to grope all her friend’s chest and you have one ninja that can surely throw you off guard.

#9: Rider

“Fate” series (2006-)

A Servant Summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War, Rider stands out from her counterparts by donning an outfit that doesn’t exactly disguise her frame or proportions that well. With an obvious BDSM theme to her attire, complete with chains, belts and blindfolds, she’s one contender in the war that you can’t look away from so easily. Her time in each instalment of the anime may be brief, but certainly retains impact.

#8: Satellizer el Bridget

“Freezing” (2011-13)

Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that makes an outfit all the more alluring. The untouchable queen’s Genetic uniform embodies this sentiment 150 percent. Though we recommend that you keep your hands to yourself because Satellizer isn’t in to the whole touching thing. As one of the strongest Pandora ever created, this lady is an absolute beast on the battlefield – but with every hard fought battle comes a little battle damage, amirite?

#7: Inori Yuzuriha

“Guilty Crown” (2011-12)

Listen up, leotards are always the best choice for a battle attire. They’re like aerodynamic or something. I mean, sure this Funeral Parlour cutie’s get-up has holes in some questionable places but it’s never ONCE stopped her from decimating entire enemy units. I think we can agree that a bulletproof vest would just weigh her down, or get in the way – and how would she pull off any of those sick moves like that? Oh yeah and it’s really sexy.

#6: Hestia

“DanMachi” (2015)

We’re having a hard time believing that this Goddess had any trouble in creating her own Familia, especially when they’re wearing that mini-dress. Cute, compassionate and yet childish in nature, Hestia’s dream of proving her worth finally came when she finds and consequently falls for the would-be hero Bell. And how could he not reciprocate? After all Hestia’s trademark boob-ribbon became something of a cultural phenomenon.

#5: Major Motoko Kusanagi

“Ghost in the Shell” series (1995-2005)

Now the last thing you’d ever want to do is get on the wrong side of the Major, what with her uncanny strength, dead-shot accuracy and cybernetic enhancements. However, we can’t help but gawk at her choice of uniform without blushing at least a little. Don’t get us wrong, she’s the queen of anime badasses in our book and being able to snipe a guy’s ankle off is all well and awesome but…yeah, that crotch piece definitely knows how to garner some attention.

#4: Bulma

“Dragon Ball” (1986-89)

Since episode 1, this scientist has been rocking some skimpy ensembles that did terrible things to our imaginations. And while some of her later looks are nothing to scoff at…we just can’t un-see that bunny costume. She may have only briefly worn it due to a lack of any other available clothing, but it can’t be denied Bulma certainly knew how to sport those rabbit ears. I guess we have our answer to how she managed to get herself a true prince of all Saiyans.

#3: Honey

“Space Dandy” (2014)

We all know why Dandy was willing to take on all manner of interstellar dangers just to make it to his favourite restaurant. As a waitress working at BooBies, Honey’s work uniform consists of…practically nothing save for a minuscule top, skirt, and choker necklace. Sharing an odd relationship with Dandy, while her looks are unmistakably out of this world, be sure not to mistake this little lady for an airhead. Honey knows how to play the game…and she must be making a killing in tips.

#2: The Sailor Scouts/Sailor Senshi

“Sailor Moon” franchise (1992-2016)

This cast of heroic ladies don’t show as much skin as others, but as far as iconic uniforms go you can’t go wrong. Led by the girl who’s always fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight, their choice outfit complete with ribbons and miniskirts has inspired many a cosplay or Halloween costume for decades since. Any kid that grew up watching can attest that seeing, Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and the rest kick ass in those sailor uniforms made them weak at the knees.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“One Piece” (1999-)

Yoko Littner
“Gurren Lagann” (2007)

“Urusei Yatsura” (1981-86)

#1: Ryuko Matoi

“Kill la Kill” (2013-15)

Driven by vengeance, this fiery scissor blade wielder is someone you do not want to cross, and while it’s true she could slice you seven ways from Sunday, the fact remains that her battle outfit is not just deadly but quite the distraction as well. Her sentient sailor scout uniform, Senketsu, may grant her enhanced strength and occasionally feed on her blood, but he also has a habit of leaving much of her midsection exposed during combat, meaning that Ryuko’s opponents, and us, are certainly going to get an eyeful.