Top 10 Hilarious Rob Schneider Movie Cameos



Top 10 Hilarious Rob Schneider Movie Cameos

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Written by Q.V. Hough

Rob Schneider's funniest cameos from movies that were absolutely hilarious. WatchMojo presents the best cameos where Rob Schneider appears and makes us laugh. But what will take the top spot? The cameos of The Waterboy, Big Daddy or Bedtime Stories! Watch to find out!

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This man can definitely do it! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Rob Schneider Movie Cameos.

For this list, we’re focusing on the hilarious moments when Rob Schneider briefly makes an appearance on the big screen, whether it’s a traditional cameo or just a small role.

#10: D-Rex
“Little Man” (2006)

In this Keenan Ivory Wayans film, his younger brother Marlon stars as a tiny criminal named Calvin Simms. During his quest for a lost diamond, he comes across a jolly dinosaur at a backyard party. Only Rob Schneider’s D-Rex doesn’t impress Calvin, most notably because of his stench. And so, the man behind the costume emerges, a depressed figure struggling with financials and life after rehab. Calvin’s taunts don’t go over well, though, and neither do the human dino’s threats, even if Schneider’s delivery is hysterical. So, while a yard full of children look on, the two men battle it out, with Calvin managing to further get under poor D-Rex’s skin.

#9: Erwin
“Demolition Man” (1993)

When Sylvester Stallone’s Sergeant John Spartan awakens to a brave new world in Marco Brambilla’s dystopian flick, bathroom etiquette has significantly changed. And Rob Schneider functions as a bit of comic relief when a question of three seashells arises. Complementing the snark of Sandra Bullock’s Lieutenant Lenina Huxley, co-worker Erwin laughs heartily at Spartan’s confusion, perhaps a bit more than appropriate for the workplace. It’s a brief cameo, but one that Schneider sells with his character’s exaggerated cackle. It’s kind of funny to think that Stallone and Schneider would reunite just a couple years later in “Judge Dredd.”

#8: Cedric the Bellhop
“Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” (1992)

In Chris Columbus’ holiday sequel, the mischievous Kevin McCallister winds up in midtown Manhattan, and it’s there he meets a peppy bellhop named Cedric. Portrayed by Rob Schneider during his “Saturday Night Live” prime, the character serves as the stooge in a double act bit, opposite the more reserved concierge, Mr. Hector, played by Tim Curry. And though Cedric has a few snarky lines here and there, he also appears in perhaps the most famous scene of “Home Alone 2,” one in which Kevin playfully intimidates the entire staff. Given the massive success of the film, this role essentially introduced Schneider to mainstream audiences.

#7: San Francisco Hobo
“Around the World in 80 Days” (2004)

Over the years, Rob Schneider has appeared in several modest films directed by Frank Coraci, but this particular movie was produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Even so, all that money didn’t make for a glamorous cameo for Schneider, as he plays a dirty Bay Area hobo. In fact, he’s actually credited as “San Francisco Hobo.” Within the narrative, Steve Coogan’s Phileas Fogg arrives solo in sunny California, which allows for a hilarious exchange with a man of the street, who has some words of wisdom about the power of a hobo’s stench. A conversation on “flying men” allows for even more slapstick, which makes for a genuinely comedic Disney moment, and a classic Schneider cameo.

#6: Prince Habeeboo
“Click” (2006)

Within Frank Coraci’s story of a business architect and his life-changing universal remote, there’s a brash prince that briefly pushes Mike Newman’s buttons. His name is Prince Habeeboo, a man with a red Lamborghini and quite the entourage. Oh, and he’s got a few suggestions for the design of his new restaurant, too. For this role, Rob Schneider brought the laughs with some clever wordplay, and the makeup work of “Click” actually led to an Oscar nomination. It’s not an obvious Schneider cameo, yet the average fan of Adam Sandler films can probably recognize the true identity of Prince Habeeboo right away.

#5: Asian Minister
“I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” (2007)

Before jumping into a contrived wedding, Chuck and Larry need to prepare for their big day. In one of his most unrecognizable cameos, Rob Schneider emerges as the happy-go-lucky Asian minister with his own unique style. He’s a man easily amused by the faux couple’s jokes; the comedy of this cameo is less about one-liners and more about the situation itself. Of course, this Schneider role may not conjure up laughs for all demographics, as evidenced by the controversy it elicited from some critics, but it’s yet another brief performance that allows Schneider to show off his comedic versatility.

#4: Salim the Taxi Driver
“You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” (2008)

In America, a former Israeli soldier named Zohan fulfills his dream of becoming a hairdresser. And there, Rob Schneider’s Palestinian cabbie named Salim recognizes him as the man who took his goat. And so, it’s on. Salim plots to kill Zohan and enlists the mysterious “Phantom” for help. Throughout the film, Schneider’s plotting character often transitions from aggression to playfulness within a matter of seconds, allowing for some hilarious fish-out-of-water exchanges in the setting and with Phantom, too. And though it’s not a brief cameo, the relatively small role is still crucial to the overall narrative.

#3: Nazo
“Big Daddy” (1999)

In this Dennis Dugan flick, Adam Sandler plays a New York City bachelor that must grow up quickly after taking in a five-year-old. And although a local deliveryman named Nazo doesn’t exactly help with the boy’s reading lessons, he does provide for some comedic relief. For this minor role, Schneider’s character actually comes to the aide of the protagonist in court, despite his odd analogies and personal revelations. In fact, the Nazo role was so well received by audiences that Schneider’s character actually showed up again for a completely different narrative in the 2002 film, “Mr. Deeds.”

#2: Indian Chief / The Robber
“Bedtime Stories” (2008)

In this family movie starring Adam Sandler, a fantasy narrative emerges when a handyman named Skeeter Bronson begins telling bedtime stories. During one of these stories, he encounters Rob Schneider’s Native American character, who references one of his most familiar cameo lines. Incidentally, Schneider enthusiastically offers up a red horse named Ferrari, only to appear later on as a different character - a thief. With the hilarious line “Free” being the focal line of comedic dialogue for both Schneider and Sandler, the meta sequence produces yet another quirky and memorable cameo.

#1: The Townie
“The Waterboy” (1998)

Back in the late ‘90s, Adam Sandler evolved into a bankable movie star. And while “The Waterboy” didn’t receive great reviews, it did provide the first of many memorable Rob Schneider cameos with “The Townie.” As a loyal supporter of a local named Bobby Boucher, Schneider’s motivational line became a recurring theme over the years, first in 2000’s “Little Nicky” and later in the 2005 football flick, “The Longest Yard.” But it was “The Waterboy” that set the standard, with Schneider’s ragtag character livening up each appearance with an impassioned delivery every time around.