Top 10 Teen Titans Facts



Top 10 Teen Titans Facts

Script written by Craig Butler

Every teenager needs friends – even the super-powered ones. Welcome to and today we're counting down the top 10 facts about the Teen Titans.

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Script written by Craig Butler

Top 10 Teen Titans Facts

Every teenager needs friends – even the super-powered ones. Welcome to and today we're counting down the top 10 facts about the Teen Titans.

#10:  They Didn’t Have a Name When They Started

The Teen Titans made a big name for themselves among comic fans, but in fact they didn’t have a name in their first adventure. Back in 1964’s The Brave and the Bold #54, Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad got together to fight a villain called Mr. Twister. It was the start of a beautiful friendship and a team that would last for generations even though they weren’t officially named. The TV series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold presented a different origin, this time featuring Robin, Aqualad and Speedy. Guess Kid Flash had a hot date or something.

#9:  Deathstroke Debuted in the Teen Titans Comic

Fans of the TV series know him better as Slade, but Deathstroke is the more familiar moniker. Whatever you call him, this dude is bad news. Even though he has turned up all over the DC Universe, Deathstroke first started practicing his evil deeds in the pages of New Teen Titans #2 in 1980.  Originally an assassin for hire, Deathstroke first encountered the Titans on both a professional and personal level. His son had been hired to kill the Titans but died in the process – and Deathstroke readily agreed to finish the job his son had begun. 

#8:  Robin Changed to Nightwing as Part of the Titans

After three decades running around in a lemon yellow cape, green jockey shorts and a red tunic, Dick Grayson felt it was time for a costume change. What took you so long, Dick?  And along with the new threads came a new name – Nightwing. Okay, so the name and costume weren’t totally original; Superman had been known to adopt the same name and similar costume on occasion. But whatever its origin, Dick’s transition from Robin to Nightwing happened right in the pages of The New Teen Titans, demonstrating the importance of this team to his self-identity.

#7:  The Titans Didn’t Hit It Big Until The 1980s

After debuting as a trio in 1964, the Titans got both their first female member and their name a year later. Wonder Girl, the Titan’s teenage equivalent of, you guessed it, Wonder Woman signed up and the Titans were off. They were successful, but not huge. Their original comic ran for seven years and a 1976 revival lasted a year and a half. They came back as The New Teen Titans in 1980, and this time they hit it big. Marv Wolfman’s scripting, George Perez’ art and some new additions to the team made the Titans DC’s biggest-seller for several years. 

#6:  The Young Justice and Teen Titans are Different Teams

Quick, name a team that is made up of young superheroes and features the likes of Robin, Wonder Girl, and an adolescent super-speedster? Well, that description could apply to either Teen Titans or the group known as Young Justice.  The lesser known Young Justice was created in the late 1990s at a time when the Teen Titans had aged out of being teens. It became the team for the newer teen DC heroes, such as Cassandra Sandmark’s Wonder Girl or Bart Allen’s Impulse. The Titans eventually became a teen group again, of course, because, you know…comics.

#5:  Raven Created the 1980’s Version of the Group

When the Teen Titans became the New Teen Titans in 1980, their behind-the-scenes creators were a couple of savvy and talented comics professionals. On the page, however, the group came together through the personal intervention of the newly created empath named Raven. When Starfire arrives on Earth, escaping the intergalactic slavers who are after her, Raven manages to bring together Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Cyborg and Changeling to help rescue her. So although Robin would be their leader, Raven assembled the team originally.

#4:  In the Comics, Starfire is A Sex Symbol (And How!)

Many Titan fans who know the team primarily from the excellent animated version know of Starfire as the lean but powerful alien in the two-piece outfit. She’s undeniably attractive and appealing, yet she’s not drawn in a manner that screams out sex symbol. The same isn’t true of the original comics version. Statuesque, incredibly busty and with a lengthy mane of gorgeous hair, this Starfire’s outfit is designed to accentuate her physique in a big way. She doesn’t behave in an overtly sexual manner and still has a certain innocence, but her physical presence is , shall we say, unmistakable?

#3:  Every Version of Robin Has Been Involved with the Titans

There have been five individuals who have officially served as Robin and they all have had involvement with the Teen Titans. Dick Grayson, of course, was a founding member. His successor as Robin, Jason Todd, worked with the mid-1980s team that Wonder Girl headed. Tim Drake has served the team as both Robin and Red Robin. Stephanie Brown helped the crew, despite being distrusted by Superboy. And Damian Wayne had a short tenure with the gang as part of an effort  to help him learn to socialize.

#2:  The Japanese Theme Song Signifies a ”Lighter” Episode

The awesome Teen sTitans animated series has an infectious and irresistible theme song – even when it’s sung in Japanese, as it is at the beginning of some episodes. The Japanese version seems a fitting acknowledgement of the fact that the series has an anime influence to its look. But beyond that, the song can serve to clue in viewers about the episode about to unfold. Almost all of the shows that start with the Japanese language version are lighter and less serious. The notable exception is “Nevermore,” which deals with Raven’s inner soul, but features the alternate theme song.
Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
Beast Boy Was Once Known as Changeling
The Teen Titans Once Teamed Up with the X-Men
The Titans Appeared in an Anti-Drug Commercial

#1:  The Titans Weren’t the First Group Composed of Sidekicks

When the Teen Titans first formed, all of its members were the younger sidekicks of established superheroes. But this wasn’t the first time that any youthful sidekicks had worked together.  In 1941, the company that eventually would become Marvel Comics launched its Young Allies series. This was a bunch of kids who banded together to fight the Axis powers. In addition to four regulars, the line-up also included the original Human Torch’s buddy Toro and Captain America’s partner, Bucky Barnes.
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