Top 10 Worst Teen Titans Go Episodes



Top 10 Worst Teen Titans Go Episodes

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Even heroes have off days. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Teen Titans GO! Episodes.

For this list, we're looking at “Teen Titans GO!'s” worst offenders, with a heavy focus on the story and humor. Please be advised that spoilers will be included for the included episode.
Top 10 Worst Teen Titans Go! Episodes

Even heroes have off days. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Teen Titans GO! Episodes.

For this list, we’re looking at “Teen Titans GO!’s” worst offenders, with a heavy focus on the story and humor. Please be advised that spoilers will be included for the included episodes.

#10: “Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice”

Nearly every episode of this show is lighthearted and packed with humor, but viewers are rarely the butt of the joke. Released a couple of days prior to April Fools, "Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice" lures fans in with the promise of a Dark Knight shaped guest star, but the title is nothing more than a prank. On any other day, this would be treated as false advertising, but "Teen Titans GO!" gets a pass this one time. The dull episode consists of the Titans trying to out prank each other and presents the characters as annoying babies who exist to torment each other.

#9: “Salty Codgers”

Raven – the powerful demon girl with an affinity for sarcasm – has a fetish for old people. After Mad Mod sucks the youth from children, the Titans show up to save the day, but the gothic teenager "accidentally" helps the villain turn the rest of the team into old folks. Delighted by this turn of events, Raven takes the Titans back to the Tower and watches her friends die and turn into zombies. "Salty Codgers" pits Raven as a monster who fails to predict that old age could lead to death. The humor mostly falls flat, and Raven acts out of character.

#8: “Smile Bones”

There is a fine line between genius and plain stupidity, but this episode fails to even come close to the former. Unfamiliar with the concept of chewing or teeth, Beast Boy and Cyborg believe that the point of eating is to inhale as much food as possible and develop a big belly. Despite the remaining Titans' best efforts to promote normal eating, the dumbass duo act like spoiled children by inhaling everyone else's food and essentially starving their friends. "Smile Bones" serves as a testament to just how detestable these characters can be.

#7: “I'm the Sauce”

Cartoon Network's series loves to subvert expectations by setting up an obvious lesson for children before promptly getting lost in a sea of weirdness. Robin burns a small library’s worth of books to force the other Titans to go outside, but it starts to rain, so the team is forced back inside. Long story short, the Titans perform a bunch of random activities meant to cheer up the clouds because - as everyone knows - rain is made up of cloud tears. Generally, Robin comes across as a tryhard dictator who adds nothing positive to the team, and "I'm the Sauce" further highlights the sidekick's worst traits

#6: “Let's Get Serious”

"Teen Titans GO!" is nothing like the original "Teen Titans,", a fact repeatedly brought up by fans and the show's creators. After being lambasted by Young Justice for being idiots, the Titans try on their serious faces, which are beyond horrifying! Serving as a rebuttal to the criticism leveled at the cartoon, "Let's Get Serious" mocks its predecessor's earnest nature while stating that there is nothing wrong with being silly. Just to be clear, "Teen Titans GO!" has every right to do its own thing, but this episode's humor is lazy and would have benefited from a touch of self-reflection. Also, the Titans split up over juice...

#5: “The Fourth Wall”

Continuing from the last entry, this season 3 episode is another attempt at satirizing any criticism thrown at "Teen Titans GO!" for falling short of DC's previous incarnation. Going by the episode's incredibly subtle title, "The Fourth Wall" chiefly consists of the Titans realizing they’re in a TV show, while Beast Boy periodically lambasts the audience for being creeps. Bolstered by an annoying villain and a brief clip of the original series, "The Fourth Wall" mentions every single problem associated with the cartoon before proudly declaring that it refuses to evolve or take any criticism to heart.

#4: “Serious Business”

This episode is the embodiment of potty humor…literally. "Serious Business'" premise boils down to Robin learning the joy of partaking in bathroom magic, which we presume is a thinly veiled metaphor for masturbation. So, you might be wondering, who cares what the Titans do while on the toilet? Evidently, John the Bathroom cares, as the room is actually an alien from a destroyed planet who set up shop on Earth and allowed the Titans to - well - handle their business inside him.

#3: “Boys vs. Girls”

The plot of this episode revolves entirely around old gender stereotypes, which would easier to accept if it were even a little bit funny. The Titans have a juvenile argument about which gender is superior, and compete in a series of challenges. After repeatedly losing to Raven and Starfire, Robin decides to poison the girls with cooties and refuses to apologize unless the girls say that boys are better. Seriously, why do so many episodes boil down to the Titans trying to kill each other? "Boys vs. Girls" finds the cartoon at its peak laziness, especially since the story has absolutely nothing insightful to say about gender differences.

#2: “Waffles”

Locked in a battle of wits and endurance, Beast Boy and Cyborg play a game that sees every word being replaced by "waffles." The so-called superheroes say "waffles" more than 180 times during these 12-minutes, and the running gag gets old rather quickly. Featuring two terrible song numbers and a torture sequence that is almost pleasant when compared with the rest of the episode, "Waffles" wins the award for "Teen Titans GO!'s" most annoying premise. After hearing Beast Boy and Cyborg say "waffles" for the billionth time, it is hard to resist rooting for the villainous Brother Blood.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few dishonorable mentions.

“TV Knight 3”

“The True Meaning of Christmas”

“Cat's Fancy”

#1: “The Return of Slade”

Slade sits among "Teen Titans'" greatest enemies, so this episode's title was always going to hype people up; unfortunately, "The Return of Slade" is memorable for all the wrong reasons. With the exception of a name drop in the beginning, Slade does not make an appearance and is defeated off-screen, while the meat of the story deals with the Titans hiring a clown to celebrate defeating the group's arch nemesis. If handled well, "The Return of Slade" could have been funny, but the humor kicks its viewers while they’re down by insinuating that older fans are losers for enjoying children's entertainment.

This show needs to be cancelled
Teen titans is the worst and the worst part is the character personality robin is an asshole cyborg and beast boy are jackass 1and 2 star fire is stupid and raven is a mean bitch sometimes