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Top 10 Less Famous Celebrity Siblings

VO: Lisa Yang
These celebrities my have a recognizable surname, but that doesn’t mean they’re as famous as their siblings! Sharing the spotlight can be super tough. We’re talking about Haylie Duff, Eric Roberts, Chad Lowe, Frank Stallone, Joe Estevez, Don Swayze, Luke Hemsworth, Joel Murray, Andrew Wilson, Daniel Baldwin and Ashlee Simpson!

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Top 10 Less Famous Celebrity Siblings

Fame isn’t necessarily a family business. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Less Famous Celebrity Siblings.
For this list, we’re NOT looking at celebrity family members who lead normal lives; rather, we’re looking at those siblings involved in the biz, who are significantly less well-known or successful.

#10: Haylie Duff

Hilary Duff may have retreated from the spotlight somewhat to focus on her family, but she’s still a household name. Despite being less active in the entertainment industry, Hilary’s reputation continues to eclipse that of her older sister Haylie. You may recognize the elder Duff sibling from such roles as Sandy Jameson in “7th Heaven,” Summer Wheatley in “Napoleon Dynamite,” or from her many made-for-TV movies. Over the years, she's lent her talents to acting, hosting, writing, and singing. But when your sister played Lizzie McGuire, stepping out of her shadow is easier said than done.

#9: Frank Stallone

Yo Adrian, you ever hear of this guy? He sure looks like the Italian Stallion, but there's just something a little off. The younger brother of Oscar winner and action hero Sylvester 'Sly' Stallone, Frank got his start in, yep, you guessed it, “Rocky.” A singer/songwriter at heart, Sly gifted Frank his first acting credit as the street corner singer in 1976's “Rocky.” His next three roles were all similarly handed courtesy of Sly, and saw him in the role of singer again and again. He’s continued to act in mostly minor roles and straight-to-DVD stuff, but in truth, his talents lie in music.

#8: Chad Lowe

Following in the footsteps of a star like Rob Lowe isn’t easy. Rob's racked up credits in major films like “The Outsiders” and “St. Elmo's Fire,” as well as television shows like “The West Wing” and “Parks and Recreation.” While Chad can’t quite match the fame of his older brother, he's done well for himself. He won an Emmy for his role as Jesse on “Life Goes on,” and at this point, easily nabs TV roles - with “Pretty Little Liars” and “24” to his credit. Sadly, arguably his most notable claim to fame has long been as the husband Hilary Swank forgot to thank when accepting her Academy Award.

#7: Andrew Wilson

While you may be familiar with the soft, whispery voice of Owen, and the frat-boy style comedy of Luke Wilson, it’s a little unfortunate that their older brother has fallen under the radar. Normally making appearances in his brothers’ work, Andrew’s roles are often limited to cameos in such films as “Rushmore”, “Zoolander” and “Hall Pass”. Of course none of these could top his near god-like status as the one and only Beef Supreme. The eldest Wilson has also tried his hand at directing, teaming up with brother Luke for 2005’s “The Wendell Baker Story”.

#6: Eric Roberts

If at first you do succeed, watch out, because a younger sibling can still outshine you. Julia Roberts' older brother, Eric, has over 450 acting credits to his name. Though he mainly does B movies these days, in the ‘70s and ‘80s he was quite the rising star, earning himself a Golden Globe nomination for his role as Dave in "King of the Gypsies," and an Oscar nod for playing Buck McGeehy in “Runaway Train.” Still, it’s hard to match the A-list status of someone like Julia Roberts. He may have never reached Julia’s level, but he has shared screen time with The Dark Knight himself, which is no small feat.

#5: Joe Estevez

What a family of thespians! Joe's brother, Martin, is a Hollywood legend, starring in films like “Apocalypse Now,” “Gandhi,” and “The Departed.” Oh, and he had a role on this little political show, “The West Wing,” but you’ve probably never heard of it (sarcastic). Martin also fathered two successful actors, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. Joe, Martin's younger brother, never quite reached the same level as his brother or nephews, but he does have an extensive filmography. "Soultaker", "Not Another B Movie", and "Samurai Cop 2" might not be your go-to picks on movie night, but they’re somebody’s, and that somebody’s favorite actor may very well be Joe Estevez.

#4: Don Swayze

Plenty of siblings on this list look like one another, but Don Swayze REALLY looks like his older brother Patrick. As twin-like as they may appear, their respective filmographies bare little resemblance. Patrick Swayze was a superstar teen sex symbol, famous for roles in “The Outsiders,” “Red Dawn,” “Point Break,” and the unforgettable “Dirty Dancing.” Don, on the other hand, is a soap opera kind of guy. “The Young and the Restless,” “Days of Our Lives” - these shows are more Don's wheelhouse. He did have a guest spot on “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” which was memorable to say the least!

#3: Joel Murray

How on earth is anyone meant to match the star power of a comedic legend like Bill Murray? With credits like “Saturday Night Live,” “Caddyshack,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Groundhog Day,” it’d be silly to try. Some of the Murray clan has try their best to come close. Bill has eight siblings, including Brian Doyle-Murray, but we're most interested in Joel, who has a face you may just recognize, but likely couldn't put a name to. Joel has appeared in “Mad Men,” “Dharma and Greg,” and “Shameless,” to name a few. He definitely has his niche… he’s just not quite “Bill” famous.

#2: Luke Hemsworth

The Hemsworths may just be the hunkiest family of male actors ever. There’s Chris, who fittingly plays Norse god Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Liam, who’s played heartthrob Gale Hawthorne in the Hunger Games films; and Luke, who plays the stern head of security in Westworld. Placed alongside those of his two superstar brothers, Luke’s filmography can’t help but pale in comparison. Although... a role in one of HBO’s hottest shows could change that. Either way, we have Luke to thank for paving the way, as he was first to get into the business, landing a role in Australian soap opera “Neighbours” in 2001.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
• Ashlee Simpson
• Andrew Wilson
• Trace Cyrus

#1: Daniel Baldwin

As far as iconic Hollywood families go, few can hold a candle to the Baldwins. Alec's the big gun with creds like “Glengarry Glen Ross,” “30 Rock,” and appearances on SNL. William’s got a respectable film and television career, including roles in “Flatliners” and “Gossip Girl”; then comes Stephen, who's had his ups and downs, but has turned in strong performances, like in “The Usual Suspects.” Finally, you have Daniel. Although he’s acted in both television and film, arguably his most memorable recent work has been reality TV, which, by Baldwin standards, isn’t great. But fame is fame, and Daniel’s had far more than 15 minutes.

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