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Top 10 Best Celebrity Mean Tweets

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Q.V. Hough Ah, there’s nothing like a solid Mean Tweet to get the haters to back off… or at least shut them up for the time being. Celebrities can deliver some of the most savage mean tweets you’ll ever see, but they also receive them daily. Some of the best mean tweets are aimed at Tilda Swinton, Emma Stone, Ariana Grande, Dolly Parton, Justin Bieber, Drake and many more!

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Top 10 Best Celebrity Mean Tweets

On Twitter, you can always expect the good, the bad and the ugly to reveal themselves. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 best celebrity mean tweets.

For this list, we’re looking at the best editions of the always devastating Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”, and will be focusing on individual celeb reactions rather than the entire installment they're tied to.

#10: Gwyneth Paltrow

As an Academy-Award winning actress, Paltrow certainly knows how to seize the moment. So, naturally she takes a methodical approach while reading a mean tweet that correlates her look with a famous “Sesame Street” character. While the tweet itself has what some may compare to the clarity of a young Ernest Hemingway, there’s no actual context for the insult. It’s one of the more aggressive mean tweets on our list, yet Paltrow’s subdued reaction perfectly captures the tone of Jimmy Kimmel’s on-going investigation into social media sadness.

#9: Justin Bieber

By 2012, the Biebs had achieved international fame. But while famous, Justin Bieber was still evolving as an individual, and started to become well known for projecting a bad boy image, hanging out with rap stars and even rapping a bit himself. In the second installment of “Mean Tweets,” a troll manages to reference both a hip-hop icon and The Almighty One to insult Justin Bieber. It’s all in the eyes here, as this tweet makes Bieber feel a certain type of way, producing a look of sorrow and despair with a sprinkle of confusion, or so it would seem.

#8: Dolly Parton

Legacy aside, Dolly Parton's look may sometimes feel distracting. Of course, she is fully aware of this, and she often plays it up with her larger-than-life personality. So, when a Twitter troll targets Parton and her fanbase, she fires back with an effective zinger that supports the basic premise. Dolly uses self-awareness to flip the script, as many Internet trolls undoubtedly struggle with self-awareness. As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and Dolly squeezes everything she can out of this mean tweet.

#7: Emily Blunt

For the “Movie Edition”, Blunt is confronted with a unique type of internet troll. In fact, the individual even stays on brand, considering their philosophical username. It’s a two-part tweet, a back handed jab that references Emily’s beauty while slightly borrowing from a famous punch line by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. As for the reaction, Emily seems neither amused nor impressed. However, she does seem intrigued that someone actually managed to pair the word “purdy” with poo and then decided to share the message with the world.

#6: Ariana Grande

Pop music isn’t for everybody. Some people accept this, others choose to attack it. For this celebrity mean tweet, Ariana Grande learns just how creative some trolls can be, as this particular person has clearly gone over various scenarios in their head. Ariana seems legitimately entertained by the specifics, perhaps trying to understand the full thought process. After all, it’s a multi-layered mean tweet, complete with references to modern trends and traditional sounds. The complexity of it all nearly brings Ariana to tears.

#5: Ryan Gosling

For the “Oscars Edition,” a disgruntled tweeter addresses a timely issue: Ryan Gosling’s charm and good looks. He’s played the bad boy at times, and he starred in perhaps the ultimate date movie. But in this moment, he’s cut down to size with a scathing and sarcastic barb. For many, Gosling’s natural charisma can be overwhelming, and this celebrity mean tweet demonstrates how devastating good looks can make others feel insecure – so insecure that it seems like a good idea to let the world know that it’s just not fair.

#4: Emma Stone

In 2017, this actress earned an Academy Award for her “La La Land” performance. But for all the praise that comes with an Oscar, this installment of “Mean Tweets” reminded that not everybody was impressed, especially a troll that correlated Stone’s appearance with a specific type of movie character. But, Emma doesn’t seem offended or even submissive to the idea. Instead, she just seems curious about the feedback and maybe even curious if this person had actually seen any of her work. All in all, it’s a controlled reaction, complete with the usual Emma Stone class.

#3: Drake

As one of the most respected lyricists of his time, this MC is well versed in creative disses. In the rap game, of course, metaphorical jabs are meant to be instantly accessible. For this “Music Edition” of Mean Tweets, Drake reads a message that’s loaded with visual imagery, even though it takes some time to fully process the specifics. As he reads, Drake initially seems intrigued by the wording, but he’s a little perplexed by the end. It’s a concise tweet; one that makes a pop culture icon look like a deer, or a baby ferret, caught in the proverbial headlights.

#2: Sofía Vergara

On ABC’s “Modern Family,” this Colombian-American actress embraces sass and sensuality as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. For the concluding bit of Mean Tweets #7, Sofia Vergara essentially stays in character when responding to a graphic jab at her vocal tone. The troll doesn’t actually spell Sofia’s name correctly, but that’s not the point. The point is the visual, which Vergara doesn’t see as a bad thing. Instead, it’s a playful reaction that highlights Sofia’s personality, as well as the tough skin that Hollywood celebrities need to have in the brave new world of social media.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Willie Nelson
- Snooki
- Britney Spears

#1: Tilda Swinton

Throughout her career, this British actress has become known for her eclectic roles and personal style. So, given Tilda Swinton’s always-evolving look, she’s naturally an easy target for internet trolls. But whereas some mean tweets are scathing and blunt, some are practical in nature and, well, supported by visuals. When reacting, Tilda stays in character, cool and composed as always with a stoic gaze. As a result, it allows for the picture-in-picture evidence to be even more impactful, producing a truly unforgettable “Mean Tweet” moment.

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