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Top 10 Games to BINGE Over The Holidays

VO: DP WRITTEN BY: Kurt Hvorup
Script written by Kurt Hvorup You gotta fill that extra time with something, and you can only eat so much turkey...These are the games we recommend that strongest for filling up all those extra hours that you’ll have over the holidays this year; the longest, deepest, most engrossing and time consuming games that will benefit the most from your free time. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games to Binge This Holiday Season. Special thanks to our user “rtucci” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Games To Binge On This Holiday Season

Time to get cozy, settle down near the TV, and dive back into some excellent games. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our list of the top 10 Games To Binge On This Holiday Season.

For this list, we’ll be looking at games that we feel are best suited for binging at year’s end.

#10: “Overwatch” (2016)

Calling all heroes, the time for action is now. Much can be said of “Overwatch” developer Blizzard Entertainment’s track record when it comes to crafting endearing characters and fast-paced action, but that’s not the draw for holiday gamers. No, the hunt for the finest of loot boxes – ever increasing as they are – is what will likely keep you coming back this winter. After all, playing matches and spending money in order to get the costumes and items for your preferred characters is almost a core part of play in “Overwatch”. And we all know Blizzard will have exclusive loot boxes for the holidays… right?

#9: “Persona 5” (2017)

RPGs have always been about lengthy adventures and character-building goodness. “Persona 5” pays tribute to that tradition as only a “Persona” game can: with eccentric characters, unorthodox turn-based combat, and a strange blend of the familiar and arcane. Digging into the relationship building mechanics and fully exploring the game’s Metaverse dungeons will take many hours, which makes it ideal for casual play over the winter break. After all, it’s a game of surreal sights and quite surprising narrative depths – we advise taking your time and smelling the roses when tackling this one.

#8: “Destiny 2” (2017)

“Destiny 2” leans more into its intriguing post-apocalyptic sci-fi world and underlying MMO design than the first game, and is all the more confident for it. Earning loot and competing to be the best fighter among one’s friends remains a strong draw, and it’ll keep you occupied in the cold of winter. That the game also benefits from more vibrantly-drawn characters, a central narrative with better-established stakes and much greater visual flourishes is the cherry on top. Now let’s see where Bungie takes the series from here.

#7: “Batman: Arkham” series (2009-2015)

Why not dive back into the world of Arkham as the Caped Crusader to take down some iconic villains and re-live these excellent Batman stories. Fortunately, once you’re done dishing out justice, hunting down all those Riddler Trophies will keep you busy, and there’s a great many of them in each “Arkham” game, so you’ll never need to worry about running out before the holidays have come and gone. If you’ve never suited up as the Dark Knight in this exceptional series, what are you waiting for?

#6: “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” (2015)

We might never get over the less-than-amicable end to Hideo Kojima and Konami’s working relationship, but at least we have one hell of a finale to hold onto. The sheer scope and range of activities in “The Phantom Pain” is impressive, bordering on daunting – steal enemy vehicles, drop into encampments and kidnap potential recruits, knock out and “extract” wild animals. Then there are the actual missions, which continue the tradition of enticing players to achieve the mythic S-Rank by way of being super challenging yet endlessly entertaining. Even just running across the game’s beautifully realized simulation of Afghanistan and punching things with your robot arm is the gift that keeps on giving.

#5: “Dark Souls III” (2016)

Stated to be the intended finale for the “Dark Souls” series, it’s appropriate that this game would be capable of satisfying on more than one level. At its core, “Dark Souls III” continues the series’ habit of constructing tense close-quarters fights against a plethora of intimidating foes, emphasizing perseverance through adversity. Of course, once the first playthrough is done, that’s when things really take a turn for the utterly absorbing. Many a player has been drawn in by the promise of New Game Plus, which continually scales the combat and progression each time “Dark Souls III” is completed. Can you reach the upper limit?

#4: “Divinity: Original Sin II” (2017)

We sure have come a long way since the days of tabletop gaming. Even as it embraces the loot-hunting and online questing of today, “Original Sin II” doesn’t entirely detach itself from its classic role-playing heritage. For you see, the game features a GM mode that allows players to recreate the experience of gathering around a table to play “Dungeons & Dragons”. We can easily imagine ourselves spending several hours over the holidays adventuring with our friends, trying out custom quests and seeing what new delights - or terrors - are in store for us.

#3: “Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition” (2017)

While it may have launched in 2015, “Fallout 4” took its time to truly become a dynamic and fully-realized role-playing experience. Thanks to the “Game of the Year Edition”, though, we can now fully dive into the Commonwealth with reckless abandon, shooting and looting like it’s going out of style. On top of the base game, this special edition also brings greater depth to settlement management, introduces robot building and customization, and even makes time for a morally-complex romp via the “Far Harbor” content. Basically, it’s a really good way to lose an hour... or twenty.

#2: “The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition” (2016)

Diving back into the boots of the monster-slayer Geralt and solving problems with words – or swords – somehow never ceases to be wonderful in this conclusion to the “Witcher” trilogy. As if the core game’s vast and intricate fantasy world weren’t already enjoyable on its own, there’s also the full line-up of DLC included with this edition. Getting to partake in the grim mysteries of “Hearts of Stone” and the more relaxed adventuring of “Blood and Wine” is well worth the price of admission.

#1: “Super Mario Odyssey” (2017)

It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s got a silly hat. “Super Mario Odyssey” isn’t shy about its status as a return to the sandbox exploration of “Super Mario 64”, with the joyful introduction of a hat-throwing mechanic to keep things fresh and unexpected. More pertinent to this discussion, however, are the hundreds upon hundreds of Power Moons you’ll spend the game hunting down. Searching every nook and cranny for these gleaming prizes is just the right kind of leisurely activity to fit in-between sipping eggnog and waiting to ring in the New Year.

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