Top 10 Best Android OS Games!

So, you've made the jump to Android - and, cool it bro, we know it's just as good as Apple - but now you need some sweet games for that fancy new device of yours. Well, we're here to help! Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Android Games!
Top 10 Best Android Games

Sometimes we like to take our gaming on the go. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the best games on Android smartphones. Before we begin, we publish new content everyday, so be sure to subscribe for more great content.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at mobile games that have transcended the Android marketplace to become more than just shovelware or subpar “freemium” games. Some titles are available on multiple platforms, but that doesn’t take away the great gameplay value they add to your mobile library.

#10: “The Room” series (2013-)

Sorry, but you won’t find any Tommy Wiseau in this game series. Not to be confused with the infamous film of the same name, The Room is a series of puzzle games, mostly revolving around a set of complex contraptions in, you guessed it, a room. What sets The Room apart, however, isn’t just its well thought out puzzles, but the extreme level of detail in its contraptions. For a mobile title, both the environment and objects in it are stunning enough to rival even the best looking console games.

#9: “Fruit Ninja” (2010)

An all-time classic for mobile gaming, Fruit Ninja takes advantage of simplistic touch controls by incorperating repetitive yet addictive gameplay. Simply swiping your finger across the screen will cut through fruits as they are tossed up into the air. The end goal is to cut through as many fruits as possible while completing combos and avoiding bombs, all in an effort to top the leaderboards and brag to your friends about just how amazing your fruit chopping skills really are…with your fingers…on a phone.

#8: “Battleheart” (2011)

Not every great RPG needs a complex battle system with thought-provoking narratives. Taking a more simplistic approach, Battleheart manages to provide a satisying RPG experience usually reserved for consoles and computers. Controlling a party of four, you will embark on an epic adventure. Featuring a variety of classes, a handful of abilities to master, and vibrant characters and environments, Battleheart makes for a compact yet complete experience. While its sequels have certainly improved on the original, the first in the series offers a rewarding playthrough for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

#7: “Kingdom Rush series” (2011-14)

You can’t have an Android game without the most basic of mobile genres: Tower-Defense. While many gamers can agree that the app market has become oversaturated with these, The Kingdom Rush series is expcetionally well made and great for passing the time. Like any basic tower-defense game, you must build towers, to defend yourself… it’s pretty self-explanatory. With Kingdom Rush, however, you’ll also be treated to a bit of backstory, and the ability to play through difficult modes for gamers who want a challenge. Think you’re the master of a certain level? Try beating it with only one life!

#6: “Knights of Pen & Paper” series (2012-)

If simplistic RPGs aren’t enough for you, you can always go back to the tabletop classics. Channeling the feel of RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, the Knights of Pen & Paper series offers a genuine tapletop RPG experience in an intuitive and animated format . The twist, however, is that you aren’t just playing a fantasy character, but are also controlling the dungeon master and gamers. The meta feeling of a game within a game helps to give the series originality, while controlling both the party and DM is certainly an interesting take.

#5: “Super Mario Run” (2017)

It was only a matter of time before Nintendo’s mascot jumped onto our mobile devices, or in this case, ran. Well known for easy controls comprised of running and jumping, Super Mario Run goes an even more simplistic route by setting Mario to automatically run while leaving the player to utilize his jump. The timing and holding of the jump will help Mario avoid obstacles and collect coins. Aside from the basic time challenges, coins and other collectables add replayability. While this mobile game doesn’t take Mario to new heights, it’s still fun enough to warrant another “run” through the Mushroom Kingdom.

#4: “Cut the Rope” (2011)

Despite the title, there’s a lot more to this game than cutting rope. Little Om Nom can’t get enough candy, and it’s up to you to deliver it to him. Making use of the environment, the game has you playing with physics through the use of gravity shifts, portals, and of course, ropes, with the goal of feeding candy to that adorable little monster. Its cutesy art-style combined with well thought-out puzzles offers a pleasant yet challenging game suited for people of all ages.

#3: “Hitman: GO” (2014)

Our favorite bald assassin is back, and this time he’ll be with you wherever you GO. The first entry in Square Enix’s new GO series, Hitman: GO plays like a cross between strategy games, board games, and puzzle games. Moving Agent 47 across each space, you’ll need to take down every enemy without being seen. Just like its Triple A counterparts, Hitman GO makes use of the enemy’s positioning and the environment to carefully dispose of every target. While it doesn’t have the same level of detail its console counterparts do, it truly captures the strategic nature the Hitman series is praised for.

#2: “Alto’s Adventure” (2016)

Endless runners have become quite popular in the mobile gaming scene thanks to their simplistic controls and easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master gameplay. While most of these runners are just copy-and-paste games with little-to-no originality, Alto’s Adventures offers a peaceful and serene take on the endless-runner formula. The minimalist yet colorful 2D visuals mixed with a gorgeous soundtrack make the endless snowboard ride down the mountain all the more fun. Who knew losing your Llamas could lead to such an enjoyable experience?

Before we look at our number one Android game, let’s give some honorable mentions to these mobile folks.

“Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP” (2012)

“Osmos” (2009)

“Fallout Shelter” (2015)

#1: “Monument Valley” (2014)

Indie devs love to use M.C. Escher’s mind-warping designs, and the devs at Monument Valley are no different. As the silent princess, you’ll have to navigate through puzzling landscapes, where one look could have the most intelligent of gamers in a state of confusion. The minimal use of graphics, sound, storytelling, and gameplay only serve to elevate this mobile title to heights usually only attainable by PC-level indie gems. Despite being a few years old, the game still holds up today, and will continue to prove that no matter the platform, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.