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Top 10 Things In Pokemon That Drive You Crazy!

WRITTEN BY: Dimitri Vadrahanis
Script written by Dimitri Vadrahanis Take notes, Gamefreak, take notes. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Annoying Things in Pokemon! Special thanks to our user “AXHP” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Annoying Things in Pokémon Games

GameFreak used Annoy! It’s super effective! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 annoying things in Pokémon Games.

For this list, we’re looking at the biggest annoyances in the Pokémon series that continue to drive us crazy on our journey to catch em’ all.

#10: Not Having the Running Shoes Item Early in the Game

Pokémon games are always about embarking on a great adventure through different landscapes far and wide across the world. Why, then, does GameFreak insist on making us walk everywhere at a snail’s pace in the beginning of nearly every entry, forcing us to acquire the ability to run later in the game? The only thing it does is slow the game down and make us want to avoid starting up a new save file.

#9: Too Easy

Look, we understand why this isn’t a particularly hard franchise. Each new game will always be the first Pokémon adventure for many kids out there who aren’t used to the mechanics, but the rest of us really need additional difficulty modes. Even without grinding for levels, your party will always be incredibly overpowered by the time you reach the Elite 4 thanks to the Experience Share giving spoils away equally to everybody. Even if you have that turned off and go in expecting a stiff challenge, the AI is easily exploitable. A little challenge never hurt anyone.

#8: Trainer Gauntlets

Introduced at the very beginning of the series, these battles against progressively more difficult trainers sounds fun on paper, but having to mash the “A” button to get through each trainers dialogue is a test in patience, and the reward is never worth it. Designed to be a battle of endurance, players can still heal their party, and nothing is stopping them from cutting out after a particularly tricky trainer to hit the nearest Pokémon Center either. These obnoxious groups of enemies bottleneck the players by hindering their progress and offer no way around them.

#7: Confused Pokémon Hitting Themselves

Status effects definitely deserve a place in your arsenal. They’re great for catching wild Pokémon and allow even your weakest party members to have both value, and their time in the spotlight. Still, while we love us some burn or paralysis, there’s nothing fun about Confusion. This ailment turns attacks into coin flips you must win if you want to avoid damaging yourself. With the only way to heal it being to equip the right berry before a fight, or swapping the affected party member out, each attack can literally cost you gym battles through no fault of your own.

#6: Zubats

Probably the biggest reason players pad out their inventory with “Max Repels”, the seemingly endless supply of bats drives us crazy each time we enter a cave, without fail. They spawn every few steps, and after you catch your first one to fill out your Pokédex you’re going to get tired of spamming the “Run Away” option in your battle menu just to get through the area. Good luck if you’re looking for ground or rock types, because you’re going to be seeing a whole lot of these flying rodents instead.

#5: Trainers Who Use Healing Items on Pokémon Close to Fainting

You made it all the way through the Gym, and you’ve got the leader’s toughest Pokémon down to its last few hit points. You choose your next move, ready to claim victory, but instead, a Full Restore bring it back to full health, forcing you to start all the way from square one. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Nobody wants to see their battle buddy faint, but this almost never changes the outcome of the fight. Unless we’re lucky enough to land a critical hit and avoid giving opposing trainers the opportunity to heal altogether, this just wastes both our moves and our time.

#4: Hidden Machine Moves

A handy little tool for barring off areas from players until they’ve completed specific gyms, HM’s got out of hand very quickly. Can’t see in the dark? Get Flash. Need to move that Boulder? Get Strength. Want to explore that underwater cave? Use Surf, then Dive. The amount of HM’s you need just to get through the game means you need a dedicated party member you might not even like just because they can learn all these moves. Some are decent in battle, but if you’re ever down to your HM slave you’ll see first hand just how useless half these attacks are.

#3: 3rd Versions

With merchandise, anime, and toy sales banking off the iconic name, it’s no surprise that the franchise has found an even more profitable way to rake in money from its fanbase in the form of these slightly updated games. There’s barely any additional story content and very few if any new creatures to catch, but if you want the completed collection, you have to pick up a copy. They might be cool for the hardcore fans who want another slightly different run at their favorite game, but is starting with Pikachu or getting an Odd Egg really worth shelling buying a whole new game?

#2: Bad Post-Game

For an RPG to be successful, it’s got to get players hooked and never let them go. While filling out the Pokédex and “Save Scumming” for shinies might appeal to some players, others are happy with their 5 or 6 favorites and want their progress to mean something. Unfortunately for the latter group, once you beat the Elite 4 the game is essentially over. The wrap-up to the story might introduce some new legendaries, but they don’t provide any worthy challenge for your level 80 super team. It’s all been downhill in that respect since the battle with Red at the conclusion of Silver and Gold.

#1: Roaming Legendaries

For the completionists, digging through countless common Pokémon to find what they’re looking for with their trusty Pokédex is half the fun. Starting with Entei, Suicune, and Raikou though, some legendaries scatter across the map, forcing players to track them through the world. We’d normally embrace the challenge, but just like any other wild encounter these battles can start any time, and if you have the wrong Pokémon leading your party you’re screwed, since these elusive legendaries will run, or worse, make your Pokémon run by using roar, forcing you to start the whole process over again.

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