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Top 5 LGBTQ+ Korean Manga

Written by Ashley Bowman

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Top 5 LGBT Korean Manga

These are the BL and GL Web-toons that kept us scrolling.

Welcome to MsMojo, where today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Korean LGBT Manga.

#5: “King’s Maker”

You’d think being the heir to the throne would let you lead a life of luxury, but it turns out things are royally messed up for the runaway prince, Wolfgang Goldenleonard.

Choosing a life as a pauper instead of living under his tyrannical father’s roof, inescapable circumstances lead him to once again take his place in the kingdom.

While it may be the series’ wild premise that lures you in, the blossoming romance between our hero and his loyal servant Soohyuk, is what’s sure to keep you around.

#4: “White Angels Have No Wings”

There’s no more a difficult place to be yourself than a catholic boarding school… But things are far worse for Song Ayeon.

After becoming the victim of bullying thanks to the resident-popular-mean-girl, its as if there’s no end insight for our protagonist.

Like a gift from above, however, the frail Baek Yeonhwa steps in to her rescue.

Though she’s not everything her angelic image appears to be… and it turns out she may be more dangerous than anything Song has faced before.

#3: “A Guy Like You”

They couldn’t be more different … and they don’t exactly get along.

But when the devilishly handsome Kang starts invading Siwon’s dreams one-too-many-times – he can’t help but get a little flustered. What’s worse is he can’t seem to remember a certain interaction the two had during their freshman year.

As he finds himself coming face-to-face with the incidental man of his dreams, it’s not long before, Siwon can deny his feelings much longer.

#2: “What Does the Fox Say?”

They say to keep your personal life and business life strictly solo - and this story makes a great case for that. After taking job at a prolific gaming company, Ju Sungji becomes tangled in a fierce love triangle alongside Seju Baek and her manager, Sumi Seong… And trust us, these ladies don’t hold back their frustrations. If you’re looking to dig your teeth into a Webtoon that provides plenty of sex, scandals and drama-drama-drama – then look no further than this refreshingly mature take on the Girl Love genre.

#1: “Killing Stalking”

It’s the Webtoon that’s taken the world by storm – and for good reason too. Weaving the eerie tale of Stalker Yoonbum and Serial killer Sangwoo, Killing Stalking is a love story that you may initially be intimidated by...

Given its macabre premise, you can bet it’ll leave you uncomfortable more than once – but something about this twisted and poignant saga is undeniably endearing. As their relationship evolves, and more players enter the fray, things go from complicated to horrifying. It may not be the most conventional of LGBTQ Manhwa…but its certainly one of the most interesting.

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