Top 10 Pokemon MEGA Evolutions!

Darwin never saw THESE suckers coming. But then again he was a Gen 1 fan...Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Pokemon MEGA Evolutions.
Top 10 Pokémon Mega Evolutions

Talk about an upgrade! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top Ten Pokémon mega evolutions.

For this list, we’re looking at our favorite mega evolutions, a feature first introduced in Pokemon X and Y that allows certain Pokemon to assume an even more powerful form when a particular item is used on them. We’re specifically looking at Mega Evolutions, and omitting abilities like the Primal Reversion used by Groudon and Kyogre.

#10: Mega Abomasnow

One of very few Grass/Ice types in the entire series, this abominable brawler is already a powerhouse on any team, combining plenty of strength with a potentially varied moveset. But when exposed to Abomasite, it becomes even bigger and tougher, gaining boosts to its Attack, Defense and Special Attack and Defense stats. This comes at a cost, as all that extra muscle cuts the Pokemon’s speed in half. It also doesn’t gain a new ability, retaining the Snow Warning ability used in its regular form, an ability which causes a blizzard to appear as soon as it enters battle. But for the raw power it brings to the team, these are negligible sacrifices.

#9: Mega Swampert

One of the starter Pokemon available in Ruby and Sapphire, this Pokemon makes the journey from the diminutive Mudkip to a powerful Ground/Water hybrid. But by adding a dash of Swampertite, it’ll turn into a burly brawler even more prepared to annihilate your enemy. Mega Evolving will lead to a boost in Attack and Defense stats, as well as a small boost to speed, but the real reason to evolve this Pokemon during a tough fight is the Swift Swim ability, which is unlocked upon Mega Evolving. This ability causes your Pokemon’s speed to double if it’s raining. Use it strategically, and you’ve got one speedy powerhouse on your hands.

#8: Mega Sceptile

This is another Generation 3 starter that brings a lot of potential to any team even before brought to its Mega form by using Sceptilite. In addition to gaining a much more festive appearance complete with a Christmas Tree tail and even more red coloration, Mega Evolution grants small to moderate boosts to every stat except for Special Defense. It also gains the Lightning Rod ability, which causes every Electric move used against your team to divert to this Pokemon. It may not sound super impressive, but if you’re in a tough team battle it can give you the advantage you need to win the day.

#7: Mega Garchomp

It’s hard to take something as rad as what is essentially a land shark and make it even more awesome, but that’s exactly what happens when this dragon/ground type uses a piece of Garchompite. Gaining a pair of deadly scythe-blade arms and a whole mess of spikes, the already imposing Pokemon turns into something even more threatening upon Mega Evolution. Its stat increases are moderate, with its Attack and Special Attack stats, in particular, getting a bump. In its new form, it also gains the Sand Force ability, which boosts the power of steel, rock and ground types, an asset if used well.

#6: Mega Lucario

Unsurprisingly, this fan-favorite Pokemon gained a Mega Evolution as well, transforming the beloved blue ninja fox into even more of an asset to any team, and an awesome-looking one at that. By using Lucarionite, it gains a new form with huge boosts to Speed, Attack, and Special Attack. But perhaps even more importantly, it also gains Adaptability. This ability increases the boost granted to attacks that match the element of the Pokemon using them. In this case, that means Fighting and Steel moves used by this Pokemon deal massive damage. With an awesome ability like that and a new look to match, this Mega Evolution is pretty much a no-brainer.

#5: Mega Blaziken

This fiery, fighting foul is all about dishing out punishment, landing as many flaming strikes as it can for maximum effect. Mega Evolution, only pushes this specialization further, granting a massive bonus to Attack and a more moderate one to speed, at the cost of slightly lower Defense and Special Defense. It doesn’t gain a new ability, as it already had the Speed Boost ability as it’s Hidden Ability. But this skill still compliments the Pokemon’s abilities very well, causing its speed to increase at the end of every turn. After a few turns, that means this fighter is fast, powerful and deadly enough to take down massive opponents.

#4: Mega Charizard Y

Why settle for one Mega Evolution when this Generation 1 starter has two to choose from? Between the X and Y variants, we prefer the Y iteration, which retains the Pokemon’s iconic colors and favors Flying-type moves. After all, fire is only half of what makes dragons so legendary. The other half is their ability to rain down fire and doom from the skies above, which is exactly what this form does. In addition to a huge boost to Special Attack, this form also comes with the Drought ability, which boosts the power of Fire-type moves while weakening Water-type moves, giving the Pokemon a leg up on Water-type Pokemon, its natural enemies.

#3: Mega Gengar

One of the very first Ghost-type Pokemon is still one of our favorites, and he gets even scarier when he assumes his Mega Evolution. The stat bonuses granted to this spooky Pokemon may not be the best in the game, with his Special Attack receiving the highest increase. But the special ability attained by Mega Evolving is a real game-changer. The Ghost Tag ability prevents all Pokemon except for fellow Ghost-types unable to flee or be switched out, trapping them in the battle until they win or are knocked out. This ability can be so devastating for ill-prepared enemy teams that some Pokemon tournaments have even banned it!

#2: Mega Mewtwo Y

Back in the glory days of generation 1 we spent hours trying to add this elusive and enigmatic Pokemon to our roster, and now we have two more reasons to sick him out. Of his two possible Mega Evolutions, we like to go for the Y variant, which amplifies his Special Attack to ridiculous levels. In fact, in this form, he has the highest Special Attack of any Pokemon, and his overall stats are tied with our number 1 pick. He also gains the Insomnia ability, which renders him immune to moves that induce Sleep. When it comes to throwing around massive amounts of power, accept no substitute.

Before we unveil our number 1 pick, let’s let these honorable mentions out of their Pokeballs to say hi:

Mega Diancie

Mega Salamence

Mega Slowbro

#1: Mega Rayquaza

This legendary Pokemon puts the “Mega” in Mega Evolution, transforming from an already fearsome creature into a true force of nature. Along with some of the highest base stats of any Pokemon, tied with Mega Mewtwo X and Y, this terrifyingly powerful creature also gains the Delta Stream ability. This ability causes any attack that would be Super Effective against flying types to instead deal normal damage. Rather than using a special object to Mega Evolve, a special move called Dragon Ascent must be learned in order to achieve this form. If you see the shadow of this Pokemon overhead, it might be a good idea to just throw in the towel.
Mega Garchomp Sucks
Hey dude, I thought mega raquaza is the weakest mega pokemon