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Top 10 Female Celebs Who Called Out the Gender Pay Gap

VO: PDJ WRITTEN BY: Tiffany Ezuma
Script written by Ty Richardson We’ve picked our Top 10 Most Loved Big Brother US Contestants! For this list, we’re looking at some of the best guests to have ever stayed in the “Big Brother” household. We’ve based our picks based on fan favorites, underrated and or strategic players. We’ve included players like Will Kirby, Dr, Will, Jodi Rollin, Allison Irwin, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Dan Gheesling, Rachel Reilly, Derrick Levasseur, Daniele Donato, Janelle Pierzina, Britney Haynes, Ian Terry and Jun Song.

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Top 10 Female Celebs Who Called Out the Gender Pay Gap

These celebs have stood up for what they believe in: gender equality. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Female Celebs Who Called Out the Gender Pay Gap.

For this list, we’re looking at female celebrities who have spoken out against this issue and used their platform to raise awareness.

#10: Priyanka Chopra

As a rising star in Hollywood, and certified superstar in Bollywood, Priyanka has dealt with a lot when it comes to fighting for equal pay in two different worlds and cultures. In an interview with Glamour, she spoke about how women in the film industry are told they are replaceable, since their job is usually just to stand behind a man anyway. Because of her experiences, she’s become a major advocate in the talk against income inequality. She’s used her platform to speak candidly about the issue and calling it a “global problem” rather than just a film industry issue.

#9: Amy Schumer

A self-proclaimed feminist, Amy took a lot of flack when people learned that she asked for a pay increase for her Netflix special, “The Leather Special,” after finding out that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were getting paid $20 million for their specials, versus her $11 million. After receiving a ton of backlash, Amy went on to clarify on her Instagram that she wasn’t asking for the same amount of money as her fellow comedians but she was worth more money than the initial offer, since she is the first and only female comedian to sell out stadiums. Amy made it clear that pay inequality is an issue and that it’s okay to fight for your worth.

#8: Natalie Portman

Known for her incredible acting ability and intellect, Natalie Portman has been in the film industry since she was a kid, making movies ranging from blockbusters to her Oscar-winning performance in “Black Swan.” You’d think that would earn her equal pay, if not more, than her male co-stars but sadly, that’s not the case. She revealed that she was paid 3 times less than Ashton Kutcher, her co-lead, in 2011’s “No Strings Attached,” a movie she did after she won the Oscar. Her revelation was shocking, given her success, but she’s become more vocal in the fight for gender parity, calling out Hollywood for its sexism.

#7: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of the most kickass women in Hollywood, but even she has fallen victim to the gender pay gap. After the 2014 Sony hack made details about her pay for “Snow White and the Huntsman” public knowledge, she used the information to negotiate an equal paycheck to that of her male co-star, Chris Hemsworth in the sequel “The Huntsman: Winter’s War.” At face value, it may not seem like that big of a deal but her actions signaled to other women that it is okay to ask for more money, despite the perception that women who do so are judged as being pushy or demanding.

#6: Beyoncé

Throughout the years, Beyoncé has exercised political force just as powerful as her cultural influence. She’s become increasingly more comfortable with fighting for gender equality, first by calling herself a feminist, and then putting that messaging in her music, like in “Flawless.” But one of her boldest, and most surprising moves was penning the essay, “Gender Equality is a Myth” for the Shriver Report. In the essay, Beyoncé wrote about how the average woman makes only 77% of what a man makes and how men need to demand equal pay for women in the fight for gender equality. Her powerful words should be required reading for everyone.

#5: Patricia Arquette

Most actors wouldn’t spend a significant portion of an awards acceptance speech calling out pay inequality, but most actors aren’t Patricia Arquette. During her speech for her Best Supporting Actress win at the 2015 Academy Awards for “Boyhood,” she used her time to the spotlight the issue of the wage gap between men and women in the US. Her words were a call-to-action for equal rights; and she’s continued to raise awareness about the issue by giving interviews about fair pay laws and calling out the inequity for the women behind the camera, as well as in front.

#4: Jennifer Lawrence

After emails in the 2014 Sony hack came out and revealed the pay disparity between J. Lo and Amy Adams versus their male co-stars in “American Hustle,” it sparked a debate on the gender pay gap in Hollywood, and made Jennifer an advocate for the issue. She took the opportunity to pen a letter for Lena Dunham’s “Lenny Letter” about how women are socialized to settle for less as a way to be deemed likeable and easy to work with. Since then, she’s used her platform to speak about the issue, not only for herself but on behalf of the women who can’t.

#3: Catt Sadler

As a host on the E! network, Sadler was used to reporting on celebrity stories, not being the story. But in December 2017, Catt became the newest face in Hollywood to join the fight over income inequality. She left E! after finding out that her co-host, Jason Kennedy, made double her salary, when she felt that she did as much, if not more, work than he did for the company. After her efforts to negotiate a pay increase failed, she left the network after 12 years. Her story struck a chord with numerous women, including Debra Messing and Eva Longoria who boldly spoke up about Catt’s situation during E! red carpet coverage of the 2018 Golden Globes.

#2: Emma Watson

Since her “Harry Potter” days, Emma Watson has become one of the most visible advocates for gender equality. A proud and vocal feminist, Emma has used her platform to call for increased rights of women around the world when it comes to things like pay, health care, and education. She gave an incredible speech at the United Nations to launch HeForShe, a gender equality initiative aimed at using both men and women to solve the problem of gender inequality through advocacy. To promote the cause, Emma’s given numerous talks and interviews about the issue, including getting Lin-Manuel Miranda to rap about the pay gap.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Amy Adams

Tracee Ellis Ross

Jessica Chastain

#1: Oprah Winfrey

As a fierce advocate for women, Oprah has used her voice and influence to fight against the gender pay gap throughout her career. In an interview, she shared her story about not making the same amount as her male co-anchor early in her career, and quitting her job because of it. Later, at a different job, she was denied her demand that her female producers receive the same pay as their male counterparts. She gave her boss an ultimatum: either pay up or risk a boycott. She eventually got what she wanted, but the experience taught her to become her own boss and own the rights to her television show.

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