Top 10 Stupidest Things People Have Eaten On Purpose



Top 10 Stupidest Things People Have Eaten On Purpose

Script written by Briana Lawrence

That is nooooot supposed to go in your mouth. From cacti, to ghost peppers, to… come on people, seriously? TIDE PODS? We can’t even imagine willingly choosing to ingest some of these. WatchMojo counts down ten of the stupidest things people have eaten on purpose.

Script written by Briana Lawrence

Top 10 Stupidest Things People Have Eaten On Purpose

That is nooooot supposed to go in your mouth. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Stupidest Things People Have Eaten On Purpose.
For this list, we’ll be looking at people who defied warning labels in favor of consuming something utterly ridiculous. We’re not going to be featuring individuals who suffer from conditions where they can’t help themselves, and we won’t be talking about legitimate foods... unless someone takes things too far. Seriously, eating this stuff is NOT worth the likes.

#10: Cacti

Remember what we said about legitimate foods? Technically speaking, some forms of cacti are edible -- keyword: some. Guess what a handful of YouTubers decided to chomp down on? Spoiler: it was NOT the safe to eat versions that hail from the opuntia species of cacti. Fresh out the pot and covered in enough needles to make your tongue bleed, these YouTubers screamed and cried their way through eating an entire cactus -- sometimes with a knife and fork. Did they not learn anything from cartoons and RPGs? If a cactus is painful to touch, it’s certainly painful as it goes down your throat.

#9: Ghost Peppers

Sigh. Remember what we said about legitimate foods? Meet the ghost pepper. You’d think people would stay away from consuming inappropriate amounts of the world’s hottest pepper, but nope, we got a trend here. Such fun! Welcome to sweating and weeping from the heat, with a glass of milk your only hope for relief (not water, never water, that makes it worse). Worst case scenario: ending up in the hospital. Such was the case for a group of kids who took this as a challenge and needed medical treatment. But at least they didn’t end up like the man who ended up with a hole in his throat.

#8: 28 Raw Eggs

Remember what we said about. . . argh, forget it. Despite the iconic training montage we grew up with, this one should be a pretty obvious “do not consume in such a way” food -- no matter how much money you would win from a nonsensical wager. But a 20-year-old Tunisian man named Dhaou Fatnassi once bet his friends that he could eat 30 raw eggs. We’re not sure what’s worse: the fact that he made the bet, or the fact that his friends, yes, egged him on. Fatnassi almost made it to 30, but started to experience stomach pains that, tragically, resulted in his death.

#7: Tide Pods

We know these Internet challenges tend to be on the “what the hell” side, but the ones that revolve around eating usually have people recklessly chowing down on edible items. This one is just... whyyyyy??? Unfortunately, the challenge isn’t to see how fast you can do your laundry, it’s literally eating chunks of brightly-colored laundry detergent, or just biting down on one until it oozes out of your mouth. We live in a world where experts have to actually come out and state the obvious: eating detergent is bad!! An edible doughnut version is okay, though. Depressing, but okay.

#6: Cigarettes

Don’t you hate it when officials think you’re smuggling cigarettes when you’re actually planning on eating them? Such was the case for old-time vaudeville performer Chaz Chase, who once reportedly swallowed a load of ciggies in front of customs authorities to prove that he was a performer, not a smuggler. He’s not the only man with an unappetizing love for tobacco: comic magician Tom Mullica had an entire act revolving around (apparently) scarfing burning cigarettes down... along with napkins he’d use to put them out. That’s lit!

#5: Light Bulbs

If cigarettes aren’t your performing fancy, perhaps something a bit more... breakable. Meet Todd Robbins, a man known for one extremely cringe-inducing trick: eating light bulbs. He’s such a pro at it that he doesn’t bother breaking the bulb: he bites into it like an apple. It's claimed that he’s eaten well over 4,000 light bulbs, yet throughout his career he’s suffered only from... a few broken teeth. That’s it. Needless to say, but we will, his success isn’t a sign for others to go out and duplicate the magic. Don’t be a dim bulb.

#4: Dry Ice

Instead of one person doing something reckless, here’s an entire group -- and no, we’re not talking about the crew from “Jackass”. The Tokyo Shock Boys were a group who did everything in their power to live up to the shock in their name, including way too many disastrous stunts with their butts, and eating anything that made the crowd gasp in disbelief. This once included a bizarre segment where one of them started shoveling dry ice into his mouth, like popcorn. Since prolonged exposure to dry ice can cause skin damage... we don’t even wanna think about what the inside of his mouth looks like.

#3: Live Bees

There is a delicacy in Japan called hachinoko, which is actually bee larvae. Now we will freely admit that there are all sorts of foods around the world that might give us pause, whether its because of what it is, or how it’s prepared. That being said... hachinoko is NOT THE SAME as sticking your hand in a beehive and popping bees by the handful into your mouth. You shouldn’t do that. We don’t even know why anyone would WANT to do that. You probably shouldn’t be eating bees, period, because... you know, they’re bees? Not even Winnie the Pooh went that far in his quest for honey, guys.

#2: Live Other Stuff

Competition shows like “Fear Factor” have desensitized us to the idea of eating random, disgusting bits of foods . . . ok, it hasn’t, because blended animal parts are GROSS. That being said, one YouTuber doubled down by eating animals (and insects) while they were still alive. The channel, “Food For Louis,” documented his various meals, ranging from locust, to scorpion, and even a lizard. A pet goldfish proved to be the last straw as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals launched an investigation. Don’t bother looking for the channel, it’s gone and has been rebranded.

#1: A Car

It’s true that several people have ingested some pretty dangerous objects, like nails, keys, and knives, but in 1970, an Australian man named Leon Sampson (who was actually a strongman in a circus) took on a most bonkers bet: eat a car and win 20 thousand dollars. And we’re not talkin’ about a tiny Hot Wheels toy. Oh no, this was an actual “Price Is Right”-worthy motor vehicle. The kicker? Sampson WON THE BET! It took him four years, but after grinding the car down and sprinkling bits of it in his soup and potatoes, he pulled it off. Car-aaaaazzzy, man!