Top 10 Successful The Voice Contestants: Where Are They Now?



Top 10 Successful The Voice Contestants: Where Are They Now?


These The Voice contestants had a major fan base on the show! Now that they're off the show, where are they now? We're including contestants like Cassadee Pope, Melanie Martinez, Tessanne Chin, The Swon Brothers, Javier Colon, Josh Kaufman, Caroline Pennell and more!

Top 10 Successful The Voice Contestants: Where Are They Now?

They may not all be winners, but they’re still making music. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Successful The Voice Contestants: Where Are They Now?

For this list, we’ll be looking at former “Voice” contestants and what they’ve been up to since leaving the show!

#10: Chris Blue

His last name may be Blue, but he has likely been feeling anything but since being crowned the winner of “The Voice” season twelve back in May of 2017. The now up-and-coming R&B singer from Knoxville, Tennessee has been hard at work since leaving the show that turned him into a household name. The former Team Alicia member’s song “Money on You”, which he first sang during the season finale, peaked at number 66 on US Billboard Hot 100 chart. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this promising young artist who clearly has something to say!

#9: Caroline Pennell

Caroline Pennell didn’t let her elimination from “The Voice” season five detract from her goal of becoming an artist. The talented New Jersey native simply kept on trucking, releasing an EP just a month after being booted from the show; one that was widely praised by critics and fans alike. She has also released a number of great music videos, most notable of which were “Lovesick” and “Drive Me Home”. Pennell has all the makings of a star and she’s still in her early 20’s! We think the future is bright for this former “Voice” contestant.

#8: Josh Kaufman

“The Voice” season six winner Josh Kaufman was responsible for a lot of firsts. He was the first white male winner, he was the first “stolen” winner (aka someone who lost a battle but was picked up by one of the other coaches) and he was also the oldest person to take home the show’s top prize at the age of 38. Since winning he has kept himself busy, having released a self-titled album in 2016 in addition to appearing in a couple of Broadway musicals. We look forward to seeing what this charismatic singer does next!

#7: Javier Colon

Long before he became the first winner in the show’s history, Javier Colon was already a well-known name within the music industry. The Connecticut native had at one point been signed to Capitol Records before becoming an independent artist. However, when that wasn’t working he decided to try out for “The Voice”; and wouldn’t you know it... he won! Since his big win Colon has kept himself busy, having released two full-length albums in 2011 and 2016 respectively. While both ultimately fell short of expectations Colon continues to write and produce music on a regular basis.

#6: The Swon Brothers

Country rockers Zach and Colton Swon, known professionally as The Swon Brothers, finished third on the fourth season of “The Voice”. Members of Team Blake, the duo quickly took the show by storm, ripping off a number of memorable covers during their run to the final three. After their time on the show ended Zach and Colton signed a recording contract with Arista Nashville and released an album the following year. While the deal with Arista didn’t work out the boys never stopped doing what they love- making music! They released a couple of EPs and even opened for Carrie Underwood in 2016. Not too shabby!

#5: Tessanne Chin

Chin’s season five victory back in 2013 kicked off a whirlwind tour for the Jamaican native. First she returned home to headline a show alongside none other than fellow Jamaican star Shaggy. Next she performed with Lauryn Hill, Sean Paul, Damian Marley and many others at the 9 Mile Music Festival. And then she topped it all off with a performance at the freakin’ White House for President Barack Obama and his family! In 2014 her album “Count On My Love” peaked at number 41 on the Billboard 200 chart despite limited promotion. Who knows what’s next for this talented “Voice” winner?

#4: Danielle Bradbery

From the moment she caused Blake Shelton, Usher and Adam Levine to swivel their chairs the world knew Danielle Bradbery was something special. Bradbery would go on to win season four of “The Voice” as a member of Team Blake. Since then she’s released a number of successful country singles, toured North America, been nominated for a CMT Music Award and dropped a couple of albums; one of which made it to number five on the Billboard Country charts. Still in her early 20’s, something tells us we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bradbery’s potential as an artist.

#3: Melanie Martinez

While she may have been eliminated from the top six of “The Voice’s” third season, Melanie Martinez never let it affect her passion for creating music. A wildly talented and unique artist, Martinez threw herself head first into crafting an original sound for her debut EP “Dollhouse” in 2014. The success of the EP led to her recording the highly acclaimed pop album “Cry Baby” a year later. “Cry Baby” went on to peak at number one on the US Top Alternative Albums chart. However, her reputation took a hit in December 2017 when a former friend accused her of sexual assault, so time will tell if it affects her career.

#2: Jordan Smith

The judges were justifiably shocked when they turned around and saw Jordan Smith for the first time! The Kentucky native’s voice carried him all the way to the finals, where he defeated the competition to become the “The Voice’s” season nine champion. In the wake of his victory Smith quickly became the highest selling artist to ever compete on the show and went on to set Billboard music history when he became the first artist to ever have three simultaneous songs on the Christian Songs chart. He has since released a couple of studio albums and will continue to make music for the foreseeable future.

#1: Cassadee Pope

Pope, whose cover of the Ednaswap song “Torn” was good enough to make all four judges turn their chairs in her direction, would ride a wave of skill and popularity all the way to the finals of “The Voice’s” third season, where she ultimately become the show’s first female winner. A country pop singer, Pope has been extremely successful post-“Voice”, having been nominated for multiple awards, including a 2017 Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. Her debut solo album “Frame by Frame” was a critical and commercial success, making it to number one on the US Top Country Albums chart. The sky’s the limit for this former champion!