Top 10 90 Day Fiancé Contestants: Where Are They Now?



Top 10 90 Day Fiancé Contestants: Where Are They Now?

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90 Day Fiancé contestants, where are they now? Was it happily ever after for these couples? We'll be catching up with couples from the hit TLC show, seeing what they've been up to in recent years and where they are as of April 2019. MsMojo ranks where the 90 Day Fiancé contestants are now. Who are your favorite 90 Day Fiancé contestants? Let us know in the comments!
Was it happily ever after for these couples? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re looking at the top ten “90 Day Fiancé” couples – where they now?

For this list, we’ll be catching up with couples from the hit TLC show “90 Day Fiancé,” seeing what they’ve been up to in recent years and where they are as of April 2019.

#10: Molly & Luis

We’re sorry to report that Molly and Luis are no longer together. The story is actually quite tragic. Molly filed for divorce from Luis in January 2018, and she told E! News that she believes Luis scammed her for legal entry into the United States. However, Luis tells quite a different story. Following Molly’s filing for divorce, Luis told his fans on social media that she was physically abusive towards him throughout their marriage. He also claims that he was never paid for his time on the show and that Molly refused to share the money she received with him. Luis remarried in September 2018, and Molly continues life as a single mother and working in a bra shop.

#9: Karine & Paul

Karine and Paul were one of six couples on the second spin-off series, “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” The couple initially had trouble conceiving a child, and Karine suffered two unfortunate miscarriages in just one year. Luckily, this story DOES have a happy ending, so don’t worry! The two gave birth to their first child – little Pierre – on March 22, 2019. Pierre was born with jaundice, but after a brief stint in the hospital, he was declared healthy and was sent home with mommy and daddy. The family is currently living in Brazil, although they plan on moving to the United States in the near future.

#8: Fernanda & Jonathan

Jonathan met Fernanda while vacationing in Mexico, and it seemed to be love at first sight. The couple married in May of 2018, but unfortunately, it was not built to last. Jonathan revealed in January 2019 that he and Fernanda were separating, although it seemed to be on relatively good terms. Jonathan claimed that he gave the relationship his all, and he also stated that Fernanda was “not a gold digger.” However, things took a major turn in March when Jonathan withdrew the paperwork for Fernanda’s green card. On March 12, he even shared a photo of himself jumping in the air with the caption “That feeling you get when [you] cancel the I-184 #ticketcanceled.” Soooo, yeah, things didn’t turn out too well.

#7: Kalani & Asuelu

Things certainly move fast in Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship. Kalani met and slept with Asuelu while vacationing in Samoa, resulting in Kalani’s pregnancy. She gave birth to their son Oliver in January 2018, and the two were pregnant again by the end of that year. Unfortunately, the surprise second child took quite a toll on Kalani. She said that she wasn’t ready for a second child, that she was “sick of disappointing her family,” and she even shared her belief that she wasn’t a good mother. In one Instagram post, she admitted that she “[hasn’t] been doing very well both mentally and physically.” We certainly hope that she, and the family, make it through. We’re sure they will.

#6: Paola & Russ

We’re going all the way back to season one to catch up with Paola and Russ. Russ met Pao while on a business trip in Colombia, and the two soon married and moved to Oklahoma. However, Russ lost his job as a field engineer, and Pao moved to Florida to pursue modeling work. Russ soon followed, and we’re happy to report that the two are still happily married. In fact, they’re better than happily married – they are now proud parents of a boy named Axel born January 1st, 2019! The couple told E! News that the pregnancy helped bring them closer together and that they were “doing [their] best to remove any negativity, whether that be people or situations.” They sound happier than ever!

#5: Danielle & Mohamed

The story of Danielle and Mohamed is a depressing, turbulent affair. After meeting in an online chat room and tying the knot, things immediately went south thanks to various secrets and lies. Mohamed didn’t actually have a job, and Mohamed learned that Danielle was committing credit card fraud. Mohamed quickly left Danielle and then eventually moved to Texas. However, Danielle wasn’t having any of that, and she continued to show interest in having Mohamed deported following their divorce. She has also been adopting a healthier lifestyle and aims to get down to 200 pounds. Meanwhile, Mohamed is looking to get back into the dating game, as he recently set up a profile on Minder, a social site used exclusively by Muslims.

#4: Evelyn & David

Evelyn and David were one of the show’s most controversial couples, as the age difference was a bit of a sore spot. Fans also did some research and discovered that David possibly began courting Evelyn while she was legally underage. According to Reddit sleuths, David was already talking to Evelyn as early as 2014, when she would be just 15 years old. Despite the controversy, the couple married in October 2017 and are currently living in the small town of Claremont in New Hampshire. Evelyn also continues to pursue her career in music and even appeared on season 17 of “American Idol.” You can also watch her music videos on YouTube.

#3: Ashley & Jay

Ashley and Jay met while Ashley was vacationing in Jamaica. Jay proposed only six months later, and the two were quickly married in Las Vegas. However, Ashley caught Jay on Tinder a mere three days after the ceremony, prompting rumors of an impending separation. That nearly came to fruition in January 2019, when Ashley filed for divorce from Jay. However, Ashley was later hospitalized due to complications from lupus, and she eventually withdrew the divorce proceedings. Ashley later confirmed in an Instagram Q&A that she and Jay were doing “much better” and that he has been an enormous help throughout her recovery. Things definitely seem to be on the up and up!

#2: Larissa & Colt

After meeting online, momma’s boy Colt flew out to Mexico to be with Larissa and proposed after just a few days of being with her. While the couple happily married in the summer of 2018, they divorced only six months later. And it wasn’t exactly amicable. Larissa was arrested in January 2019 and charged with domestic violence after beating Cole around the mouth. According to Larissa, she attacked Cole after finding out that he had purchased a porno. Colt subsequently filed for divorce, and the two are no longer on speaking terms. In February 2019, Larissa began flaunting her new man on social media, and they are apparently “having a lot of fun.”

#1: Anfisa & Jorge

We know what you’re all thinking – what in the heck is going on with Anfisa and Jorge? Their story is absolutely bonkers. Anfisa cancelled her flight to America after Jorge refused to buy her a $10,000 handbag. They couldn’t find an apartment because Jorge had pleaded guilty to trafficking pot. They were constantly fighting and bickering. But, surprisingly enough, they are still married! Oh, but Jorge is currently in prison. In September 2018, he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years after being in possession of and trying to sell nearly 300 pounds of weed. Anfisa has taken to body-building to keep herself occupied while she waits for her husband. So, yeah, things are still pretty out there for these two!