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Top 10 Boyband Ballads of All Time

VO: RB WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
When these boyband ballads are played we know you’re lip-syncing along! These are the Top 10 Boyband Ballads of all time. We’ve included the iconic boybands like The Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block, New Edition, Take That, Boyz II Men, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, O-Town Boyzone and more!

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Top 10 Boyband Ballads of All Time

These songs showed us that even muscular, dancing men can reduce us to tears. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Boyband Ballads of All Time.

For this list, we're looking at the songs that moved our heartstrings with beautiful harmonies. We're basing our picks on a mix of luscious lyrics, delicate music and how each track set our souls on fire.

#10: "I'll Be There" (1970)
The Jackson 5

Long before Michael Jackson was making tender love songs of his own, he and his brothers were melting our hearts. With lyrics full of unconditional devotion, the song is as warm as it is relaxing. Michael's sweet vocals hit some of the highest notes of his career, while his brothers come in with rich baritone harmonies. Amid all the heartfelt lyrics, Michael's shouts carry an intensely bright feeling that just can't be contained. The band also used a lot of lush guitars and percussion that make it stand out from many of the boyband tracks that came after it .

#9: "I Do (Cherish You)" (1999)
98 Degrees

Touching guitars and plenty of chimes made this track by 98° instantly inviting, showing they could be as sweet as they are seductive. Nick Lachey shares every way his lover completes him, saying he was closed off before he met her. The clever 'I dos' finish the choruses' rhyme, while also alluding to marriage . The soft vocals and committed lyrics helped the song climb to number 13 on Billboard's Hot 100, and earned it a spot on the 'Notting Hill' soundtrack. The song was initially released by country artist Mark Wills, but it’s the 98 Degrees version that really gets the tears flowing.

#8: "Back for Good" (1995)
Take That

While so many love ballads are about a fairytale romance, Take That sing about putting away your pride for real happiness. Lead singer Gary Barlow admits his mistakes, showing a deep sense of personal growth. The band's glowing vocals play back and forth with Barlow's, echoing the conversation he's having with his partner . Thanks to an instantly addictive chorus, the track went platinum in several countries and topped charts around the world. It was also at the time, the best performing song on the American charts by a UK boyband, a record it held for over 15 years .

#7: "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" (1989)
New Kids On The Block

Through glossy synth lines, Jordan Knight makes it clear his partner means the world to him. Every falsetto chorus gains a dreamy quality, making Knight's feelings all the more palpable to the listener. The laidback tempo and sweet keyboards ooze romance, making it the perfect slow dance track. Even if it wasn't forever, the song did stay on the charts for 21 weeks, peaking at number one. While the production is rooted in the '80s, the raw emotion behind the vocals is timeless. Knight takes the song out powerfully as well, delivering an unbelievable high note in the final chorus .

#6: "Can You Stand the Rain" (1988)
New Edition

Leading in on sultry vocal solos, this New Edition classic is instantly intoxicating before the words even start. The boys ask their lovers if they can handle the hard times in a relationship, looking for a deeper love in the process. Blending plenty of clever weather metaphors, the song matches its strong singing with poetic lyrics. Funky bass lines and unconventional melodies also helped New Edition stand out next to many of their contemporaries. A true anthem for enduring love, the track avoids the superficial layers of many boyband hits .

#5: "You & I" (2013)
One Direction

After two albums of big pop songs, hearing One Direction slow-burn a song was extremely refreshing. As the vocals rotate between members, the distant piano and guitars set an emotional background for the track. Lyrically about rebellious love, the band looks at failed relationships to learn from others' mistakes. The guitars explode into the final chorus, giving a sense of majestic wonder to the romance the boys are singing about. The cinematic sound of the song adds to the lyrical content, making the romance feel like it's out of a movie. Defiant and epic, the song makes love feel otherworldly.

#4: "I Swear" (1994)

Offering more important things than the typical spoonfuls of adoration, All-4-One sing about being trustworthy. Despite their young appearances, the boys carry a lot of wisdom about relationships in their lyrics. Next to so many boyband ballads, All-4-One's delivery brings a believable emotion and innocence . It doesn't hurt either that each member's vocals gets wilder and wilder throughout the track, resulting in some mesmerizing solos. Match this with the ripping saxophone and the track has the perfect cadence for romance. While 'I Swear' was also recorded by country artist John Michael Montgomery first, it was All-4-One's version that would go on to stand the test of time.

#3: "This I Promise You" (2000)

As Justin Timberlake sings over delicate guitar lines, he offers support when no one else will. Bringing an immediate sense of comfort in their velvety vocals, NSYNC talk about a devotion that will never die . The lyrics go from heartwarming to supernatural, as JC insists his love transcends time . The song builds energy through each verse, making its final chorus triumphant and inspiring. Next to their more upbeat dance pop, there's an undeniable magic to NSYNC's softer moments. The group even released a Spanish version of the track, which somehow even more lush and moving .

#2: "End of the Road" (1992)
Boyz II Men

Verse after verse, Boyz II Men are absolutely heartbreaking as they try and process a breakup . Singing after the relationship has ended, the band brought a uniquely dark perspective to the usually hopeful genre. Wayna Morris goes all out through his lines, with his voice falling apart in a beautifully emotional moment. The song's finest moment however is Michael McCary's spoken-word bridge, as he pleads to a woman that just won't love him back . The song set a short lived record when it spent 13 weeks straight atop the Billboard Hot 100, and was featured on the soundtrack for the Eddie Murphy rom-com “Boomerang”.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

"No Matter What" (1998)


"All or Nothing" (2001)


"Flying Without Wings" (1999)


#1: "I'll Never Break Your Heart" (1995)
Backstreet Boys

Even as they sang like a barbershop quartet, the Backstreet Boys managed to bring a modern suaveness to their debut record. Professing a slow and healthy approach to relationships, the band tries to win over a judgmental woman . More intimate than happy ballads like 'I Want It That Way,' the song showed the boys had a caring side too. This maturity resonated with audiences of all ages, as it quickly became their first number one single on the Adult Contemporary charts. Blending their singing talents with a hint of classic doo-wop, the Backstreet Boys made a song as universal as love itself.

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