Top 10 Actors Who Actually Did it On Screen

Translated by Adrian Sousa

These actors legitimately performed sexual acts on screen for the sake of cinema! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Actors You Actually See Having Sex On-Screen! But who will take the top spot on our list? Will it be Robert Pattinson, Chloé Sévigny, or Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen? Watch to find out!

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Surely movies are all fake, right? Wrong… Welcome to WatchMojo Español, and today we are counting down our picks for the top 10 actors who actually made love on screen.

Before we begin, we publish videos everyday, so be sure to subscribe for more exciting Top 10. For this list, we will be looking for actors and actresses who actually had sex on the set of a mainstream movie. So that rules out porn and sextapes. Also, we have to actually see the sex happening, and not just an audio excerpt like this song from Biggie Smalls. Warning: this content is not suitable for younger viewers.

#10: Karen Lancaume and Raffaëla Anderson
“Baise-moi” (2000) (or Rape Me)

The more you fuck, the less you think, the better you sleep.

Let’s kick off our list with this very controversial film directed by Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi.

- You were a dominatrix?
- Yes.
- How was it?
- It was fun but it gets old."

It’s the story of two women who rebel against society after becoming victims of a sordid rape. The film cuts it close to being categorized as porn, especially since both actresses began their careers in the X-Rated industry. This ignited a debate in France, where many concluded that the movie should not be considered as a film and instead, should be censored.

Oh yeah.

In the end, the Ministry of Culture did not classify Baise-moi as pornography, which is why it barely made it onto our 10th spot.

We're in a sex club. We're not at the Mosque.

#9: Sook-Yin Lee
“Shortbus” (2006)

Hey, I’m Sook-Yin Lee from DNTO. Do you mind if I talk to you?

Sook-Yin Lee is a Canadian actress and radio show host who created huge controversy in 2003, when she accepted to play the role of Sofia in Shortbus. The film was trying to demystify sex by telling a story, which includes many non-simulated sex scenes, but in a cinematic way.

Sook-Yin’s bosses at CBC, Canada’s broadcasting radio station, really did not support the fact that she was part of this project. They even tried firing her! She managed to keep her job and the movie came out in 2006, almost 3 years later! But was all of this worth the headaches? The critics don’t seem to think so…

- And do no tell me what I own because I know what I own. You balding, impotent liar!
- Yes sister!!

#8: Karl Glusman
“Love” (2015)

- What happened?
- Oh God, it broke.

This young actor from New York knew he would kick start his career by working with French director Gaspar Noé.

- Do you wanna call him Gaspar?
- Yeah.

But at what price? Love is a film about a love triangle. The story is told in an uncensored and uncompromised fashion in which all three main actors have non-simulated sexual relations all throughout the movie. And the cherry on top: it’s in 3D! Although Karl Glusman shares the spotlight with Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin, we’ve chosen him because he’s the only one who continues to make movies.

I guess sometimes it pays off not to pretend.

Please forgive me. I am lost.

#7: Mickey Rourke and Carré Otis
“Wild Orchid” (1990)

Just reach out and touch me.

In 1990, this love story about a lawyer and a millionaire made many headlines.

If you want me to apologize for being rich, then I will. I’m sorry.

To avoid having his film classified as an X-rated one, filmmaker Zalman King decided at the last minute, to cut out a very provocative scene which supposedly included real sex. At the time, Mickey Rourke and Carré Otis were dating, which would not make such rumors all that impossible. However both actors deny having done it on camera, but the filmmaker still remains on the fence about it.

- Is it true?
- No!

Actually, images of the scenes were sold to Playboy, but they were never published further to a lawsuit filed by Carré Otis. Does she have something to hide?

- Bang, you’re guilty. You are guilty of being just like all the rest of them.
- The rest of what? The rest of who?

#6: Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie
“Don’t Look Now” (1973)

This scene may appear a little softcore in today’s world, but in 1973, the customs were much different! Actually, it’s one of the first times cunnilingus was performed on the big screen.

The love scenes between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie are very credible. And even a bit too credible according to Warren Beaty, the actress’ husband. He tried to have the scene removed from the film but was unsuccessful.

John I wish you’d believe me. I really feel fine. I really feel good at last.

Although the actors have repeatedly insisted that the scene was fake, rumors still persist to this day.

Donald, put you mouth in Julie’s breasts. Allright Julie, cum. Is like that.

And even if the sexual scene is not a shocking as it was at the time, the last scene of the movie remains just as terrifying and incomprehensible.

I’m coming.

#5: Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood
“Heart Shaped Glasses”

Who better than Marilyn Manson to raise controversy? In the video clip, Heart Shaped Glasses, he’s in bed with his girlfriend at the time, Evan Rachel Wood.

Many rumors suggest that the scenes are real, and Marilyn Manson has said nothing to prove them wrong. We also recall that he was supposed to direct her in the movie Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll.

The film was supposed to have real sex scenes, but since it was never released, we will never know to what extend the artist’s eccentric visions could go.

#4: Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg
“Performance” (1970)

- Why don’t you play us a tune, pal?
- I don’t like music.

It’s a story worthy of a soap opera! In the 60s, the Rolling Stones were supposed to write the music for English movie Performance, in which Mick had a role in. As rumor has it, the enticing singer shot a real sex scene with actress Anita Pallenberg. So what’s the problem? Well, she was the girlfriend of Keith Richards, the guitarist of the Stones! This created friction between the two musicians and the filmmaker had to come up with a plan B for his soundtrack.

Thankfully, the two rockstars were able to bury the hatchet and go on to selling over 250 million albums.

#3: Chloé Sévigny
“The Brown Bunny” (2004)

Come on, why don’t you kiss me? Please.

Ok, enough with the rumors! In this movie, Chloé Sévigny gives Vincent Gallo a blowjob. He not only directed the movie but also starred in it.

The scene is very explicit and does not really leave much to the imagination… The controversy was huge. Chloé Sévigny was banned from her agency, who told her that she would never find work again. Thankfully, she was able to bounce back and her career did not really suffer from the incident. Vincent Gallo on the other hand was not as lucky. His movie was completely bashed by critics.

And as famous critic Roger Ebert put it: “The video of my colonoscopy is more exciting than The Brown Bunny”. Ouch!

- I don’t drink anymore. I don’t drink at all anymore.
- That’s great.

#2: Robert Pattinson
“Little Ashes” (2008)

This is what I am.

Who would have thought that Edward the vampire would have non-simulated sex on camera?

Well he did! Well, only if you consider masturbation to be a sexual act…

Listen, it’s all right now. Everything is all right. You pack your things, you say your goodbyes and we conquer America together.

In this Spanish-British co-production, Little Ashes, Robert Pattinson plays no other than Salvador Dali, who was having a torrid homosexual love affair.

For the sake of realism, the actor said he really masturbated in order to achieve a true orgasm for the camera. Oh these actors… We hope the director didn’t make him redo too many shots.

Before revealing our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

Alejandro Jodorowsky
“El Topo” (1970)

“Pink Flamingos” (1972)

Kieran O’Brien and Margo Stilley
“9 Songs” (2004)

#1: Sienna Millet and Hayden Christensen
“Factory Girl” (2006)

Uff! Sienna Miller is one of the sexiest actresses on the planet, and the simple thought of her doing a real sex scene turned heads in the Paparazzi world in 2006.

You’ve got the whole world on a string, don’t you? But inside there, well it’s as empty as your friend’s soup cans.

So who’s the lucky one? None other than Hayden Christensen, who’s better known for his role as Anakin Skywalker.

In Factory Girl, the love making between both actors was maybe true for one of the scenes, but it was never confirmed, despite the countless rumors. And just like many of the other picks on our list, the sexual rumors were not enough to attract the public and the film was a huge flop. So I guess sex does not always sell.

It was the biggest mistake of my life.
Well, now we sort of know what Manson did to Wood