Top 10 Drinking Games



Top 10 Drinking Games

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Time to light up the night, but for all that's holy and sweet, please drink responsibly. From straight face, to movie drinking games, to the tried and tested bullshit, WatchMojo counts down ten of the best drinking games.

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Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Drinking Games

Time to light up the night, but for all that’s holy and sweet, please drink responsibly. Welcome to, and today, we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Drinking Games!

For this list, we’re looking at some of the best games that’ll liven up the party and get your buzz going. Though drinking games can be a whole lot of fun, remember that moderation is key.

#10: Straight Face

If you’re the giggly kind of drunk, this game might be close to impossible for you to win. Simply grab a writing utensil and a few sheets of paper, and have everyone write down something that might make the other participants laugh. Then, when you’ve got your golden line of comedy ready, have someone else read it out loud. Those who so much as giggle or smirk must take a drink! We’d suggest trying to fill your head with sad and sobering thoughts, but after you’ve lost a couple of rounds well, it’s only going to get harder. Should you lose, prepare for a hangover with the added curveball of a sore face.

#9: Movie Drinking Games

At some point, you have to try one of the many movie drinking games on the Internet… once you’re twenty-one or over that is. Simply choose a movie with your friends and settle on a variation of rules. The number of rules will depend on how classic your movie is and the number of memorable moments, quirks, and catchphrases. Word of advice: when drinking to movies like “The Room”, “Star Wars”, or the James Bond films, maybe leave a few rules out, otherwise you might find yourself feeling the alcohol far too early in the film.

#8: Bullshit

This card game is great for big groups. Supporting up to ten players, Bullshit starts with the distributing of an entire deck of cards amongst the players. After agreeing on a card to start on, whoever has said card begins by playing it face up. Each player takes turns placing a card - or multiple cards - face down, claiming their played card is in the correct numerical order. If someone suspects a player has played an incorrect card, they claim “bulls**t”. If their claim is correct, the offender takes a drink. If not, the accuser drinks. The game continues until one player uses all of their cards. There are many variations out there, including a cardless one, meaning there’s endless fun to be had.

#7: Most Likely

This particular drinking game is best enjoyed with a group of old friends. Each round, one person asks who would be the most likely to do a specific act or say a certain phrase - kind of like the “most likely to…” titles awarded in a high school yearbook. Within a few fast seconds, everyone must point to the person who they think would be the most likely candidate. Then, whoever has the most fingers pointed at them must take a drink. Yeah, they’ll likely protest and deny it, but hey, in this game, majority rules. Be warned, you might be shocked to discover just what your friends think of you!

#6: Never Have I Ever

Everyone has lead a different life and experienced different things; it’s part of what makes us human. It’s also why we play the classic game of “Never Have I Ever”. Each player takes turns stating something they’ve never done. Feel free to get as simplistic or crazy as you want. Those who have experienced it must take a drink. This can lead to some interesting (or insanely weird) conversations, both with friends you thought you knew everything about, and people you’ve just met. Hey, being an open book can get you places.

#5: Quarters

Need something less talkative? Not in the mood to break out the playing cards? Got some loose change lying around? “Quarters” is easy to set up, easy to learn, but damn hard to master! Ideally made for two to four players, "Quarters” involves each player bouncing a quarter into a glass or cup set in the middle. If the player makes it in, they choose a player who has to drink. They can do this up to three times in a row if they make all three shots. If they fail, play passes to the next player. There are many variations of the rules, as well as different versions, but “Quarters” is great if you want something that requires more skill.

#4: Slap Cup

Please don’t take this literally. You aren’t slapping cups full of beer. Too messy! Gather a good number of cups in the center of the table, with the center cup being filled with the most beer. Yeah, it’s similar to another popular drinking game, but it’s a different set of rules. You and a teammate stand at opposite ends of the table. The opponent next to you must toss a ball into one of their cups. If they make it in, you must take a drink from that cup. Play keeps going until only the center cup remains. Should your opponent make it to the center first, you best be prepared to guzzle the whole thing down.

#3: Flip Cup

No, this is not a variation of the last entry. Deriving from a similar drinking game known as “Boat Races”, “Flip Cup” involves two teams of four, with each player given their own drink. Starting at one end, each teammate must finish their drink in a red solo cup and then flip the cup upside down. The next teammate cannot start their turn until the former has finished. Requiring a hefty amount of speed and energy, this may not be a game for slow drinkers or the uncoordinated.

#2: King’s Cup

To play “King’s Cup”, form a circle with your friends and place a cup in the center of it. Then, place any number of cards around the cup and every player takes turns drawing a card. Each card is assigned to a specific rule, which can differentiate depending on how you play. But, they mostly involve giving drinks, taking drinks, or dividing drinks up. Some will even require you to do actions, but again, there are many different sets of rules you can play by. The King card is the most fun though, allowing the player to invent a new rule.

#1: Beer Pong

Ahhh, yes, the granddaddy of drinking games! If you’ve been to…well, any house party, chances are you’ve seen a group of people playing this. The rules are simple: two teams have anywhere from six to ten cups on opposite ends of the table. They each take turns tossing ping pong balls into each other’s cups. If one player makes it into one of the cups, the other must take a drink. It’s easy to learn, quick to liven up the party, and a classic drinking game for anyone to have fun with. Be warned though, there are some real beer pong pros out there.