Top 10 Celebrity Hipsters



Top 10 Celebrity Hipsters

Script written by Oliver Skinner

These celebs aren't afraid to stray from the mainstream…From Chloe Sevigny to Finn Wolfhard and Greta Gerwig, these unconventional celebs march to the beat of their own drum. WatchMojo is counting down the biggest celebrity hipsters.

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Script written by Oliver Skinner

Top 10 Celebrity Hipsters

These celebs aren’t afraid to stray from the mainstream… but you probably haven’t heard of – or at least know much about - them anyway. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Top 10 Celebrity Hipsters.

For this list, we'll be looking at the celebs that most embody all that it is to be hipster... not that there's anything wrong with that.

#10: Paul Dano

Once a hipster, always a hipster. Dano got his big break in the runaway indie hit “Little Miss Sunshine,” and ever since he’s found ways of entering the mainstream without actually “selling out.”From voicing one of the beasts in “Where the Wild Things Are” to portraying Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys in “Love & Mercy,” Dano is a recurring face on the arthouse circuit. But, like any true, bleeding heart hipster, he also plays in films that have social issues at the centre, like “12 Years a Slave” and “Okja” - so, like, the backdoor to the mainstream.

#9: Chloë Sevigny

There’s nothing more hip than being hip before everyone else. Crowned “the coolest girl in the world” by Jay McInerney in the New Yorker when she was only 19, Sevigny went on to make her movie debut in the cult film Kids a year later. She then went on to relatively consistently play eccentric, troubled characters in an assortment of edgy flicks, a reputation only aided by dating provocative filmmakers such as Harmony Korine – and the infamous Brown Bunny scene with Vincent Gallo. Sevigny has also been a fashion it-girl ever since she was a teenager, precisely because she never tried to be…

#8: Finn Wolfhard

The kid may be young, but this “Stranger Things” star’s hipster cred is off the charts. From uploading covers of Nirvana and Mac DeMarco songs to YouTube, to touting Canadian punk group PUP, the Wolfhard is already 2 kool 4 skool. We only see that status growing as he further makes his way into the limelight with “Stranger Things”, and his role in the Stephen King adaptation “It.” One thing’s for sure: Finn’s not like other kids. He likes REAL indie rock, dresses like a Williamsburg bum, and only hangs out with older alternative kids. Wolfhard hipster scale: 11/10.

#7: Elijah Wood

He’s most renowned for playing a hobbit in the “Lord of the Rings” franchise, and really, aren’t hobbits kind of the hipsters of Middle Earth? Either way, Elijah Wood is one of Hollywood’s biggest hipsters, spending a nice chunk of his LOTR earnings on building his ‘one record collection to rule them all,’ which consists of over 4000 albums on CD and vinyl. If that isn’t enough to confirm his status as Frodo the indie bro, Wood is frequently photographed about town sporting classic hipster attire, and during 2016 was a vocal supporter of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

#6: Greta Gerwig

Greta is the hipster Zooey Deschanel wishes she was. Getting her start in a series of mumblecore films… yep… Gerwig rose to fame in a number of indie roles, including co-writing and starring in several films about New York bohemian life with her boyfriend, filmmaker Noah Baumbauch. Although this ‘20th Century Woman’ definitely doesn’t try to be anything but her authentic self, that’s what makes her so cool. She’s the unmitigated face of millennial indecision, but she feels like a character you could find in a silent film… and belonging to two eras at once is maybe what being a hipster is all about.

#5: Adam Driver

Yeah, yeah, he’s in “Star Wars”… but have you seen how the guy dresses? Adam Driver perfects the hipster look to a tee, but he wasn’t always an aspiring actor like the one he plays in “Girls.” In fact, Driver enlisted in the Marine Corps when he a was a young adult, and shortly after he was discharged he enrolled at Juilliard to study drama where he had trouble fitting in… Driver’s now one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, but don’t worry, he hasn’t gone full mainstream. He’s still taking time for indie pictures, like Jim Jarmusch’s “Paterson.”

#4: Fred Armisen

As the co-creator of “Portlandia” along with Carrie Brownstein, the show famous for poking fun at hipster subculture, Fred Armisen has to have a pretty firm grasp on it, right? And, well yes, he does. The ex-SNL cast member dropped out of the NYC School of Visual Arts to be a drummer, but then made his way into comedy performance and other projects and never looked back. He’s even joked about lying to make himself seem cooler than he is, which is by-and-by a hipster trait. Armisen could be a character on his own show, and being involved with Hollywood indie darlings Elisabeth Moss and Natasha Lyonne support this.

#3: Jason Schwartzman

There’s not much that screams “hipster” louder than starring in a Wes Anderson film… and Jason Schwartzman has starred in several. In fact, he made his big screen debut in one – Rushmore – playing an inarguably indie student who spends his spare time studying Latin and putting on plays… which itself is rather hipstery. But if you think Schwartzman just came out of nowhere, you’d better think again: he’s the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, and the cousin of Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola. He also claims he’s “basically a vegan,” and fronted the solo indie rock project Coconut Records. So, yeah... hipster.

#2: Kristen Stewart

Trendy though she may be, Kristen Stewart's hipster cred has only skyrocketed in in the mid-2010s, becoming the muse of French auteur Olivier Assayas in his critically acclaimed “Clouds of Sils Maria” and “Personal Shopper.” Some may write off Stewart as blasé, but Kristen actually cares about what’s happening in the world a lot. She’s openly protested President Trump, directed an experimental short film that premiered at Sundance, which are both fairly hip things to do.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Wes Anderson

Zooey Deschanel

Zoe Kazan

#1: Michael Cera

Okay, so he might’ve been typecast as the adorably awkward teenager in everything from “Arrested Development” to “Juno” and “Superbad,” and as been perpetually playing a character so deeply uncool that there’s no way he could actually be a hipster, right? Well truth be told, Cera is arguably the hipster supreme. Most of his roles predominantly fall under indie or indie-style territory: “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” and “Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus” are both titles on his resume. But he also acts in web series, onstage, and, and… he’s an indie folk musician... with a full length indie folk album. Yep, he's a hipster until the end of time.
Uh, Jesse Eisenberg? Guy's a major league hipster.