Top 10 Coolest Things People Have Done With Nintendo Labo



Top 10 Coolest Things People Have Done With Nintendo Labo

VOICE OVER: Cem Ertekin WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
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The Nintendo Labo merges the power of the Nintendo Switch with the creativity of building really awesome cardboard gadgets! From Fishing Rods, to Pianos, and even a Motorcycle, the Nintendo Labo manages to inspire and surprise us with its charming creations!

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Top 10 Coolest Things People Have Done With Nintendo Labo

With the potential Labo has, it’s awesome to see the amazing things players are making! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Coolest Things People Have Done with Nintendo Labo!

For this list, we’re looking at some of the most creative ways people are using Nintendo Labo within it’s launch week and…OMG I WANT THAT!!! Umm sorry let’s begin.

#10: Labo Music Cover Factory


It’s a common tradition that whenever Nintendo creates an application that can make music, some fans are eager to cover their favourite songs on it, and the Labo’s Piano is no exception. For example YouTube user Akfamilyhome uploaded a video that’s been making its way around the web where he plays Smash Mouth's “All-Star” on the Labo piano. While GeniWay, has already provided an awesome rendition of “Calamari Inkantation” from Splatoon. Watch this spot, there’s bound to be more.

#9: Killing Labo Man


Labo Man is quickly becoming another great Nintendo mascot, though the last thing we’d ever want is to use him for target practice. With this creation, mattyo_39 strapped their Switch to a Wii Zapper. When the trigger is pulled, Labo Man is knocked down with a vibrating Joy-Con. Say, get a few more Labo Mans and you got an interactive Hogan’s Alley!

#8: Roulette Game


It’s going to take some time for someone to make a complex game out of Labo. Until then, we can take the time to admire the recreation of classic arcade games. Lucky for us, Kaeyay7 is recreating a few! The “Test Your Strength” game is pretty cool, but the best is the roulette wheel. The game reads your wind-up to judge how quickly it should spin. If only it could spit out real prizes like a roulette wheel, too...

#7: Bongos


Labo is giving its users a lot of freedom in making music, both original and covers. As for user skg_ty, they’ve made Labo function like a pair of bongos. The craftsmanship may not be stellar, but its still impressive to see a familiar GameCube peripheral functioning on Nintendo Switch. Now, let’s all pray to Reggie Fils-Aime that “Donkey Kong Jungle Beat” is coming back…

#6: Toy-Con-Trainer


Labo comes with an awfully large amount of toys and accessories. So, how do you expect to lug all of that stuff around? Well, it turns out UPS (Yes THAT “UPS”) came up with a bright idea. Using their own materials, they designed a large cardboard box where you can put your Labo toys in without crushing them. Even comes with a cardboard lock! Any chance we can order a couple of those?

#5: A Secure Safe


Speaking of keeping things secure, Nintendo Labo can possibly keep your important items safe. (We say “possibly” because...well, it’s cardboard.) User ayataross designed a safe with a six-button combination, and they even created a brand new box for it. It’s awesome to see it in action, but with the Switch’s battery life and portability, we wouldn’t be putting anything significantly important in there. It’s still a neat idea, though!

#4: Dog Treat Dispenser


As much as we love our dogs, it can be a pain in the butt to get up and get them a treat. Luckily, Jobaa87 has found the solution to our lazy problem via Nintendo Labo! One Joy-Con activates a second Joy-Con’s vibration, which lets the box drop a few bites of doggy food. Looks like we can finally relax while feeding our dogs...until the dispenser runs out of food or our Switch runs out of battery.

#3: A Hat Trick


Are you a pro at Cornhole? Well, this one may prove to be a bit more challenging! User LeavingLuck has programmed a game where you toss cards into a homemade hat. Make it in five times, and you win! It’s simple, but we can see people having fun with this at a few parties. Plus, you got to admire the craftsmanship in this!

#2: Juggle on Switch


We had a feeling some old-school Nintendo games were going to be replicated with Labo. This user has hit us right in the nostalgia! JUMPINGREEN has managed to successfully replicate the classic Game & Watch title, “Juggle”. It may not have the exact look of the handheld device, but it plays like the original, which is good enough for us. However, it isn’t the only Game & Watch title to be made on Labo.

#1: DIY Game & Watch

Yumi Ikeji

Juggle wasn’t the only one that made it to Labo! User Yumi Ikeji developed an impressive recreation of “Fire”, one of the more addicting (and stressful) Game & Watch games. We have to commend the implementation of sound effects and how accurate the screen’s layout is. Seeing this gives us hope for a new Game & Watch Gallery for Switch. That, or just more recreations.