Another Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items



Another Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items

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Script written by Michael Wynands

The time has come to return to the dark and clandestine world of off-menu ordering! From the Flying Dutchman, to the Sonic Purple Sprite, to the fabled Neopolitan Shake, these tasty exclusive items will have your mouth watering. WatchMojo counts down Another Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items.

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Script written by Michael Wynands

Another Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items

The time has come to return to the dark and clandestine world of off-menu ordering! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Another Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items

For this list, we’ll be looking at even more secret menu items from various food and beverage franchises that throw classic food rules out the window. Some of these items may have made it on to the menu regionally, but unless they’re now advertised in locations nationwide across America, they’ll still be considered. And just to clarify, many of these secret menu items can’t be ordered by name - you have to give the staff a description of what they entail.

#10: Flying Dutchman

In-N-Out Burger
California-born fast food chain In-N-Out Burger has played a massive role in popularizing the concept of the secret menu. Their menu, as advertised, is very limited, but their so-called “secret menu” is vast. While many of the items we’ll be discussing today are the unholy brain children of clients rather than the chain itself, In-N-Out Burger recognizes this low-carb meat-lover’s delight by name. The Flying Dutchman, which will require many napkins, consists of two burger patties with cheese in the middle. You can dress it up by adding pickles or onions if you want, or by go the classic In-N-Out Burger route and make it animal style.

#9: Sonic Purple Sprite

Sonic Drive-In
We’re going to be looking at a lot of BIG meaty secret menu items today, so it seems only fair to offer up something, cool, refreshing yet similarly unique to help you wash it all down. Sonic has carved out a niche for itself, keeping the spirit of the classic American drive-in alive, but they’re not afraid to try new things or get a little weird. This delightful concoction is a mixture of Powerade, Sprite, lemonade and cranberry juice and is sure to hit the spot. It might even become your new go-to drink on a hot summer’s day.

#8: Neapolitan Shake

In-N-Out Burger
Neapolitan: its an ice cream trifecta of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, which, packaged all-together, wonderfully eliminates the need to pick just one ice cream flavor at the store, but which, realistically… also breeds resentment when all the chocolate inevitably disappears first. Thankfully, the good people at In-N-Out Burger offer up a single serving cup of Neopolitan in the form of one of their delicious shakes. Whether you eat it with a spoon, use it to dip your fries into or just slurp it up with a straw, this retro trio of flavors is sure to take you back to your youthful days of fighting with your siblings over the tub of Neapolitan at home.

#7: Mc10:35

This one will involve some construction on your part. A product of that awkward point in the day where McDonald’s transitions from breakfast to lunch (or at least used to, before the all day breakfast revolution) the Mc10:35 is a hybrid of a McDouble and an egg McMuffin that involves transferring the filling of one to the other. Basically, you’ve got a sandwich made up of an egg, two beef patties, cheese, and (depending on the McMuffin you ordered) breakfast meat like sausage or bacon. While this used to be a secret menu item that required careful scheduling to acquire, you can now get your hands on it any time after 10:30!

#6: Enchirito

Taco Bell
Who says that there’s no room for innovation in the world of fast food? At Taco Bell, their secret menu is dabbling in culinary fusion! Okay... maybe tex mex mixed with even MORE tex mex falls short of the term “fusion cuisine,” but the enchirito is worthy of your attention nonetheless. As its name suggests, it’s a mix of enchilada and a burrito, and is sure to satisfy your hunger in a way that few other Taco Bell dishes can. The Enchirito has actually been a menu item at various points since the 1970s, but, as of 2018, it’s officially off-menu. Of course, that doesn’t stop countless devotees from ordering one up anyways.

#5: Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger

Shake Shack
In-N-Out Burger might reign supreme on the West Coast, but the NYC-based Shake Shack certainly gives it a run for its money in the battle for most beloved fast food burger chain. Shake Shake hasn’t cultivated the same sort of secret menu buzz as their Cali-contemporary, but with the Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger… they’re certainly making waves. This inspired offering was actually offered as a special menu item, but only for a limited time. Thankfully, they’re still happy to oblige should you request it by special order, the peanut butter just comes on the side. Ooey gooey, and delightfully decadent, the PB&B ShackBurger is simply too good to keep secret.

#4: Land, Sea & Air Burger

There’s no denying that, for better or worse, humans have established themselves as the dominant species on this planet. For carnivores who like to reaffirm that status when eating, try this over-the-top burger. But again, McDonald’s probably isn’t going to make it for you. So to assert your place at the top of the food chain, order a Bic Mac, a Filet-O-Fish and a McChicken. Then, take the fried fish and chicken filets, inserting one into each half of the burger. Then it’s just a matter of learning to open your mouth wide enough to actually take a bite. For those feeling slightly less ambitious, try the Surf and Turf Sliders at White Castle.

#3: Liquid Cocaine

Refreshment time! If you’ve eaten so much as one of the previous food-based on items on our list thus far, chances are that you’re feeling pretty sluggish, so why not pop over to Starbucks for a little secret menu pick me up. This is, again, one that you’re definitely NOT going to want to order by name, despite the fact that its hilarious title is oh so fitting. This buzziest of brews is pretty much the last thing your doctor would ever order, as it consists of not two, not three but FOUR shots of espresso and four pumps of white chocolate syrup in a big old grande cup. All served over ice of course.

#2: Double Grilled Cheese Burger

Five Guys
Cheeseburgers are simple, yet absolutely delicious. And though many have tried to upgrade them with their own elevated spin, such offerings rarely best the classic approach. This, however, might just be one of the rare exceptions to that rule. Replacing both the top and bottom half of the bun with a grilled cheese, the Double Grilled Cheese Burger is something everyone needs to try at least once. If you ask one of the more experimental patrons of Five Guys, a franchise that takes the quality of their burgers very seriously, it would seem that the Double Grilled Cheese Burger is, in fact, stroke-inducing fast food genius. Warning: some locations may make you build it yourself.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
Monster Mac

Polyjuice Potion

#1: Wendy’s Meat Cube

Both Burger King and Wendy’s offer up some impressively tall secret menu burgers, but the latter beats out the competition for one simple reason - the name. The “Meat Cube,” as it has been dubbed by the secret menu loving fast food pioneers out there, is just such a ridiculously unappetizing monicker for this mountain of meat and cheese. But given the unique shape of Wendy’s burger patties… it fits. Also referred to as the “Grand Slam,” this off-menu monstrosity boasts 4 patties to make for a solid pound of beef. Of course, if you prefer Burger King, their secret menu quad stacker, aka the “suicide burger” is a worthy alternative. It even comes with bacon!