Top 10 Mortiest Morty Moments in Rick and Morty



Top 10 Mortiest Morty Moments in Rick and Morty

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He is the One True Morty. Morty C-137 is the lead Morty in the hit TV cartoon Rick and Morty. For this list, we'll be looking at the best, funniest, or most memorable moments courtesy of the youngest Smith family member. As we will be going over some crucial plot points, there will be Rick and Morty spoilers here for those not caught up. has done the best Rick and Morty Episodes, jokes and Rick moments, so here are our picks for the best Morty Smith moments.

Laura Keating
Top 10 Mortiest Morty Moments from Rick and Morty

Aw, geeze. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Mortiest Morty Moments from Rick and Morty.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best, funniest, or most memorable moments courtesy of the youngest Smith family member. As we will be going over some crucial plot points, a minor spoiler warning is now in effect.

#10: Date With Jessica

“Rest and Ricklaxation”
For the entirety of the series thus far, Morty has had a big, obvious crush on his classmate, Jessica. After he and Rick purge themselves of their toxic personalities, Morty finally has the confidence to ask out the pretty red-head. However, he’s so jazzed up on his new-found positive outlook that he totally turns her off. While she was at first attracted to the new Morty, her attitude changes when she can’t get a word in edge-wise. Poor Morty’s can-do attitude even prevents him from caring when she walks out of the restaurant barely a few minutes into their disaster of a date.

#9: Solving Saw Puzzles

“Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender”
After finally cashing-in his One-in-Ten Adventures card so that he can take part in a quest with the superhero group known as the Vindicators, Morty is living many-a teenage boys’ dream. Rick becomes jealous, and makes no attempts to hide his resentment. While black-out drunk, Rick sets up an elaborate series of puzzle-traps (ala “Saw”) in order to demean the heroes…or just kill them. While the Vindicators fight amongst themselves, Morty, who knows Rick best of all, works to solve the twisted puzzles, proving he isn’t as dumb as people say. Too bad it wasn’t really about him.

#8: King of the Battery

“The Ricks Must Be Crazy”
After going thrice deep in microverses within the battery of Rick’s car, Morty, Rick and Zeep Xanflorp become trapped in a Teenyverse. The constant fighting between Rick and Zeep becomes too much for Morty, so he leaves. An indeterminate amount of time later, Rick and Zeep are approached by a primitive group of teenyverse dwellers – lead by Morty. In his time away, Morty has become their leader. While at first it seems as though he has become one with nature, when given an opportunity he begs Rick to get them out of the teenyverse, as he hates it.

#7: The One True Morty

“Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”
After Rick is framed for the murder of a number of other Ricks and then captured by the Evil Rick responsible, Morty is taken away, presumably so that he might eventually suffer the same fate as the other Mortys (it’s not pretty). Too annoyed to be scared, Morty rallies the frightened Mortys to fight back. When he does, they decide that he is The One True Morty of prophecy – the messiah figure for their sad little cult. Together they bust out and save Rick, bringing down the Morty-barrier so that the Council of Ricks can find them. It’s one of Morty’s more heroic moments, even if Rick acts like it’s no big deal.

#6: Becoming a Father

“Raising Gazorpazorp”
All Morty wanted was a sex robot, but he ended up getting way more than he bargained for. While Morty enjoys his time with the robot at first, things change when he accidentally gets it pregnant and an alien kid is born. However, showing some real maturity, Morty takes responsibility and decides that since the little male Gazorpian is his child, he'll raise him as best he can. Morty Jr. grows up very quickly, reaching maturity in just one day. But like all new parents, Morty finds that raising a kid is hard – especially when that kid is an alien with a naturally murderous drive.

#5: Shooting Fart

“Mortynight Run”
Morty is definitely the most morally sound and ethically minded of the whole Smith/Sanchez family. After seeing his grandfather sell a gun to an assassin, Morty is determined to undo the potential damage and save the target, a gaseous being who is self-dubbed Fart. Things go off the rails reeeeal fast from there. By the end, the death toll is significant, and Fart dispassionately informs Morty his main objective is to kill all carbon-based life. Devastated at the knowledge that his sparing of Fart caused so much death, Morty ultimately shoots Fart so that no one else will be hurt.

#4: Pep-Talk to Summer

“Rixty Minutes”
When Summer finds out she was an unwanted pregnancy and the supposed cause of her parents’ misery, she is understandably hurt. Trying to give her some perspective on why she is not responsible for the happiness of others, Morty reveals a big secret to her – that he is not her real brother, and that he buried his other-self in the backyard. In effect, if he can get over his own death, she can get over her birth. The reveal brings the sort-of siblings closer together and reminds Summer to enjoy the little things in life, because the universe is crazy and unknowable and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Might as well watch TV.

#3: Shooting Rick

The Rickshank Rickdemption
After breaking out of prison and into the Citadel of Ricks, Rick has a little payback in mind. After killing almost all of the Council of Ricks, Rick gives Morty a gun when caught in a stand-off with the head of the Council, who is using Summer as a human shield. As things get heated, Morty turns the gun on Rick, not willing to let Summer die – at which point he is antagonized for being an idiot until Morty snaps and shoots him. This is what Rick had been hoping for (having attached a note) but Morty didn’t know that. Seriously, don’t mess with his sister.

#2: Teaching Ethan a Lesson

“The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy”
After Summer's boyfriend Ethan breaks up with her, Summer develops major body issues. She attempts to make her boobs bigger, but things go terribly wrong, culminating in her getting turned giant and inside out. Morty finally catches up to Summer when she finds Ethan with another girl at a campfire. While roasting a marshmallow, Morty casually and ominously let's Ethan know that messing with his sister's self-esteem wasn't cool, inferring serious consequences. In the end credits, we see the ironic punishment Morty doled out on Ethan for hurting Summer. Wow, Morty, that’s brutal!

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Get Your Shit Together
“Big Trouble in Little Sanchez”

Epic Freakout
“Rest and Ricklaxation”

Surviving Anatomy Park
“Anatomy Park”

#1: Purging

“Look Who's Purging Now”
With all the crazy, nihilistic adventures Rick has dragged him on, Morty’s seen more death and destruction than most, and has had his concept of right and wrong stretched to the breaking point countless times. When he and Rick end up stranded on a Purge planet after trying to help a local, Morty just wants to go home. But after listening to a terrible screenplay and accidentally losing his cool, he’s ready to snap. Attacked by purgers whilst in a suit of power armor, all his pent-up rage explodes, and he purges in a cathartic frenzy. A kid can only be pushed so far.