Top 10 Fallout Quests You Never Found

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
The modern Fallout games have some truly massive worlds, and Bethesda does a great job at hiding some really cool quests just off the beaten path. But don't worry we're including New Vegas on this list as well. So join as we count down our picks for the best hidden Fallout quests that you probably missed.

Written by Thomas O'Connor
Top 10 Fallout Quests You Never Found

The Wasteland may look empty, but there’s always more to see and do. Welcome to, and today we’re looking at the Top 10 Fallout Quests You Never Found. For this list we’re strapping on our Pip-Boys to track down the best Fallout series quests that too many players missed during their time in the Wasteland.

#10: Spectacle Island

“Fallout 4” (2015)
Love it or hate it, Fallout 4’s settlement system is a huge part of the game, one that invites players to get creative when crafting their home base in The Commonwealth. But many players missed out on the opportunity to have their very own island fortress. In order to unlock this settlement, the player will need to find the half-sunken boat nearby and flip a switch inside, waking up a Mirelurk Queen that will need to be taken care of. Get her highness out of the picture and you’re rewarded with the largest settlement in the game, the perfect place to stash your gear, kick back, and watch the sunset.

#9: In Sheep’s Clothing

“Fallout 4” (2015)
Many players put Bethesda’s latest wasteland romp down after finishing the main quest, that is if they even finished it at all. But if you do finish the main questline, there’s a special mission that gets triggered afterwards. Return to Diamond City and you’ll find young Danny Sullivan with a gunshot wound an an incredible story: that he was shot by Mayor McDonough after seeing him conversing with a Synth! Head up to the Mayor’s office and you’ll find him holding his secretary hostage, because it turns out that Piper was right all along: the Mayor has been a Synth the whole time. How you deal with this revelation is up to you.

#8: Agatha’s Song

“Fallout 3” (2008)
The Capital Wasteland isn’t a particularly cheery place, and some more music would go a long way to liven things up. To this end, the player can elect to help an old woman named Agatha retrieve a precious violin so that she can broadcast live music. Easier said than done though. The player will need to find and infiltrate Vault 92, which was used to house the world’s greatest musicians and, because Vault-Tec, expose them to subliminal noise to try and create more aggressive soldiers. Surprisingly, that plan backfired and you must fight your way through the Vault, find the violin, all so that the Capital Wasteland will get a new radio station.

#7: Quality Assurance

Fallout 4”
If there’s any company shadier than Vault-Tec, it’s General Atomics, and this easy-to-miss quest puts you on the ground floor of the company’s assembly line. After entering the General Atomics factory, the player is mistaken for a nanny robot and prompted to engage in a series of tests that require you to punish a naughty child by turning off the radio, soothe a crying baby by bringing them a bottle, and finally remove all the dangerous objects from a room. Complete these tasks and a safe full of loot will open. But hey, maybe when you’re done caring for hypothetical babies you could, I dunno, go look for your real one?

#6: The Velvet Curtain

Fallout 3: Point Lookout
Before the bombs fell, the Fallout universe was rife with espionage and political tension, and this quest allows the player to catch a glimpse of that cloak-and-dagger world. After finding the remains of a Chinese spy, the player is tasked with “tying up loose ends” by destroying a hidden submarine waiting just off the coast before reporting for payment and debriefing at a hidden bunker. But make sure to watch your back, because there’s one last loose and, and that’s you. Escape your “debriefing” and you’ll have a great unique rifle and a whole secret bunker to yourself, one stocked with enough weapons and ammo for any self-respecting Lone Wanderer.

#5: Kid in a Fridge

Fallout 4
People have survived the nuclear armageddon in all kinds of weird ways, but this takes the cake. Wandering around University Point, you might hear some cries for help. Follow the noise to an old fridge, and you’ll find something inside besides leftovers. A boy named Billy took shelter in the fridge when the bombs dropped, and after being turned into a Ghoul by the radiation, he found himself trapped inside for hundreds of years. It’s up to you to escort the kid back to his home, where his similarly Ghoulish parents await. Alternatively, you can instead sell him to some Gunners if you’re feeling extra evil today.

#4: How Little we Know

Fallout: New Vegas
The New Vegas strip is home to a number of unsavory characters, some of which we’ll get to later. But even among the seedy denizens of the Strip, The Omertas are a force to be reckoned with. This extremely elaborate quest takes you deep inside the crime group’s dealings and offers multiple branching paths depending on your actions. But be careful! It’s extremely easy to lock off other quests depending on what decisions you make. And if you want to get rewarded with the shiny Pimp-Boy 3 Billion, get ready to jump through some serious hoops. But look at this thing, it’s clearly worth the hassle.

#3: Our Little Secret

Fallout 3
Stressful situations bring out the worst in people, or make them reveal their true colors. When it comes down to life or death, some people are willing to do some pretty despicable things to keep breathing. That brings us to the citizens of Andale, a quiet, seemingly idyllic little hamlet in the Capital Wasteland. They seem like nice folk on the surface, if maybe a bit too nice. But do a little snooping around and you’ll discover that the residents of the town are a little less “Leave it to Beaver” and a bit more “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” than they initially seemed. And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

#2: Blood Ties

Fallout 3
The Wasteland is full of some pretty scary creatures, from Ghouls and Super Mutants to terrifying Deathclaws. Did we really need to learn that there are vampires skulking about too? Ok, so these aren’t actual vampires, but they’re close enough. Find the settlement of Arefu in the Capital Wasteland and you’ll need to help the residents out with The Family, a group of cannibalistic humans who drink the blood of their fellow men. Of course, it’s all a trick by the group’s leader to help control their cannibalistic urges. Wipe the group out, help them attack the town, or broker a bizarre peace agreement between the two.

#1: Beyond the Beef

Fallout: New Vegas
Ok, that’s it, we’re putting our feet down. We know, the post-apocalyptic Wasteland is an awful place with precious little in the way of decent food. But for pete’s sake, stop eating people! Seriously! Cut it out! Explore New Vegas’s fancy Luxe Casino, and you’ll discover the dark secret of the sinister White Glove Society. The group were previously cannibals before turning away from their dark appetites. But one member wishes to return the group to its old ways. You can help him in this pursuit by offering up one of your companions. If that doesn’t sit well with you, you can expose the society of serve up a human meat substitute.