Top 10 Worst Steam Games

Script written by Dimitri Vadrahanis

Considering how vast the steam library is, you'd have to dig pretty deep to find these stinkers! Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our top 10 worst steam games.

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Top 10 Worst Steam Games

Quality control is not something we should be taking for granted. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our top 10 worst steam games.

Open access marketplaces can be a great way for indie developers to thrive and find a market for sometimes niche, but usually great titles. However, through incompetence or just taking advantage of the greenlight system, some truly awful games have slipped through the cracks over the years. This list focuses on those terrible titles which have graced Valve’s digital storefront.

#10: “Tunnel Rats” (2009)

It’s probably not surprising to learn that one of the film industry’s worst directors would have a hand in featuring in this list, but Uwe Boll’s awful film paved the way for this hilariously broken first person shooter of the same name. The AI is bafflingly incompetent, physics barely exist allowing players to scale any barrier in their path, and if gamers were expecting a competent story to carry the gameplay, they were dead wrong. Avoid the movie, avoid the game, and try to forget this even exists.

#9: “Bad Rats: The Rats’ Revenge” (2009)

This original “worst game on Steam” still manages to lay a decent claim to that title. This puzzle game that’s somehow more frustrating to control than it is to play tasks you with leading the rats revenge against some of the ugliest cats we’ve ever seen. The music is annoying, the puzzles are mindless, and dragging each item to solve each stage is one of the worst interfaces we’ve ever seen. Strangely having become almost a cult classic in recent years, this title shockingly saw a sequel, which, trust us, isn’t any better.

#8: “GASP” (2015)

Probably one of the most disappointing games on this list, GASP had an interesting premise, and gamers desperately wanted to see it work. What was built up as a struggle for survival as a lone astronaut on the moon turned out to be nothing more than a trashy walking simulator ripe with invisible walls, useless objects scattered all over the place, and waypoints that take forever to get to. Spend any amount of time with this title and you’ll quickly stop avoiding the never-ending asteroids and instead start begging for them to kill you as quickly as possible.

#7: “Uriel’s Chasm” (2014)

A title that probably wouldn’t even pass as a high school art project, Uriel’s Chasm is, and we’re not joking here, a biblical shoot ‘em up. Carving itself up a niche that nobody asked for and evidently nobody wanted, this confusing mashup demonstrates everything that’s wrong with an open access digital marketplace. The game is laughably short, the graphics are dizzyingly busy, and the gameplay would be repetitive if there was actually more of it. Seemingly aspiring to be terrible, this title probably should have been taken off the market a long, long time ago.

#6: “Airport Simulator 2014” (2013)

If you’ve ever wanted to experience working all the most boring, menial jobs in an airport that nobody likes to do, then you’re in luck with this bottom of the barrel simulator game. There’s nothing about this title that is deserving of any money whatsoever, and even the trailer fails to make it seem exciting. You prepare planes and runways for takeoffs and landings, you drive little cars around, and you watch planes come and go, all the while not getting paid for any of it. That’s it. We just saved you some hard earned cash. You’re welcome.

#5: “Flatout 3: Chaos and Destruction” (2011)

Fans of the Flatout franchise had a right to be excited with the looming third installment. It had been five years in the making and promised to deliver all that fast paced carnage that fans had been waiting for. Unfortunately, aside from looking pretty good with decent models and textures, the game played abysmally. The physics and handling of the vehicles makes them impossible to maneuver properly, and even if you could, all the dirt kicked back from the tracks floods the camera at every opportunity, blinding you and completely destroying the only part of the game it needed to be good at. Gamers definitely deserved better with this one.

#4: “Day One: Garry’s Incident” (2013)

Open world survival games were all the rage for a while, and amid all the fantastic AAA offerings stood this notoriously awful example. While the environments look pretty good and well put together, a quick glance at literally any character model in the game quickly destroys the illusion. Everything from the enemies to the animals look rushed and lazy, and the broken combat can do nothing to salvage the experience. Gamers who perhaps really hated monkeys maybe got something enjoyable out of this title, but there’s nothing of value here for literally anybody else.

#3: “The War Z/Infestation: Survivor Stories” (2012)

Maybe the most high profile entry on this list, the game formerly known as The War Z got so much bad press at release it was forced to change the title of the game to continue to trick gamers into buying it. That should give you the first clue about how bad the game is, but if not, even just 5 minutes in the empty boring world will convince you of that fact. Worse still, even when you find something to kill, the bafflingly stupid zombies pose no threat at all. Other players are probably more dangerous, but we don’t know for sure because nobody is playing this.

#2: “Rambo: The Video Game” (2014)

Action movies and video games should be a match made in heaven, but Rambo has gotten the short end of the stick for a long time now. Fans who were expecting the high octane, testosterone fueled carnage of the movies were greeted instead by an on rails shooter straight out of the arcades, with none of the polish or the charm. The opening shots of an alarmingly thing Rambo show off the laughable graphics, and if the gameplay doesn’t encourage you to shut the game off, the motion sickness caused by the worst cutscene camera we’ve ever seen definitely will.

#1: “The Slaughtering Grounds” (2014)

The crowning achievement of bad game design, this title has it all. Using gameplay elements and a story that seems straightforward enough, the developers managed to fail at every level, providing gamers with absolutely terrible combat, rage inducing music, and graphics that somehow look 15 years older than they actually are. Toss together every conceivable layer that makes up awful games and throw in really bad developer relationships with the community, and you get The Slaughtering Grounds, the absolute worst excuse for a game on Steam.