Top 10 Male Singers Who Fell Off The Map



Top 10 Male Singers Who Fell Off The Map

Where are these male singers today? For this list, we're looking at male who singers who, after dominating the airwaves, seemingly faded into obscurity. We've included singers like Colby O'Donis, Daniel Powter, Mario, Ginuwine and more!

Top 10 Male Singers Who Fell Off The Map

Here today, gone tomorrow! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Male Singers Who Fell Off The Map.

For this list, we’re looking at male who singers who, after dominating the airwaves, seemingly faded into obscurity.

#10: Colby O'Donis

Signed to Motown at 10, by 14 O'Donis was already opening for the likes of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Ne-Yo.When he caught Akon’s ear, it really seemed as if he was going to be making the leap to the big leagues, and sure enough, in 2008 he released “What You Got” featuring Akon, peaking at #14 on the Billboard charts. In 2009, he followed it up by featuring in Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”, to critical acclaim. He was on the fast-track to being the next big thing, but instead… he just kind of disappeared and his proposed 2014 follow up was delayed. Indefinitely.

#9: Jesse McCartney

By the time Jesse McCartney was a tween, he had already established himself as an actor on “All My Children”, and as a singer in Dream Street. When he struck out solo with his debut album, McCartney officially became a teenage heartthrob and household name - at least households with teenage girls. Beautiful Soul went platinum and earned him a number of Teen Choice awards. Unfortunately he’s never recaptured that level of fame or public interest again. He’s released multiple albums since then, all of which have performed respectably, and has continued to act, but for many, he remains a relic of the mid-2000s.

#8: Daniel Powter

You might not remember this Canadian singer-songwriter by name, but we bet you know all the words to the chorus of his 2005 hit song “Bad Day”. It reached number 1 on a variety of charts, including the all-important Billboard Hot 100. Thanks to the song being used in a number of ad campaigns, Powter became a international music sensation. Unfortunately, the stars whichburn the brightest also burn out the quickest, and despite releasing a number of follow-up singles, Powter was never able to recapture the magic or success he experienced with “Bad Day”.

#7: Frankie J

This Mexican-born American singer experienced success in both English and Spanish in the late ‘90s into the 2000s, first as a member of Kumbia Kings, and later as an even bigger solo artist. He scored a number of hit singles over the years, but he hasn’t made a significant impact on English charts since his 2006 album, Priceless. While his English influence has long since waned, he actually earned a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Pop Album in 2013 with Faith, Hope y Amor. Unfortunately, his 2017 English-language album, Eleven, failed to chart, much like what came before it, 2011's Courage.

#6: Mario

Honestly, considering the fact that he recorded under an alias already made famous by a certain Nintendo icon, it’s kind of a wonder that Mario ever managed to reach the level of success he did. But hey, the dude is talented, and succeed he did. His singing skills – showcased at talent shows – caught the attention of producers and record labels, before the age of 15. His debut album made him a hit with teens, and his follow-up went platinum, catapulting the young star to the forefront of the R&B genre. Unfortunately, since then, his releases have been an exercise in diminishing returns.

#5: Sisqó

In 1999, this R&B artist took the world by storm with his solo debut, Unleash the Dragon. “Thong Song” was an insanely catchy hit, and was followed up by “Incomplete”, which went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The dragon had been released… and there was simply no putting him back in the cage – or so it seemed. Return of Dragon, Sisqó’s follow-up album, sold plenty of units, but the singles under-performed. It was the beginning of the end. By the late noughties, Sisqó was appearing on reality television, and apart from a “Thong Song” remix, hasn’t done much of note since.

#4: Lou Bega

“Mambo No. 5”, unlike mambo's one through four, ruled the airwaves in 1999, and as such, remains in the mind of many a ‘90s kid. Bega’s very first single, was a reinterpretation of Cuban musician Dámaso Pérez Prado’s original 1949 song. This modern take took Bega from an unknown to a global sensation. Unfortunately, “Mambo No. 5” was so massive that it easily overshadowed everything else he released. Given that he charted with a few more songs over the next couple of years, he can’t reasonably be called a one-hit wonder, but he’s failed to make much of impression in year since.

#3: Ginuwine

We’ve talked about a decent number of flashes in a decent number of pans, Ginuwine however, is a very different breed. In the ‘90s, this R&B star was a force to reckoned with in the music industry. After performing with the group Swing Mob, he went solo, churning out a series of huge albums, the first two of which went double platinum, the next two platinum and gold respectively. Though he has continued to produce music and chart, Ginuwine’s later offerings have been quiet successes. Considering his last album dropped in 2011, Ginuwine’s status as a relevant artist is starting to come into question.

#2: Sean Kingston

This American-born, Jamaican-raised singer made a huge impression with his debut single “Beautiful Girls” in 2007. Not only did it hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it dominated the charts around the world. It was the start of a bright career, with both his debut album and the follow-up, Tomorrow, resulting in a number of big singles. Unfortunately, in 2011, he was involved in a jet skiing accident that nearly cost him his life and put his career on hiatus. He released Back 2 Life in 2013, which charted, but was a minor affair compared to the momentum he had previously been experiencing .

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:


Baby Bash

Jay Sean

#1: Taio Cruz

This English singer-songwriter first found success at home in 2006 with “I Just Wanna Know”. With his follow-up album, Rokstarr, Cruz took the world by storm. It spawned a total of seven singles, all of which made an impression on both sides of the Atlantic. “Dynamite” was particularly successful in the US. His follow up album TY.O, performed well internationally but made little impact in America. And since then… he’s largely been quiet. He’s released a handful of singles, and co-written a song with David Guetta, but for an artist who once seemed posed for global domination... Taio Cruz has really fallen off the map.