Top 10 Coolest Food Museums Around the World

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If you've eaten it, there's probably a museum celebrating it. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we're counting down our picks for the 10 Coolest Food Museums Around the World.

For this list, we're looking at the most weird and wonderful museums devoted to food and drink on the planet.
10 Coolest Food Museums Around the World

If you’ve eaten it, there’s probably a museum celebrating it. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we're counting down our picks for the 10 Coolest Food Museums Around the World.

For this list, we’re looking at the most weird and wonderful museums devoted to food and drink on the planet.

#10: Burnt Food Museum

Boston, USA

Some foods are meant to be enjoyed, and others are meant to be tossed in the trash. Or so you would think! After burning a batch of apple cider, renowned harpist Deborah Henson-Conant decided that rather than pour it down the drain, she would preserve it for posterity and for the enjoyment of others. Sadly though, the Burnt Food Museum, much more an online concept than a complex, is small, very exclusive, and rarely open to the public. You can however register for a privately guided tour, which will cost you in the ballpark of $1500. Talk about getting burnt!

#9: Canadian Potato Museum PEI
Prince Edward Island, Canada

You may not be aware of it, but this tiny Canadian province is fiercely proud of its potatoes (And lobsters!) So proud in fact, that they have a whole museum devoted to spuds! And we can’t blame them, because who doesn’t love a good potato? The museum itself focuses on the history of Canadian potato farming, with a focus on PEI, and if you’re feeling peckish after all that learning, they luckily have the Potato Country Kitchen on site where you can try a sampling of the goods. The real draw is the giant potato outside of the museum, which makes for an excellent, if kitschy, photo op.

#8: Museum Kimchikan
Seoul, South Korea

In our opinions, the very best food museums are the ones that put a laser focus on a very specific dish or ingredient. That’s why we’re to on the concept of Seoul’s Museum Kimchikan, formerly known simply as Kimchi Museum. If you don’t know what kimchi is, then, sadly for you, you probably haven’t eaten Korean food lately, because salty, pungent, and delicious fermented cabbage (or daikon) is a staple of the cuisine. Despite how relatively niche this museum is, it has welcomed over 100,000 visitors during its time in operation! And before you ask: yes, you do get to try samples.

#7: Museu do Café

Santos, Brazil

You may not be able to start your day without it, and for that reason alone there should obviously be a museum devoted to it. Of course, coffee holds a special place in all our hearts, but in Brazil, where coffee is a major industry, the magic bean elixir is so much more than just a morning beverage. As the primary distributors of coffee in the world, Brazilians understandably take pride in their product, and in 1998 opened this museum to honor it. Its location in a beautiful historic building in Santos only adds to the experience!

#6: Carpigiani Gelato Museum

Anzola dell'Emilia, Italy

If you’ve ever been to Italy, then you know that no day there is truly complete without a scoop of gelato (or two). The delicious Italian-style ice cream is now popular the world over, but this museum celebrates the frozen treat’s rich history. Not only does it cover gelato’s history in Italy, it actually goes as far back as 12,000 BC to examine how this delicacy came to be. At the museum, you’ll see historic ice cream making devices from various eras, and of course, they offer gelato making courses to anyone who is interested. Sign us up!

#5: SPAM Museum

Minnesota, USA

In the town of Austin, Minnesota you’ll find the headquarters of the Hormel Foods Corporation. Hormel makes a very great number of food products, but one of its very most notable exports is . . . SPAM. Yes, the legendary canned meat. If you’ve never tried SPAM before, now’s your chance. Love it or hate it, Hormel hosts its very own SPAM museum, where you can learn about the rich history of this meat-in-metal. And the best part is, entry to the museum is totally free! Get a tour from one of the Spambassadors or grab a Spample and head on your way.

#4: Frietmuseum


A museum devoted to french fries would obviously be in France… right? Wrong! Any true fry aficionado knows that the French can’t necessarily claim the feat of having invented the french fry. The topic has been hotly debated for centuries, but many believe fries to have originated in Belgium. And that’s where you’ll find the Frietmuseum. They call themselves "the first and only museum dedicated to potato fries" and we’re guessing they’re right. And at this museum at least, the Belgians are given full credit for creating this universally-beloved deep-fried delight. We wish we there right now.

#3: Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Osaka, Japan

Every poor college student can thank Momofuku Ando for his contributions to their diets. And why is that? Because he is credited as being the inventor of instant noodles and cup ramen! In Osaka, you’ll find a whole museum devoted to Ando and his creation, which is casually known as the Cup Noodle Museum. If you want to take home a wholly unique souvenir, you can create your very own personalized cup of noodles while at the museum, mixing whichever ingredients strike your fancy. Oh, and admission is free! To paraphrase the great Bob Marley: we ramen, we ramen, we want to ramen with you!

#2: Currywurst Museum

Berlin, Germany

If you’ve never been to Germany, it’s entirely possible that you’ve never tried the, uh, intriguing local delicacy of currywurst. (More like currybest, arewerite??) This dish pairs something traditionally German (a bratwurst sausage) with an Indian curry flavored ketchup. Sound strange? Well maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean the locals don’t love it! The Currywurst Museum celebrates this porky dish with pride. Bianca Wohlfromm who is the project manager at the museum asserts: "No other fast food has ever been such an inspiration for songwriters, authors, comedians and artists.” Hyperbole? You be the judge!

#1: British Museum of Food

London, England

While many of the entries on our list today have focused on hyper-specific museums dedicated to particular food items, this one is far more wide-ranging. The food stylist company Bompas and Parr started up the British Museum of Food in 2015 as an exhibit-based museum unlike any other, in that it didn’t have a permanent, set location; and was first based in London’s Borough Market. The exhibit for the summer of 2018, at Gasholders in King’s Cross, is SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World, complete with glow-in-the-dark offerings and a vintage-recipe daffodil ice cream. The creators are currently looking for a permanent space; and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!