Top 10 Red Dead Redemption Moments



Top 10 Red Dead Redemption Moments

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
What better way to get you even more hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2 than checking out this video and remembering all the awesome moments from the original! Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Red Dead Redemption Moments.

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Top 10 Red Dead Redemption Moments

Who knew that “Grand Theft Auto” and the wild west would go together so well? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Red Dead Redemption Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable cut scenes, missions, and gameplay experiences from this hit 2010 game.

#10: Filth and Other Entertainment

Where “Red Dead Redemption” tells a gripping and even tragic tale grounded in reality, “Undead Nightmare” is essentially an excuse to partake in over-the-top zombie mayhem. On that basis, though, the expansion pack is a hoot and this side mission is easily a highlight. Before there was George A. Romero, there was D.S. MacKenna, a pioneering filmmaker who wishes to capture zombies to star in his picture. With some help from John Marston, MacKenna finds the perfect “actor” for the starring role. This literally ends up biting MacKenna in the face, however, as the zombies are more interested in eating his flesh than making movie magic. Suffering for your art has never been more hilarious.

#9: An Appointed Time

This mission opens with a bang and only keeps building momentum from there. In a dual against Raul Zubieta, Marston manages to save Abraham Reyes while also avenging poor Luisa. As rewarding as this death may be, the action is just revving up. Marston proceeds to free some rebel prisoners who join the attack against the Mexican Army. This leads to an enthralling set piece as Marston – armed with a Gatling Gun – breaks into the enemy’s fortress. As an assault erupts on Escalera, Colonel Allende and Bill Williamson stage a getaway in a stagecoach. Following a thrilling horseback race, Marston catches up to the villains, who both get their just desserts in the unforgiving desert.

#8: I Know You

John Marston comes across an assortment of colorful characters, although few are as intriguing as this mystery man in black. Marston encounters this nameless, well-dressed stranger in the middle of nowhere, which is already beyond bizarre. Even more surreal, the stranger knows a great deal about Marston and asks him to complete a series of simple tasks that put his morality to test. Growing aggravated, John is eventually driven to shoot the stranger in the back, but his bullets have no effect. Who was this man? A figment of Marston’s imagination? An embodiment of his ethically conflicted nature? The Devil himself? The fact that we never find out is what makes this mission so unforgettable.

#7: Mexican Caesar

Given the game’s western theme, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that trains play a key role throughout several missions. For this heart-pounding set piece, Marston is tasked with manning a Gatling Gun aboard a train traveling through Nuevo Paraíso. The beginning of the ride allows you to briefly take in the beautifully rendered scenery before the rebels start attacking. Although you have a never-ending supply of bullets, you need to remain alert at all times with enemies emerging from every direction. The mission plays out like a rollercoaster ride that allows little time to breathe until you safely reach your final destination. Once it’s over, you truly feel like an unstoppable one-man army.

#6: Birth of the Conservation Movement

Another standout from “Undead Nightmare,” this mission is about as out-there as the game gets. Taking a break from zombies, Marston finds himself hunting Sasquatch. As if that’s not insane enough, the hairy beast speaks fluent English and clears up the vicious stereotype that Sasquatches eat babies. As Sasquatch tells Marston about how his species has been persecuted and practically hunted to extinction, we’re not sure whether to shed a tear or laugh at the sheer absurdity of the situation. We’re also forced to decide whether to put the misunderstood creature out of its misery.

#5: The Outlaw’s Return

After making it through hell and back again, Marston is finally able to reunite with his family. Since this is the moment John’s entire journey has been working towards, you’re overcome with anticipation just riding to the ranch. Even though the player didn’t really get to interact with Marston’s family up until this point, it still feels like a reunion with loved ones you’ve been eagerly awaiting. Of course, Abigail isn’t too pleased with her husband at first, seeing how he’s been absent for so long. Following the initial rough patch, though, the family does reconcile in a satisfying manner. While this would’ve made for a happy conclusion, Marston’s story isn’t over yet.

#4: Entering Mexico

Rockstar has developed a reputation for creating detailed open worlds that only become more immersive with each new location the player encounters. In “Red Dead Redemption,” few moments prove more awe-inspiring than John Marston’s first ride into Mexico. What already seemed like a vast sandbox suddenly becomes infinitely grander. The moment is only made more cinematic and atmosphere with the accompaniment of the song “Far Away” by José González. As Marston heads to his next adventure, part of you may wish that this horseback ride would last forever. It’s instances like this that demonstrate why video games are much more than mindless escapism. They’re works of art capable of conjuring emotions we never anticipated.

#3: And the Truth Will Set You Free

Before Marston can reunite with his family, he has to face off with his old gang leader, Dutch van der Linde. Since the game largely revolves around Marston atoning for the sins of the past, this showdown was always inevitable on his road to redemption. Dutch won’t go down without a fight, however, forcing Marston and his allies to battle through an army of gang members as all hell breaks loose. Following an exhausting pursuit, Marston eventually manages to back Dutch up against the edge of a steep cliff. Realizing that he’s met his end, Dutch leaves Marston with a few poignant final words before plunging himself to a snowy resting place.

#2: The Assault on Fort Mercer

Of all the missions in the game, the Assault on Fort Mercer is perhaps the most epic in scale. Calling “The Magnificent Seven” to mind, Marston and a ragtime group of men plan to attack the enormous fortress and capture Bill Williamson. In Trojan Horse fashion, the theatrical Nigel West Dickens sneaks you in with his stagecoach. Upon receiving the signal, Marston breaks out his machine gun and a rousing shootout commences. Fort Mercer becomes an explosive combat zone that only grows more chaotic once reinforcements arrive. While the mission is a blast from start to finish, John’s journey is just getting started. Williamson has already escaped, setting the stage for your trip to Mexico.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

#1: The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed

Just as John starts to settle back into his old life, he’s paid a visit from some old friends looking to tie up all loose ends. John puts up one hell of a fight, but Uncle sadly loses his life in the process. After getting his wife and son to safety, it becomes clear that there’s no way to kill every enemy and John is about to open the door to his last stand. Having been through so much with Marston, watching him die a bloody death makes the player feel as if they’ve lost an arm or a leg. This makes it all the more gratifying when Jack Marston settles the score years later.