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Script Written by Shane O'Gorman

Don’t let em’ touch ya! These enemies don’t play fair. Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we’re taking a look back at another one of our favorite videos from, Top 10 One Hit Kill Enemies in Video Games!

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Script Written by Shane O'Gorman

Top 10 One Hit Kill Enemies in Video Games

We have these guys to thank for taking all the great progress we make in a game and in an instant, stopping us dead in our tracks. Welcome to and today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 10 One Hit Kill Enemies in Video Games.

As the title suggests, we’re looking at adversaries in video games that can kill the player instantly withone swift move, so be sure to think twice before tangling with any of these opponents.

#10: The Shredder

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game" (1989)

First up on our list is the main antagonist of everyone's favorite anthropomorphic martial artists. In this classic beat-em up game, the evil Shredder naturally serves as the game's final boss and he comes with a few nasty tricks up his sleeve. Constant movement is key to survival in this fight as the Shredder has the ability to clone himself, giving him more opportunity to land some deadly hits. The real shellshocker though, is a wave of electrical energy that devolves the player into a good old fashioned turtle. Be sure to steer clear, otherwise you're turtle soup.

#9: Bad Girl

"No More Heroes" (2007)

Don't judge a book by its cover. Underneath the cute, lolita style outfit; this femme fatale is actually quite the proficient killing machine. Sporting a baseball bat and bad attitude, this viciously violent vixen pulls no punches in a fight. Keeping a good distance is crucial for an encounter with her, as her fighting style is completely erratic as she frantically swings away in an attempt to land a hit. Also, as a piece of advice, don't be fooled when she pulls her crying act as it is a disaster waiting to happen (Show insta kill footage).

#8: Pyramid Head

"Silent Hill 2" (2001)

As if this town wasn't creepy enough. Recognized as the visual manifestation of protagonist James Sunderland's desire to be punished for his sins, this intimidating foe will turn up when you least expect him. An absolute horror to confront, once Pyramid Head has its sights set on you be sure to stay away unless you want to be on the receiving end of his gigantic blade. Seemingly impervious to your weapons, the best you can do in most situations is slow him down while you plan your escape.

#7: Tonberry

"Final Fantasy" series (1990-)

There are countless enemies in the Final Fantasy series which provide tough competition, such as Yunalesca from Final Fantasy X (XREF). However, we ultimately meant with the terror called Tonberry instead. A recurring enemy in the series, these enemies vary in size and will slowly creep through the darkness with their trusty lanterns in tow. Don't jump to conclusions based on the Tonberry's innocent looking appearance, their knife attack can spell out instant death and furthermore they have a counterattack which damages the player based on how many enemies they have defeated. That's gonna leave a mark.

#6: Sinistar

"Sinistar" (1983)

Behold the stuff of nightmares. A spacecraft with a demonic skull face, this galactic baddie will appear without warning meaning that there is no way to ever truly prepare for an attack from it. Once Sinistar shows up, he begins making a bevy of threats towards the player, heightening the tension of the game. After intimidating you for a little while, Sinistar begins to zero in on you and since it doesn't have any conventional weapons to attack you with it settles for consuming you whole instead (Insta-Kill Footage).

#5: Boss Bass

"Super Mario Bros. 3" (1990)

Dun-dun...dun-dun...(humming Jaws theme). Seriously though, this enemy is the closest thing to the movie "Jaws" that the Super Mario Bros franchise has ever seen. Basically a larger version of a standard Cheep-Cheep enemy, this increase in size definitely spells out an equation for double the trouble. Boss Bass swims on the surface of the water, waiting for the player to make a mistimed jump so it can move in for the kill. Don't rely on those power-ups to help you either, as they don’t stop Boss Bass from chowing down. Best to keep your head above water and keep moving.

#4: Clickers

"The Last Of Us" (2013)

The apocalypse sure is a scary place with these guys roaming around. These grotesque creatures were once human beings, but have unfortunately succumbed to a deadly virus which plagued the world. The mushroom-like disease has deformed them so much that they are completely blind, having to use a bone chilling clicking sound for echolocation, earning them their namesake. Popping up nearly everywhere in the game, stealth is encouraged as opposed to combat unless you plan out an attack well in advance; because once they grab you...well, it ain't too pretty.

#3: T-Rex

"Tomb Raider" (1996)

It's the King of the Dinosaurs, do we really need to explain how this could go wrong? Well, just in case all those sharp teeth can't spell it out for you; this gargantuan enemy makes you wish that all those extinction theories were true. An incredibly lethal adversary, a fight with this dino is no slouch as its speed and large mouth make for a terrifying combo. Since direct confrontation with a T-Rex is next to insane, video game or not, it's recommended to shoot from a distance unless you want to become this big guy's afternoon snack.

#2: Everything

"Contra" series (1987-)

We hope you have that Konami code handy. As the title of this entry suggests, literally everything in the Contra series can insta-kill the player. What makes this all the more stressful is that there is a constant barrage of projectiles flying across the screen. Bullets, lasers, missiles, soldiers-oh my! Careful attention is required if anyone hopes to survive until the end, as the slightest miscalculated movement can mean one less life to work with. With such a high level of danger and challenge constantly present in the game, the player must develop an inside-out understanding of its rules to make it out alive.

Before we reveal our number one spot, here are a few honorable mentions...

"Kid Icarus: Uprising"

"The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword"

"Mass Effect 3"

#1: Dr. Salvador

"Resident Evil 4" (2005)

Taking the top spot on our list, this chainsaw wielding hostile is truly a force to be reckoned with. Sporting a burlap sack on his head and savagely shouting as he gets closer, this enemy is the furthest thing from a warm welcome to the village found in the opening sequence at the beginning of the game. Appearing so early in the game, the player has to take on this crazed villager with little supplies or experience, bringing tensions to an all time high.Wildly swinging his weapon through the air, Dr. Salvador will endlessly chase the player with the goal to make them a little bit shorter (Show death footage).