Top 10 Hardest Things to KILL in Video Games

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Script written by Dimitri Vadrahanis

Hope you saved some ammo. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Things to Kill in Video Games!

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Top 10 Hardest Things to Kill in Video Games

Why. Won’t. You. DIE? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 hardest things to kill in video games.

For this list, we’re focusing on those enemies that soak up damage and are incredibly difficult to take down, though it must be possible to kill them, so you won’t find any invincible enemies here.

#10: Lynels

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (2017)
While their appearances date as far back as the original Legend of Zelda on the NES, it’s their latest incarnation in Breath of the Wild that has players second-guessing their travels. Lynel’s are incredibly fast, which makes them very hard to outrun. They have a crazy amount of HP, which can make you burn through a lot of your weapons. And they’re armed with some of the strongest weapons in the game that can do a crazy amount of damage. If you are going to take these guys on make sure you’ve mastered the perfect dodge or shield parry, otherwise you’ll end up becoming this thing’s newest punching bag.

#9: Dry Bones

“Mario” Series (1983-)
Nintendo’s friendly Italian plumber has been through a lot on each of his many quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser, but no obstacle has been more resilient than these skeletal Koopas. Unlike almost everything else in the series, Mario’s jump is powerless to stop them, as after just a few short seconds, their bones are put back together, and they’re right back to pick off your last life. The varied power-ups are definitely one way to keep them down for good, but get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and there’s not much you can do to rid yourself of the pesky undead.

#8: Deathclaws

“Fallout” Series (1997-)
One of the deadliest enemies of Fallout’s post-apocalyptic landscape definitely lives up to its name. The blindingly fast, lethal predators are total bullet sponges and aggressively charge at you to provide their iconic, lethal, and terrifying decapitation kills. Even the low level variants have a ton of health, which makes them dangerous at any point in the game, and much more likely to get you before you get them. You’d better find yourself some reliable power armor if you’re planning on hunting some Deathclaws.

#7: Crimson Heads

“Resident Evil” (2002)
Defying everything we’ve come to expect from zombies, Capcom’s remake of their first entry of the Resident Evil franchise introduces these high powered and aggressive walking corpses. They’re quick, they can drain your health in just two hits, and no matter what gun you’re using, they practically never die. Throw that all together with narrow hallways, locked doors, and limited ammo and you’ve got a recipe for one of the most sadistically designed enemies in the series. We’d suggest aiming for the head, but even that doesn’t seem to matter all that much.

#6: Malboro

“Final Fantasy” Series (1987-)
It’s always hard to know just how difficult something will be to kill until you finally come face to face, but even before we’re past the loading screen in each new entry of this long running series, we never look forward to our first encounter with this disgusting mess of a monster. Regardless of how overpowered your party might be, every fresh fight starts off with some Bad Breath, a roll of the dice to see what combination of status ailments you’re plagued with, and if you get unlucky that’s basically it: Game Over. If you’re ever in an area with a lot of these things save early, and save often.

#5: Wobbuffet

“Pokémon” Series (1999-)

There’re a lot of Pokémon that look awesome but fail to deliver on all the flash - we’re looking at you Gyarados - but then there’s this unassuming, and frankly a little ugly, high HP tank that just soaks up damage and spits it back twice as hard. Any aspiring trainers are highly advised to avoid using your strongest moves, because unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to one hit KO it, you are guaranteed to be taking a Counter in return every single time.

#4: Big Daddy

“BioShock” (2007)
These armored behemoths have been a favorite of gamers since the inception of the series for their loyalty and great design. But admiration means nothing when we need to dispose of them to harvest their Little Sisters, and these guys are some tough customers. You can try to find some creative solutions, but the best option is to load up your strongest weapon and be patient because it takes bullet after bullet after bullet to finally send them off to the scrap heap, that is, if they don’t charge you down first. Your reward? Another one around the corner probably. Good luck.

#3: Tank

“Left 4 Dead” series (2008-09)
So you just finished a grueling journey, but you’re close to the safe house. You’re out of medkits, low on ammo, and Bill is dead again. Suddenly, the ground shakes and standing in your way is this monstrous, hulk-like infected. Seemingly always appearing at the worst possible times, the toughest enemy in Valve’s zombie shooter relentlessly comes after the party, throwing concrete and bodies all over the place. There’s no weak point, and no special trick. You just keep shooting in futility and hope that he doesn’t have his sights set on killing you with a single blow.

#2: Giant Crab

“Dark Souls III” (2016)
In one of the most difficult series of games ever made, there’s no shortage of iconic, creepy, and well-designed difficult enemies. Standing out from all of those, though, is this giant enemy crab that comes seemingly out of nowhere to make your life miserable. The heavily armored crustacean not only is hell bent on smashing you to death with its huge claws, but there’s also no weak point to target and attack to inflict massive damage. Each encounter becomes a test of endurance where even a single mistimed dodge can cost you your hard earned souls.

#1: Regenerators

“Resident Evil 4” (2005)
Probably the most absorbent bullet sponges in all of gaming, no ammo feels truly wasted like the ones fired into this walking blue nightmare fuel. Healing quickly enough to make your knife and lower powered firearms useless, gamers are essentially forced to waste their precious grenades and shotgun shells, and even then each encounter still takes forever. The trick to killing these things is to use a thermal scope with your rifle to shoot the parasites within its chest, but sometimes one of the parasites can be hidden in it’s back, meaning you’ll also have to get around them which is easier said than done. Given the opportunity, do yourself a favor and take the easy way out. Avoid at all costs.