Top 10 Celebs Who Got Caught Cheating On Camera



Top 10 Celebs Who Got Caught Cheating On Camera

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Trouble in paradise? You'd better believe it. For this list, we're looking for instances in which celebrity infidelity was made public via paparazzi, social media and/or photo leaks. We've included stars like Robin Thicke, Hugh Grant and Tristan Thompson. Join WatchMojo as we count down the stars who were caught cheating on camera.

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Script written by Ricky Manson

Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Caught Cheating On Camera

Trouble in paradise? You’d better believe it. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrities who got caught cheating on camera.

For this list, we’re looking for instances in which celebrity infidelity was made public via paparazzi, social media and/or photo leaks.

#10: Robin Thicke

2013 was not a kind year to Robin Thicke; from his lyrically problematic hit “Blurred Lines” to his contentious performance with Miley Cyrus at the 2013 Video Music Awards, the American soul singer got himself into all kinds of deep doo-doo. But it was a photograph of Thicke with socialite Lana Scolaro at the after-party that did the most damage, with a mirror behind him revealing just how close the two were really getting. Thicke’s wife of eight years Paula Patton filed for divorce a year later and ultimately filed a restraining order in 2017 amid accusations he was physically and emotionally abusive.

#9: Hugh Grant

A moment of “insanity” is how the “Notting Hill” actor later described that night on Sunset Strip, in which he was arrested by the LAPD along with the prostitute he was caught with, Divine Brown. While no photos were taken of the actual incident, that didn’t stop the “Bridget Jones” star’s resulting mug-shots from being plastered all over the news, or Brown from selling her story of the encounter to the press. Despite his indiscretion, his on-air apology seemed to be enough for long-term girlfriend and fellow English actress Liz Hurley to work through it with the heartthrob, at least for a time. Their relationship would officially end in 2000.

#8: Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian’s basketball boyfriend has proven himself to be quite a player, and unfortunately we’re not talking about on the court. Thompson got himself in hot water when video leaked in 2018 showing the Cleveland Cavalier in a hookah lounge outside of D.C. getting more than cosy with two women - making out with one and motorboating the other. The proverbial icing on the cake? This all came out whilst Khloe was expecting the birth of their daughter, and while the video was months old, the event nonetheless took place while she was pregnant. Unfortunately, this does not appear to have been an isolated incident of infidelity either.

#7: Ryan Phillippe

Philippe starred alongside fiancee and future wife Reese Witherspoon in 1999’s “Cruel Intentions” and married her that same year, but their seemingly picture-perfect marriage was complicated when he started to get closer to his “Stop-Loss” co-star Abbie Cornish. The pair were caught having dinner together in a Texas restaurant despite erecting curtains around the table as an attempt at privacy, and again outside Philippe’s apartment together. Allegedly, Witherspoon also discovered intimate messages to and from Cornish on his phone. Regardless of the allegations’ legitimacy, after seven years of marriage and two children, Reese called it quits with Ryan and went on to marry talent agent Jim Toth, whilst Ryan and Abbie’s love affair soon fizzled out.

#6: The-Dream

Terius Nash, the producer/rapper known professionally as The-Dream, married Christina Milian in early 2009 after conceiving a child with the actress/singer. The marriage was anything but a dream however, as Nash announced his separation from Milian about ten months later after photos leaked of him and his “assistant” getting physical on a Caribbean beach. The pair were photographed groping and splashing, with one instance of Nash getting her in a playful headlock. It seems to be for the best, as Milian has gone on record to describe her marriage to The Dream as “hell”. Sounds more like a nightmare…

#5: Jason Aldean

This country singer seemed to be living a life straight out of a love story; he married his high school sweetheart Jessica Ann Ussery and was raising two daughters with her. Then… he was photographed in a bar getting noticeably cosy with American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr in 2012. Kerr described the incident as a “lapse in judgement”, while Aldean seemed sincerely apologetic. Despite this, Aldean went on to leave Ussery and marry Kerr within three years’ time. Aldean and Kerr have been together ever since, even adding children to the mix.

#4: Katharine McPhee

Oh look! Another one! This American Idol runner-up transitioned into both singer and actress in the years since, and for a time she seemed to have it all. This was until she hit a rocky patch when she was photographed in Los Angeles in broad daylight kissing Michael Morris, who directed her in a handful of episodes of the short-lived NBC musical drama “Smash”. Morris was married at the time, as was McPhee, and though the smooch contributed to the end of McPhee’s six year marriage to manager Nick Cokas, she claims to have “no regrets” about the affair, whilst Morris and his wife are still together, seemingly having put the past behind them.

#3: Kevin Hart

This “Central Intelligence” star unfortunately has a long history of messing around behind the missus’ back. The comedian even incorporated his history of cheating on his first wife Torrei into his 2013 special “Let Me Explain”. But apparently him airing his dirty laundry in public wasn’t a sign of him changing his ways. He took infidelity to new heights four years later when he publicly admitted to cheating on his second wife Eniko Parrish whilst she was pregnant with his son. Hart acknowledged that his behaviour was “beyond irresponsible”, claiming that he was not perfect and remaining hopeful that Parrish would forgive him.

#2: LeAnn Rimes

A story so common in Tinsel-Town that it borders on cliché; actors LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian met on the set of their Lifetime TV movie ”Northern Lights” and immediately hit it off. Despite the two actors already having respective spouses, they were photographed having dinner together and the rumors did the rest. After extreme press coverage of the affair, both Cibrian and Rimes separated from their significant others and eventually tied the knot in 2011. Rimes is supposedly unfazed by Cibrian cheating during their marriage, nor does she seem to mind if he flirts with other women, as he reportedly did at Wendy Williams’ 50th birthday party. Well… they do both have a history.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few dishonourable mentions:

Scott Disick

Ashton Kutcher

Tim Burton

#1: Kristen Stewart

For better or worse, the Twilight movies gave pop culture and love-struck teenagers a lot of things; the main one being stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s on-and-off-screen relationship. The two had chemistry seemingly straight out of Stephenie Meyer’s books, but it proved to be unsalvageable after she was snapped in an embrace that was impossible to misread on the set of “Snow White & The Huntsman” with married director Rupert Sanders. Judging by the volume of angry online responses, fans seemed to take it the hardest. Stewart issued a heartfelt apology to Pattinson, but it was the end of their relationship.

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