Top 10 Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3



Top 10 Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3

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BAM! For this list, we'll be choosing the most memorable moments from RuPaul's Drag Race's third season. From the debut of Michelle Visage to the return of Shangela and Raja and Carmen Carrera's lip sync, MsMojo is counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3.

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Top 10 Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3

BAM! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments From Season 3 Of RuPaul’s Drag Race

For this list, we’ll be choosing the most memorable moments from “Drag Race”’s third season. This won’t include anything from “Untucked” though, because those deserve separate list. A word of warning for those who haven’t seen this season yet: you’re now entering spoiler territory!

#10: The Debut of Michelle Visage

"Casting Extravaganza"

It’s hard to imagine “Drag Race” without RuPaul’s BFF sitting by her side on the judging panel. But it’s true - the first two seasons of the show were criminally Michelle Visage-less, with TV personality, Merle Ginsberg filling the spot instead. Although Michelle was eager to be part of her old friend’s new project from day one, her contractual commitment to a radio station initially prevented her from taking Ru up on his offer. Michelle’s frank critiques and pointed looks quickly made her a key part of the show when she joined in season three. In true “Drag Race” style, the question of “Whatever ha-happened to Merle Ginsberg?” was spoofed in a later season.

#9: The ‘Ru Ha Ha’ Challenge

“Ru Ha Ha”

Season three featured the first stand-up comedy episode - a challenge that has become a “Drag Race” mainstay. Like the “Snatch Game,” this difficult assignment separates the girls from the women, which comedy favorite Delta Work found out the awkward way. Yara Sofia went politically incorrect with her routine while Raja took inspiration from an unlikely place: ‘70s horror classic, “Carrie.” It actually worked well: And though the judges complained that Alexis Mateo relied too much on her huge pair of, uh, props, her energy had us chuckling the whole way through. To everyone’s surprise, Shangela’s “post-modern pimp-ho” turned out to be the dark horse of the episode, finally proving the future “All Star”’s potential.

#8: The Creative Runway Looks

Various Episodes

“Drag Race” ups its fashion game every season with contestants getting more daring and creative as the years go by. Season three gave us a juicy taste of things to come with some real stand-out moments, like Carmen Carrera’s skimpy Christmas couture and Alexis’ elegant military gown. We couldn’t get enough of Yara’s looks, either. Week after week, she served hand-crafted outfits that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a sci-fi movie, especially her signature, sculptural hair creations - or “pop-it-ons” as she calls them. Then there’s the Queen of Quirk: Manilla Luzon. Who else could look at bumblebees, pineapples [and Big Bird from “Sesame Street” and think: “hey, wouldn’t that make a great dress?”

#7: A Mixed ‘Snatch Game’ Bag

“The Snatch Game”

“Snatch Game” brings out the best and worst in contestants and Season 3 - only the second “Snatch Game” in “Drag Race” herstory - had both in equal measure. Manila’s hammy Imelda Marcos was labelled as “racist” by some of the other queenswhile Delta proved that she ain’t no Chad Michaels with her flat Cher impersonation. Raja’s crazed version of Tyra Banks earned a few laughs from Ru but she relied heavily on repeating the same gags. Yara Sofia as Amy Winehouse, though? So bad yet so good. Alexis’ bicurious Alicia Keys was hilarious, but the undisputed winner was Stacy Layne Matthews, who came through to deliver a show-stealing Mo’Nique.

#6: The Return of Shangela

“The Queen Who Mopped Xmas”

Hallelo, she’s back! In Season three, Shangela became the first queen to return to the competition in back-to-back seasons. Her debut in Season two was a total flop, with the House of Edwards’ daughter sent home after just the first episode. But, Ru clearly saw that Shangela had more to give, because in the second episode of the third season, she smuggled the queen back into the Werkroom in a giant box and had her pop out as the secret 13th contestant. The other queens weren’t exactly thrilled but Shangela was grateful for the rare second chance. She scooped up three challenge wins and was invited back for a third time for “All Stars 3.”

#5: Raja & Carmen Carrera’s Sexy Lip Sync

“Jocks in Frocks”

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to hear that “shantay you stay” from Ru. In episode 12, “Jocks In Frocks,” the queens were tasked with transforming straight, macho guys into their drag sisters and perform safe sex-themed cheer routines with them on the main stage. As if this wasn’t hard enough, the previously eliminated Carmen Carrera was brought back to the competition. Carmen’s time turned out to be short-lived as she found herself in the bottom two with Raja. Desperate to stay, the friendly rivals ramped up the sex appeal during their lip sync performance of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.” Raja was saved by Ru and Carmen sashayed away… again.

#4: The First Ever Non-Elimination

“Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Style”

Though we’ve gotten more used to non-eliminations in “Drag Race” these days, we’ll never forget the shock of the very first one. In Season three’s ninth episode, the remaining girls created patriotic videos to send to overseas U.S troops - the more heartfelt the better. Carmen landed in the bottom for her lack of energy while Yara joined her for the exact opposite reason. For the lip sync, the pair had to perform a Spanish language version of “Mickey,” and pulled out all the tricks they could. Yara’s swimsuit reveal saluted her Puerto Rican heritage while Carmen let her lips do the talking. At first, it looked like Yara was going home, and then…

#3: Raja’s Runway Looks

Various Episodes

We stan a fashion queen! Raja was arguably the first queen in “Drag Race” herstory to make the main stage runway really feel like, well… a runway. From the moment she stepped into the Werkroom in her weird yet glamorous cyclops hat, we knew we were in for a fashionable season. Despite some strong competition, Raja continued to up her game week after week, pulling out looks that could have come straight from the pages of Vogue … or, National Geographic. Her crowning achievement was her Marie Antoinette-inspired outfit: a powdered face, towering wig and corset, modernized with a pair of patterned leggings. Though others have imitated it since, nothing beats the original.

#2: Manila Luzon’s ‘MacArthur Park’ Lip Sync

“Ru Ha Ha”

A lip sync between rivals is always fun to watch, but there’s nothing quite as dramatic as a lip sync between best friends. After the stand-up comedy challenge in episode eight, Delta and Manila fell into the bottom two because of Delta’s hesitancy in her performance, and Manila for not having enough original jokes. The pair had to lip sync to a Donna Summer disco classic, “MacArthur Park,” and as the song reached its peak, so did Manila - pulling out every over-exaggerated facial movement she could to emphasize the melodrama of the song. Poor Delta had nothing to come back with while Manila kept her spot in the show became a lip sync legend.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Power Of ‘F**k You’

“Grand Finale”

Heathers vs. Boogers

“Face, Face, Face of Cakes”

Alexis Mateo & Yara Sofia’s Epic Friendship

Various Episodes

#1: Mimi Imfurst Lifts India Ferrah

“Totally Leotarded”

Mimi Imfurst’s big personality caused constant friction during her time on season three, and ultimately, she left the show in a similarly big way. In “Totally Leotarded,” Mimi found herself lip syncing for her life against India Ferrah. ] Both queens seemed pretty desperate to stay in the competition, so when India got off the stage to get closer to the judges, Mimi followed her. What happened next snatched us bald: India was understandably furious with her competitor, as was Ru: And a tearful Mimi was sent home. In the “Reunited” episode, she explained that lifting audience members is common at her own shows, but Ru maintained that her recklessness just didn’t belong on “Drag Race.”