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Top 10 Most Emotional Futurama Moments

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Trevor J Fonvergne
Sad news, everyone. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Emotional “Futurama” Moments. For this list, we’re looking at moments from “Futurama” that were emotional, be they happy, sad, sweet, or any combination.

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Sad news, everyone. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Emotional “Futurama” Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at moments from “Futurama” that were emotional, be they happy, sad, sweet, or any combination.

#10: Fry’s Mom’s Dream “Game of Tones”

When Fry gets to revisit his last day before being frozen, he is overjoyed to see his family again. He becomes despondent once he has to leave and speak with an alien ship, which turns out to be Nibbler’s friend searching for his long-lost spaceship. In the final moments of the episode, Fry thinks he’s having a dream about his mother, but Nibbler appears to reveal that he’s placed him inside of his mom’s dream as a reward for helping his friend. After deciding that there’s too much that he wants to say to his mom, he simply and meaningfully hugs her, and she awakens with a smile.

#9: Marianne “Stench and Stenchibility”

Zoidberg, the resident sad sack of the Planet Express delivery crew, miraculously managed to find love with flower girl Marianne. Unfortunately, she was born without the sense of smell, which Zoidberg believes is how she’s able to love him. Even so, he selflessly decides to give her surgery to allow her to smell, even though she’ll be able to smell his odor. However, when she is able to smell, she discovers that she hates the smell of flowers, but loves the stench of Zoidberg. After all he’s endured, he deserves to be sent off in the second-to-last episode with a character voiced by the Queen of Dragons herself.

#8: Fry Moves the Stars “Time Keeps on Slippin’”

The Planet Express crew has to deal with the repercussions of their actions after they harvest powerful chronitons, causing time to jump forward repeatedly and unexpectedly. This proposes an intriguing mystery when time jumps forward to Fry and Leela’s wedding. Fry ponders what he possibly could have done to get her to finally love him. Just when he thinks he’ll never know what he did, he notices something spectacular: a group of stars arranged to say “I love you, Leela.” Just as he notices it, though, the stars are sucked up into a black hole. Although this gesture wasn’t impactful, it gave us a preview of the wonderfully romantic moments we were in for.

#7: Hermes Saves Baby Bender “Lethal Inspection”

Bender is distraught when he learns of his mortality due to an error in his infancy by Inspector No. 5. True to form, he sets off on a quest of revenge. Alongside Hermes, they discover that the mystery is a bit more complicated than they had anticipated. When the truth eludes Bender, Hermes comforts him and Bender comes to the realization that mortality only makes life more precious. As if that wasn’t enough of an emotional center, the final scene reveals that Hermes himself was Inspector No. 5. Though he was meant to discard baby Bender, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It’s an unusual but sweetly effective pairing of characters.

#6: Fry’s ‘Death’ “The Sting”

In what may be one of the most surprising moments in the series, Fry jumps in front of the stinger of a giant bee in order to save Leela. The resulting episode is one of the series’ most emotionally potent, as Leela guiltily mourns her late friend, coping by eating space honey. This honey causes Leela to hallucinate visions of Fry, convinced that he’s still alive. Fry implores Leela to “wake up” in all of these visions, which confuses Leela, until the ending reveals the whole episode was just a dream induced by the bee sting. Fry is alive and well, and the two have a loving, but smelly reunion.

#5: Leela Forgives Fry “The Late Philip J. Fry”

When Fry is about to go on a date with Leela, Farnsworth insists that he help him test his new future-only time machine. Of course, this all goes awry as they, along with Bender, are catapulted far into the future. As the trio searches for a way home, Leela continues to live her life, but ultimately discovers that Fry didn’t actually stand her up. Realizing that he’s trapped in the future, she leaves a simple but poignant message for him in stalagmites. Fry is eventually able to right his wrong and meet Leela for their date, and this is one of those moments that proves that not even time and space can keep them apart.

#4: Leela’s Origin “Leela’s Homeworld”

For the first three seasons, Leela believed herself to be an alien abandoned by her parents on earth. However, early in Season 4, a chase through the sewers of New New York unearthed a mystery involving two mysterious mutants who had been following Leela her whole life. When she confronts them, she discovers that the couple is really her parents, who faked her abandonment so she wouldn’t have to live with the mutants in the sewers. Even willing to let themselves die with their secret, they had been watching over her since birth, and she’s overjoyed to learn that she isn’t alone on earth.

#3: Fry & Leela Go Around Again “Meanwhile”

In the series finale, Farnsworth creates yet another ludicrous invention and of course, Fry steals the invention for his proposal to Leela and everything goes horribly wrong. After Leela manages to save Fry from dying a final time, the invention is destroyed and the two of them are trapped in a world frozen in time. In their own personal world, they put together an impromptu wedding and live their lives in an extended honeymoon, exploring the world. In their old age, Farnsworth returns via a time loophole to return them to their original state. They agree to live their lives together once again, ending the series on a beautiful and sentimental note.

#2: Fry’s Nephew “The Luck of the Fryrish”

Fry’s brother, Yancy, was always jealous of the luck he got from his seven-leaf clover. When Fry discovers that another Philip J. Fry had, with the luck of his clover, been the first man on Mars, he believes Yancy stole his name, clover, and aspirations. In a fit of anger, he digs up the grave of Philip J. Fry, only for the episode to deliver a twist ending. As it turns out, Yancy named his son Philip in honor of his brother. Fry tears up when he realizes that his nephew carried on his legacy and delivered on his dreams, and Simple Minds takes it home with an emotional ending.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

Fry Sacrifices Himself

“Love and Rocket”

Farnsworth’s Parents

“Near-Death Wish”

Fry’s Holophonor Opera

“The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings”

#1: Seymour Waits for Fry “Jurassic Bark”

When Fry was frozen in 1999, he left behind Seymour, a stray dog outside his place of work that he’d grown close to. In the future, he locates a fossilized version of his canine friend, ready to clone him so they can be together again. But upon learning that Seymour lived twelve more years after he was frozen, Fry decides to let him be, since he assumes he lived a fulfilled life after his disappearance. The downright heart-breaking final scene reveals that Seymour spent the rest of his life waiting for Fry to return, even though he never did. It’s an absolute gut punch of an ending that we’ve still never gotten over.


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