Top 10 Most Epic Just Cause 4 Moments

VOICE OVER: Dave Thibault WRITTEN BY: Dave Thibault
Just Cause 4 is here, and we got our hands on an early copy care of Square Enix. So far we've had a lot of fun playing the game, and here are the best and most epic moments from our full game play through.
Most EPIC Just Cause 4 Moments You Must Try

Note: Some of these entries work better with minimal narration, and to just let the moments speak for themselves. Which if why some of them have very little writing

Why do you need to send cars flying? Or create massive explosions with just some wires and balloons? ... It’s Art! … What? Were you expecting me to say something else? Welcome to MojoPlays and today I’d like to show off my 10 Most EPIC moments in Just Cause 4 that you need to try for yourself!

So I’m going to show you some of the most badass moments that I’ve had, during my time with an early copy of Just Cause 4, that was provided by Square Enix.

#10. Hot Air Humvee

Just Cause 4’s most fun new feature is the ability to attach Fulton Balloon’s on pretty much anything, and use them to chaotic effect. Metal Gear Solid V: Eat your heart out. So naturally there’s one question I had to answer the question: Can you use them to fly? Well after quite a bit, (Show one fail) … well … more than a bit (another fail) … Ok Quite a lot of trial and error actually. I finally got a Humvee to fly around the map thanks to an added booster. Of course with this success, the next logical step was obvious. (Show flying tank) THE A-TEAM; EAT YOUR HEART OUT TOO!!!!

#9. Barrel Launcher Backfire

Another major new feature in Just Cause 4 is the “snap retractor” mod, which essentially allows you to slingshot smaller objects or enemies over great distances. At the height of one chaotic battle however, I found a stash of explosive barrels lying around and thought: Hey I could make a Barrel Launcher. Let’s just say; I forgot to take weight difference into account. Because instead of sending an explosive barrel flying into an enemy’s face, this happened: (Show’s enemy flying into explosive barrels causing them to fly everywhere) Hey beauty comes from failure sometimes.

#8. Rocket Fuel Tanks

In 1937: Issue 38 of “Astronautics” famously said: "A good rule for rocket experimenters to follow is this: always assume that it will explode." And hey, in Just Cause 4, you can live out that experimentation all you want knowing that end result. By using a combination of tethers, balloons, rocket booster or all 3; you can turn conveniently lying Fuel tanks into your own little NASA playground. Be it using the tankers as a missile, or sending the tanks into orbit, the possibilities are endless.

#7. Don’t Bunch Up Under a Helicopter

Any Just Cause player should know; that the best way to dispose of Attack Helicopters is to bring them down with tethers. But some soldiers clearly did not get that memo, and as they’ll find out: Standing together while underneath an Attack Helicopter a serious occupational health and safety violation in the Just Cause universe! Case and point: (Use tether to bring down helicopter on squad) Safety isn’t in numbers lads.

#6. Flying Ballet

As mentioned, earlier: attaching balloons to objects is incredibly fun in Just Cause 4. You can attach Balloons to Vehicles, to squads of enemies, or attach enemies and vehicles together but … Ehh that’s not good enough! Think! What would make this Balloons truly magical? Oh I know! (Shows a herd of cows flying in the air in harmony, one with a rocket booster) I’d like to call the following masterpiece: "L'agonie majestueuse des vaches". Let this be a beautiful tribute to our immature 13 year old minds.

#5. Surviving … This!

(Show’s Rico hanging under a helicopter, which crashes in an explosive fireball. Rico then ends up in the flaming canopy as it slides down a hill, when it stops. He just walks out) … Ehh! I’ve been through worse!

#4. Frying Pan carnage

If players head to the small town of “Don Hector” in the “Abundancia” region; they can find this brand new melee weapon on one of the balconies. While the frying pan may not add much to your melee attacks, it’s pretty fun to go around and bash an army of hundreds of soldiers in the face. Oh and it protects you from bullets too. Hmm: A ludicrous weapon … used in a battlefield against hundreds of others, what could that be a reference too? … Must be part of a popular trend … Oh of course: 1993’s “Alone in the Dark II“ Man, I’m so glad I didn’t claim another game used frying pans as weapons first.

#3. Creating Lightning Storms

The “DA 9.3 Lightning Gun”, is an incredible yet dangerous weapon to use, as it has a secondary fire mode that sends out a chemical that creates miniature lightning storms. So when is the most logical moment to use this weapon? During a Tornado Event of course! Because why settle for just one deadly force of Mother Nature, when you can have two going on at the same time? “We gotta push this game’s epicness quota somehow.” Avalance Studios that better be a future Garland quote.

#2. Flinging Enemies Into a Tornado

As I mentioned earlier, the snap retractor mod allows you to send enemies flying with spectacular fashion. However it wasn’t until the major mission with a Tornado in the heart of a city, that I found it’s most satisfying use. And hey when you don’t want to waste bullets, why not be more merciful and let gravity and gale force winds take over. (Starts flinging enemies) Bye bye! (Another) Have a nice trip (Another) Mind the wind (Another) Totally doing a grapple only run in New Game+ (Another) Hey at least it’s more natural than being shot.

#1. Wingsuit Tornado Slingshot

There is a reason why the Tornado is front and center of all of Just Cause 4’s marketing material: It’s an incredible display of processing power with the amount of devastation it causes, and it creates an amazing gameplay modifier that prove to be very beneficial. So … You may be wondering: what happens when you fly into a Tornado with a wingsuit? Something incredibly gnarly man! The added upward wind pressure causes Rico to slingshot around the Tornado while gaining altitude at an insane pace. Plus Rico picks up so much speed that he starts emitting visible wing tip vortices. Would we do this in real life? HELL NO! Is it scientifically accurate? Not in the slightest! Is it fun to do in the game? OH HELL YEAH!