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Top 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Caught on Camera

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp

Sometimes, being famous might not be so great after all. For this list, we’ll be looking at awkward and uncomfortable situations involving high-profile public figures that were caught on camera for all the world to see. From Justin Bieber puking onstage, to Seinfeld refusing to hug Kesha, these awkward moments are hard to watch. WatchMojo is counting down the most embarrassing celebrity moments caught on camera.

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Script written by Nathan Sharp

Top 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Caught on Camera

Sometimes, being famous might not be so great after all. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 embarrassing celebrity moments caught on camera.

For this list, we’ll be looking at awkward and uncomfortable situations involving high-profile public figures that were caught on camera for all the world to see. We’re excluding people who only became famous BECAUSE of an embarrassing viral video, and situations that involve controversial or shameful tirades.

#10: Bieber Pukes Onstage

We mean, good for him for soldiering on! While performing the first show of his world tour in Arizona, Bieber stopped and turned midway through Out of Town Girl. Before audiences could wonder if he was mooning them, Bieber puked and ran offstage, leaving his dancers to awkwardly frolic around a puddle of vomit. Now that’s what we call professional. Not wanting to disappoint his fans, Bieber gamely returned and blamed his sickness on having too much milk before the concert. Throwing up in public is embarrassing enough. Throwing up in front of 20,000 people who are avidly watching is probably wanting-to-die uncomfortable.

#9: 50 Cent’s Awful First Pitch

There have been some doozy first pitches throughout the years, but none are as bad as 50 Cent’s. On the fateful day of May 27, 2014, the rapper threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Mets game, only he unleashed a ball that was about fifty feet off the plate and nearly hit the cameramen. While Fiddy had a smile on his face, he was surprised to learn just how mocked the infamous pitch became, as it was aired on all the major sports networks and even made into a baseball card. We know throwing a baseball over the plate is much harder than it looks, but this is just hilariously awful.

#8: Fergie Pees Herself Onstage

If there’s one thing that this and the Bieber video teach us, it’s that the show must go on. While performing with The Black Eyed Peas, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed a wet spot near Fergie’s crotch. Naturally, photos were taken and published, and Fergie’s face was probably beet red when she saw the headlines. In a later interview with Hot 97, Fergie explained that the band was stuck in traffic on the way to the gig and she was unable to go to the bathroom before being rushed to the stage. According to her, it was “the most unattractive moment of [her] life” - and, we imagine, easily one of the most embarrassing.

#7: Bow Wow Is Caught Flying Coach

We suppose this is what happens when you try a little too desperately to stay relevant. In May 2017, Bow Wow posted a photo of a private plane to Instagram, implying that he was travelling in luxury. Later that same day, a passenger snapchatted Bow Wow on a commercial flight, and Instagram users discovered that the private jet picture was a stock photo that Bow Wow had thrown a filter on. This in turn started the #bowwowchallenge, where people posted pictures online contrasting a glamorous photo with the harsh reality. Being caught in a lie is embarrassing enough. Being caught lying about your seemingly flashy lifestyle and becoming a meme is something else entirely.

#6: Seinfeld Refuses to Hug Kesha

Clearly Seinfeld was not a fan of Tik Tok. While attending the David Lynch Foundation’s “A Night of Laughter and Song,” Kesha approached Seinfeld when he was in the middle of an interview. That was her first mistake. She then told him she was a huge fan and asked for a hug, which Seinfeld denied not once, but thrice. The comedian even recoiled and stepped away, causing her to beat a hasty retreat. His admission to reporters that he didn’t know who she was inadvertently rubbed even more salt into the wound. This is prime cringe material right here, and we can’t help but feel bad for Kesha. Then again, who DOES hug complete strangers?

#5: David Hasselhoff Is Plastered

We still can’t decide whether this video is hilarious or soul-crushingly sad. In one of the earliest viral videos, The Hoff was filmed lying drunk on the floor while chowing down on a cheeseburger. The video was filmed by his own daughter, who can be heard telling him that he’ll be fired if alcohol is found in his system. It definitely wasn’t the Baywatch star’s greatest moment, and he later stated that the video was made so he could witness his own drunken behavior. Despite his obvious issues, the video was widely parodied, and Hasselhoff’s visitation rights with his daughters were briefly rebuked.

#4: Steve Harvey Calls the Wrong Winner

It’s now the stuff of TV legend, and every bit as cringy now as it was back in 2015. While hosting the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, Steve Harvey made the blunder of a lifetime when he declared Miss Colombia the winner. As contestant Ariadna Gutiérrez wept tears of joy, relishing the moment, a shell-shocked Harvey shambled back onstage to declare that he had misread the card and that Miss Philippines was the actual winner. It was a humiliating mistake for Steve, who not only embarrassed himself, but also crushed the dreams of someone mid-celebration. This still hurts to watch.

#3: Mariah Carey’s Awful New Year’s Eve Performance

Mistakes happen in live music all the time. For some, the show must go on; but for Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve 2016, it was just the opposite. When there was a problem with her in-ear monitors, Mariah gave up, talking through her song "We Belong Together", while her dancers gamely carried on. The best part was when she spoke right through her pre-recorded whistle notes, a moment that perfectly epitomizes this monumental disaster. Things only got even worse when Mariah’s team claimed that the producers had intentionally sabotaged the performance to make her look bad. At least own the failure!

#2: Ashlee Simpson Crashes and Burns

As embarrassing as Mariah Carey’s performance was, nothing will ever compare to the infamous Ashlee Simpson fiasco. After performing “Pieces of Me” on “SNL,” Simpson was set to perform “Autobiography”, when the vocal track for “Pieces of Me” played instead. Fully aware that she was caught lip-syncing, Simpson could do nothing but awkwardly dance her way offstage. She later claimed she’d lost her voice due to acid reflux disease. The media viciously attacked her, Lorne Michaels condemned the lip-syncing, and Simpson became the butt of numerous jokes and parodies in the coming years. Those watching live witnessed the destruction of a career right in front of their eyes.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: The Janet Jackson Super Bowl Fiasco

It’s perhaps the most infamous event in live television history. As Janet Jackson performed with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl XXXVIII, Justin exposed her breast to a live audience of millions. Janet claimed the stunt was supposed to reveal only her bra, but audiences remained sceptical. Either way, the incident, nicknamed Nipplegate, triggered a massive backlash, with Janet’s music blacklisted from radio stations. She told USA Today it was “truly embarrassing” for her to know that millions saw her breast, both live and up close online. Now, no matter what she does, she’s the celebrity who flashed the Super Bowl. On the upside, it also inspired the creation of YouTube . . . so hats off to Janet, and the breast that shook America!

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