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Top 10 Destiny 2 Easter Eggs

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
As any seasoned Guardian will tell you, Destiny 2 is chock-full of secret things and hidden easter eggs! We went out into the Solar System and found 10 of these for ya! Enjoy #Destiny2 #Destiny2Forsaken #Bungie

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Top 10 Destiny 2 Easter Eggs

Some hidden things are meant to be found. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 “Destiny 2” Easter eggs.

For this list, we’re looking at some of coolest hidden references in Bungie’s “Destiny 2”, be they to the previous game, the fan community, or just pop culture at large.

#10: The Floor is Lava

It’s a game that requires absolutely nothing except your imagination and can be played literally anywhere at any time – including inside another game. As a nod to the childhood classic, Bungie included a fun “floor is lava” minigame. It’s started by going over to a certain pile of objects in the Tower and activating the “do not pick me up” prompt. This will cause you to take damage if you touch the floor. You’ll then have to platform towards a randomly-spawning blue checkpoint; for your trouble, you get a couple of cool traversal boosts.

#9: Ikora’s Balcony

Speaking of the traversal boosts you get from “The Floor is Lava,” you’re definitely going to need them for this next one. With “Quickness” enabled, if you go over to the Bazaar and past the stairs that lead to Hawthorne’s perch, you’ll be able to see an unassuming little balcony. If you jump up there, you’ll see a very modest desk with a few ancient looking books and scrolls that you’ll be able to investigate. When you do that, Ghost will inform you that these belong to none other than the Warlock Vanguard Ikora herself! It turns out this is where she lives when she’s not just standing over at the Bazaar.

#8: Show Off Your Ship At The Tower

For a game that gives so many opportunities for customization, isn’t it a bit weird that you get see your ship only in the director and the loading screens? Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. If you head on over to the Hangar, past the part where you can play soccer, you’ll see some nets and a very large gate. There should be a console nearby and if you activate it, you’ll summon your ship for all your fireteam (and everyone else, really) to see! Finally, something else for us to try and jump on top off!

#7: Daito Room

Bungie is known for including subtle hints for future content and expansions in “Destiny” so when fans discovered a secret Daito room in the Tower, people couldn’t help but get excited. Daito is a weapons manufacturer that exists rather enigmatically within the game lore, with nobody yet sure of their exact role. A room adorned with their logo and paraphernalia, found after doing some complicated platforming, has led many players to hope that Daito might show up as an entirely new faction. While this is certainly a believable theory, there are others who suggest that the room will become home to a new gunsmith.

#6: Mega Traveler Ball

There’s any number of secret things to discover in the Tower, but the giant Traveler Ball is one of the most cryptic. To activate this Easter egg, you have to take a regular-sized traveler ball to a handful of specific locations. Every time you go to the right place, the color will change, indicating you’re in the right area. Once you successfully find and visit all the locations, a gigantic traveler ball will descend from the sky and float, just itching to be kicked off the side of the building. Though, you might ruin your own fun a bit prematurely if you punt it off right away.

#5: Watermelon Shader

Not all developers welcome their fan communities as warmly as Bungie, to the extent of throwing in casual references to fan works. This care and respect for their fanbase is most evident through “Destiny 2’s” watermelon shader, a cosmetic shader for your character so you can be the colors of a watermelon. This is a reference to “Exotic Watermelon”, an online fan comic about a Guardian called Watermelon who wears those same colors. It’s pretty awesome of them to support a fan work to the point of including it in their sequel.

#4: Secret Farm Boosts

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Tower is the location of all the fun references to find in “Destiny 2”; the Farm is just as fertile for hidden side-activities, like this strange obstacle course you can trigger. Starting on the waterwheel, you’ll have to progress through a series of tricky – but not impossible – platforming challenges. Over the course of these challenges, you get boosts to speed and jumping, which enable you to complete more advanced challenges, until you get a boost and a glow effect added to your character for as long as you stay on the Farm.

#3: Titan Sea Monsters

There’s a number of different planets and areas Guardians can explore when they go on patrol, hunting for rare loot and opportunities to gain XP. But if you’re just looking for something cool to see to pass the time, you might want to head to Titan and aim your sights at the moon’s vast methane oceans. If you do this, there’s a high chance you’ll catch a glimpse of something not of this world: specifically, sea monsters straight out of Greek mythology rising out of the water. While you can’t fight and kill these beasts, unfortunately, they’re certainly a sight to behold.

#2: Days Since Last Accident

We all know that the Tower is a big place and, while it’s easy to get lost in all its secret-filled nooks and crannies, it’s even easier to accidentally jump off to your untimely death. Or even jump off to your death on purpose, if you feel like it. As a fun nod to this habit players have, if you venture down to the part of the Tower where Cayde used to hang out - R.I.P - you’ll find a large safety sign reading “days since last accident,” with a number showing how long it’s been since someone last felt the urge to plummet to their doom.

#1: Sweeper Bot Lives

One of the most memorable and beloved characters in the first “Destiny” was, bizarrely, the lonely sweeper bot who spends his time dutifully cleaning up rubble. Following a warm fan response to this random NPC, sweeper bot made a triumphant return in “Destiny 2’s” very first mission. When you travel through the under-siege Tower attempting to find the Speaker right at the outset, you stumble across this guy once again, still trying in vain to clean up everybody else’s mess. There’s something strangely comforting about sweeper bot being such a staple in the franchise.

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