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Top 10 Project Runway Winners: Where Are They Now?

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
So, are these winners world class fashion designers or what? For this list, we’ll be looking at past “Project Runway” winners and seeing what they’ve been up to as of 2018. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Project Runway Winners: Where Are They Now?

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Top 10 Project Runway Winners: Where Are They Now?

So, are these winners world class fashion designers or what? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten “Project Runway” winners – where are they now?

For this list, we’ll be looking at past “Project Runway” winners and seeing what they’ve been up to as of 2018.

#10: Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly was declared the winner of “Project Runway’s” thirteenth season, beating out third place finisher Kini Zamora and runner-up Amanda Valentine. After winning the competition, the New Zealand-born designer moved to New York City and now runs his own studio, fittingly named Sean Kelly Studios. His website shows various collections, including “Series One: Man”, “Series Two: Sleep” and his Spring/Summer 2016 line. He also works as a freelance designer for a major retailer, spreading his brand and reputation throughout the fashion industry.

#9: Kentaro Kameyama

A multi-talented man, Kentaro Kameyama showed off his “expertly-tailored clothing” and musical compositions throughout season 16, but it was certainly an uphill battle. Despite finding himself at the bottom on three separate occasions, Kameyama managed to pull off a surprising win over Ayana. Kameyama now lives in Hollywood and works as the chair of fashion design at Los Angeles’ FCI Fashion School. He also continues to design, even debuting his spring/summer line at Los Angeles Fashion Week in October 2018. Not bad for a designer who found themselves facing elimination on multiple occasions.

#8: Dom Streater

Dom Streater is a “Project Runway” veteran, having won both season 12 in 2013 and season 5 of “Project Runway All Stars” in 2016. Streater now works in Philadelphia and runs her eponymous label, which you can find at Here you can purchase numerous articles of clothing based on her artwork, including t-shirts, kimonos, and scarves (with the latter seeming to be a hot commodity, as they’re often sold out). She has also been featured in Marie Claire, designed exclusive clothing for Belk, and was named one of Nicole Miller’s Most Fashionable Women of Philadelphia.

#7: Erin Robertson

Erin Robertson has one of the most unique visions and aesthetics in “Project Runway” history, and she’s continued to stand out in her post-“Runway” career. We mean, just look at her website and all of those exuberant colors. She also embraces the bizarre and original, embellishing her work with odd accoutrements. In her own words, “A beautiful silk chiffon dress? I’ve seen it.” Her work has been featured in Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, and Forbes, and she has worked with the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston (where she resides). She also recently unveiled a line of clothing centered around ocean life, so, you should get on that if that’s your thing.

#6: Seth Aaron Henderson

Seth Aaron Henderson was the OG “Project Runway” veteran, as he was the first to win a regular season (season 7) and an All Star competition (season 3). As part of his win, he was given the chance to launch a collection on QVC, which can still be found on the website today. Seth also designs iPad cases and is known for his clothing created out of organic fabrics and recycled material. He recently collaborated with Feetz, a company based out of San Diego that creates 3D-printed shoes. Their designer shoe line launched at FashioNXTWeek and was included in Henderson’s SS 2018 collection.

#5: Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton made Project Runway history by being the first winner to use all plus-size models. It was a brave decision that led to much mainstream attention, and Tipton has continued in this direction since winning season 14 in 2015. She immediately entered the fashion industry by partnering with JCPenney, although she later launched her eponymous brand, which allowed her full creative control. In 2018, she launched a plus-size summer collection to much fanfare. Tipton’s clothing can be found at

#4: Irina Shabayeva

Known primarily for her knitwear and tailoring, Irina Shabayeva was declared the winner of season six back in 2009. Since winning the show, Shabayeva has designed ready-to-wear and couture collections and has designed clothing for numerous celebrities, including Madonna and Selena Gomez. She continues to design for an ever-growing celebrity clientele and runs her own bridal business. She also designs dresses, lingerie, coats, and gowns, all of which can be purchased from her website However, they come with quite the exorbitant price tag, so we hope you have a few thousand dollars laying around. Browser window shopping is thankfully free.

#3: Chloe Dao

Chloe Dao was declared the winner of season two back in March 2006, emerging victorious over runner-up Daniel Vosovic. Suffice it to say that she has had lots of time to build her career since, and build it she has. Her eponymous brand primarily designs evening and sportswear, although she does offer bridal gowns, and accessories. Dao also serves on various fashion advisory boards, hosts shopping events, and works with numerous charities, including the Salvation Army. Her work can be found on her website She also served as a judge on the first season of “Project Runway Vietnam,” proving that she hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

#2: Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall was the victor of season five, besting runner-up Korto Momolu for the win. After winning, she designed a maternity dress for host Heidi Klum and moved to New York City, where she resides to this day. She has become a notable figure in the fashion industry, as she makes annual appearances at New York Fashion Week to reveal her latest lines, and her work has been worn by numerous celebrities, including Ariana Grande, Julianne Hough, and Paula Abdul. She also launched her now-signature bridal line in 2011, which is found on her website and in over 50 international boutiques.

#1: Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano is arguably the most successful “Project Runway” contestant, at least in terms of repute. He became the show’s youngest winner after coming out victorious in season four in March of 2008. He launched his eponymous fashion line that same year, which was reported to have made $5 million in 2012. It celebrated its ten-year anniversary in February 2018. He is also known for his celebrity work, having designed dresses for various award shows, as well as the dress worn by Michelle Obama during her 2016 speech at the Democratic National Convention. In June 2013, Siriano was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America, signifying his complete fashion world dominance.

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