Top 10 Memorable Amy & Sheldon Moments



Top 10 Memorable Amy & Sheldon Moments

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Together, they're as sweet as 3.14. For this list, we'll be looking for those moments that show why there's simply no couple quite like Shamy. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top Best 10 Amy & Sheldon Moments on The Big Bang Theory.

Top 10 Best Amy & Sheldon Moments on The Big Bang Theory

Together, they’re as sweet as 3.14. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Amy & Sheldon Moments on The Big Bang Theory.

For this list, we’ll be looking for those moments that show why there’s simply no couple quite like Shamy.

#10: Sheldon Tries to Ruin Amy’s Christmas

“The Clean Room Infiltration”
Sheldon isn’t a fan of the holidays, and Christmas certainly brings out his inner grinch. He’s annoyed when Amy decides to throw a Victorian Christmas party and decides to seek revenge by finding Amy the perfect gift to make her miserable. He relays his plan to the mall Santa who responds that dating Sheldon may already be punishment enough. It comes as no surprise, that Sheldon fails to ruin Amy’s Christmas with his present; and then when Amy gives him a beautifully thoughtful gift, it makes his heart grow three sizes.

#9: Sheldon Makes Amy His Emergency Contact

“The Tangible Affection Proof”
We all know how Sheldon feels about Valentine’s Day, so nothing could be more romantic than Amy revealing that her present to him is canceling their Valentine’s Day plans, and even telling him he can return whatever he bought her. He’s so moved by this that he decides that the least he can do is give her a present. Amy could have had a number of perfect presents, but nothing quite beats being Sheldon’s emergency contact. That is, until she realizes what a tiresome role it actually is.

#8: Moving in Together

“The Cohabitation Experimentation”

After Amy’s apartment gets flooded, she and Sheldon embark on a cohabitation experiment. At first Amy isn’t sure she can make it through five weeks of Sheldon, but it’s not long until she’s lying about her apartment still not being ready just to prolong their time together. Despite initially being upset with Amy’s deception, he decides that he does want to live with her; and while change is always a struggle for Sheldon, Amy is just the right person to have by his side as he adjusts to this new situation.

#7: Building a Fort

“The Fortification Implementation”
Date night is ruined when Sheldon won’t stop pouting over being left out of an elite group of scientists invited to Richard Feynman’s former home. The couple bond over how it feels to always be an outsider and decide to turn the night around by building a fort just like the one Sheldon was excluded from as a kid. Sheldon really lights up when Amy enters Fort Cozy McBlanket, and this moment marks a big step in their relationship, as Sheldon decides to bend the rules and lets Amy stay over.

#6: Kissing on the Train

“The Locomotive Manipulation”

Amy organizes a special train-themed Valentine’s Day for Sheldon, and all she wants in return is to spend some quality time with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Sheldon ditches her for another train enthusiast he meets on board and he simply can’t understand why she is angry with him. Instead of apologizing for ruining her night, he gets annoyed with Amy’s need for romance; but the moment they lock lips, his anger fades away and he realizes that this night will be even better with Amy beside him.

#5: Getting Back Together

“The Earworm Reverberation”

After Amy and Sheldon’s break up, we couldn’t help but root for them to get back together. Sheldon believes he’s descending into madness as he is perplexed by a musical puzzle that he can’t shake off or figure out. An offhand remark helps bring the puzzle together and Sheldon realizes what we’ve known all along: Amy is his heartworm. Never one to be concerned with social cues, Sheldon interrupts Amy’s date to profess his love and she doesn’t hesitate for a moment in taking him back.

#4: The Proposal

“The Long Distance Dissonance”

This one was a long time coming . . . and yet we didn’t see it coming. Amy is teaching at Princeton just as Ramona Nowitzki finds her way back into Sheldon’s life. But despite Penny’s warnings, Sheldon doesn’t suspect anything until Ramona kisses him, leading him to suddenly excuse himself and embark on a mysterious journey. We’re surprised to hear his infamous knock on Amy’s door but nothing comes as a bigger surprise than finding Sheldon on one knee, ring in hand, ready to “Make like Saturn and put a ring on it.”

#3: The Prom

“The Prom Equivalency”

When the gang decides to do a prom do-over, Sheldon freaks out when his friends tease him about “post prom mating rituals,” and seeing Amy dressed up sends him over the edge. This leads us to arguably one of Amy and Sheldon’s most moving moments, as Amy is about to drop the L bomb but Sheldon beats her to it and now it’s Amy who is overwhelmed. Sheldon normally struggles to express emotion, which makes this moment a testament to how far he’s come with Amy in his life.
#2: The Wedding Present “The Wedding Gift Wormhole”
Leonard and Penny give the “perfect wedding gift” to their friends but the newlyweds are stumped trying to figure out what the present even is. Neither of them can stop thinking about the mysterious item, and even manage to convince themselves that it’s part of a scavenger hunt, much to everyone else’s amusement. Despite the fact that Amy and Sheldon are finding clues that simply don’t exist, it’s hilarious and adorable to watch the enjoyment this adorkable couple get out of this present. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions.
Dressing Up as Howard and Bernadette
“The Imitation Perturbation”

The Tiara
“The Shiny Trinket Maneuver”

Sheldon Taking Care of Amy
“The Fish Guts Displacement”

#1: Their First Time

“The Opening Night Excitation”

When we first met Sheldon, we thought this day would never come; so when he announces that he’s ready to get intimate with Amy, we knew this would be a pivotal moment in their relationship. Amy couldn’t be more excited, but once they hit the sack, nerves take over. But Sheldon is unusually reassuring as he puts Amy at ease by reminding her that this is a first for them both. And judging from their post-coital reactions, we can be sure that this is one birthday present that neither of them will ever forget.