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Where the Mean Girls Characters Would Be Today

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
What do you think happened to the students of North Shore High School after graduation? For this list, we’re playing out a “what if” scenario and looking at what we imagine would have happened to each of our favorite “Mean Girls” characters after the events of the movie. Join MsMojo as we contemplate Where the “Mean Girls” Characters Are Now.

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Where the “Mean Girls” Characters Are Now

What do you think happened to the students of North Shore High School after graduation? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re asking: Where the “Mean Girls” Characters Are Now.

For this list, we’re playing out a “what if” scenario and looking at what we imagine would have happened to each of our favorite “Mean Girls” characters after the events of the movie.

Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite Bad-Ass Emcee, Kevin Gnapoor. Kevin made quite the impact in “Mean Girls” despite his relatively small role, making him one of the most unforgettable characters in the story. At the end of the movie, he’s finally dating Janis, but we’re sorry to say that we have a feeling that relationship wouldn’t last. He’s definitely still a math genius, but we don’t think he made a career out of it because he was too busy pursuing his dreams of becoming a rapper. We know he’s got the skills, and that one day he’ll achieve his dream of becoming the next Kendrick Lamar. Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang, Kevin!

You GO, Glen Coco! Damian was welcoming to Cady from her very first day at her new school, and forgave her even after she went Plastic. Deep down, we know he’s a great guy with a heart of gold, and we’re confident he would have left Evanston, Illinois soon after graduation to settle somewhere a little more trendy like Los Angeles. He’s probably working in a creative field, possibly as an art director in Hollywood. We wouldn’t say that Damian is “too gay to function” because we think he would have happily settled down with another nice professional guy and adopted several adorable babies. And don’t worry, he and Janis keep in touch and he always visits when he can.

Speaking of Janis, she’s another Evanston resident who we bet hightailed it out of there as soon as she got her diploma. Considering her grungy yet artsy aesthetic, we think Janice probably would have headed to New York to study at NYU, probably living in the East Village and falling in with a crowd of outsiders just like her. We think she probably would have become a big advocate for the LGBTQ community after all of the bullying she received in high school over Regina thinking she was a lesbian. We imagine that she’d have a successful career in the art world, and would eventually become an artist in residence at the MoMA.

Now what about everyone’s favorite cool mom, Mrs. George? Since her daughters are all grown up and she doesn’t have any teenagers around the house to keep her young anymore, we have a feeling that she’d find a way to relive her youth by getting involved in the pageant circuit. She and Mr. George are still together, but rarely see each other as their house is so massive. Realistically by now she’d probably be trying to be a cool grandmother as well as a cool mom!

At the end of “Mean Girls”, Cady and Aaron Samuels are together despite the fact that he went to study at Northwestern in Chicago. We know that long distance relationships are hard to maintain, so we have a feeling these two wouldn’t have had a happily ever after. Aaron was never exactly an intellectual, so we have a feeling he would have dropped out of school in order to take advantage of his good looks and pursue acting. Though his career hasn’t been a resounding success, he did manage to get cast as himself in the hottest new Ariana Grande video! Oh and of course, he still looks sexy with his hair pushed back.

Now that we’ve covered some of the secondary characters, let’s get to the Plastics themselves. When “Mean Girls” ended, it was revealed that Karen Smith had begun doing weather reports because her breasts can always tell when it's going to rain. She must have ESPN or something! We have a feeling she’d be able to coast on her appearance and make a career out of this, likely rising to prominence as a weather girl for a major national network. Let’s just say she doesn’t do her own meteorological research though. We think she probably would have settled down with one of the anchors of the show she works on. Also, she finally learned that in fact, there are white people in Africa.

Her hair is so big because it’s full of secrets and she can’t help that she’s popular. Gretchen Wieners was the most precarious member of the Plastics, but we have a feeling she’d go on to be the most successful. The actress who played Gretchen, Lacey Chabert, had a few ideas of her own about where her character would be today, and we have to say it aligns pretty well with what we had imagined. Gretchen would definitely take over her father’s company, Toaster Strudel, and she’s probably wearing hoop earrings every damn day. In her own clique at least, she managed to make “fetch” happen.

“Mean Girls” protagonist Cady grew up in Africa and found herself out of her element when she arrived at North Shore High School. She managed to adapt to her new environment however, rising and falling in the school’s social scene. By the end of the film, she had come into her own and was happily dating Aaron Samuels, leaving the Plastics behind. Though at first she may have had a difficult time at North Shore, she actually ended up staying there long after graduation, following in Ms. Norbury’s footsteps and becoming the school’s math teacher after being mentored by her, putting her nerd skills into practice. We imagine she’d also work as the guidance counselor, and would do a great job advising students on difficult social situations.

Now we know what you’ve all been waiting for, what happened to the mean girl herself, Regina George? Well, what have all the most popular kids from your high school been up to in the last 15 years? Probably not a whole lot. Regina continued to pursue her lacrosse hobby, channeling her negativity into the violence of the sport rather than terrorizing those around her. We think she probably would have stayed in Evanston, opting not to go to college because she didn’t get into any of the schools that she applied to. We think she probably would have settled down with Shane Oman and had a couple of kids in quick succession, with aspirations of becoming a cool mom just like hers was before her. In her spare time, she coaches the girls lacrosse team.

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