Top 10 Best Safiya Nygaard Videos
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Top 10 Best Safiya Nygaard Videos

VOICE OVER: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
If you're not familiar with this YouTuber, get ready to hit subscribe. For this list, we're looking at the most popular and most entertaining videos that this vlogger has ever published. Our list includes “I Let My Subscribers Pick My First Tattoo,” “Creating A Custom Lipstick At The Bite Lip Lab,” “I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features,” “Trying Clickbait Clothing Hacks From Instagram,” “I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week,” and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Safiya Nygaard Videos.

Top 10 Best Safiya Nygaard Videos

If you’re not familiar with this YouTuber, get ready to hit subscribe. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Safiya Nygaard Videos.

For this list, we’re looking at the most popular and most entertaining videos that this vlogger has ever published.

#10: “Melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together”

If you’ve been to a mall in the last couple of decades, you probably recognize the overpowering aroma that comes from Bath & Body Works. The company is known for their highly-scented and affordable products, including candles. In this video Safiya goes around to multiple store locations and places an order online to acquire as many of the candle scents as possible. She ends up with 117 different options, and then melts scrapings from each candle together to create one mega-candle that comprises all of them. As far as the final scent goes? Turns out it depends who you ask!

#9: “I Let My Subscribers Pick My First Tattoo”

Usually, when someone is deciding on what to get for their first tattoo, they put a lot of thought and consideration into it. That’s why this video concept was so intriguing. Safiya let her followers pick the first thing that she was going to get! She started by asking for design submissions, and got lots of ideas from her fans. From there, she narrowed it down to four different concepts, and had people vote on which one they liked best. The video also shows her actually getting the final design tattooed on her, and it’s really helpful in demystifying the whole tattoo process!

#8: “I Tried A 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine For A Month”

In 2017, everyone was talking about the 10-step Korean skincare routine. The concept was a controversial one, with some speaking to its virtues, and others arguing that it was totally over the top. Lots of beauty vloggers decided to try it out for themselves, and Safiya Nygaard was one of them. Using a Soko Glam beginner kit, she traded in her usual skincare routine for one that involved an oil cleanser, a water-based cleanser, a scrub, a toner, an essence, a moisturizer, an eye cream, a night serum, and SPF. Whew!

#7: “Creating A Custom Lipstick At The Bite Lip Lab”

Any lipstick junkie will know that Bite Beauty is at the top of the game when it comes to lip color, and if you live in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Toronto, you’re lucky enough to have access to a Bite Lip Lab, where you can create your own custom color. If this is something that has ever intrigued you, then you have to watch this video. Safiya ends up creating two custom colors, one dark and one light, which she calls Dothraki Screamer and Mrs. Norris. After watching this video, you’ll definitely start saving your pennies so you can try it yourself!

#6: “Trying Clickbait Beauty "Hacks" From Facebook”

One of the things that endures about the Facebook experience are videos filled with purported “hacks” for various beauty ideas. Each one may seem more ridiculous than the last, and Safiya decides to get to the bottom of it all by trying some out for herself, so matter how nonsensical they may be. It’s supremely entertaining watching her go through each one, putting herself in potential physical peril for the sake of her viewers.

#5: “I Got My Makeup Collection Professionally Organized”

If you’ve got a serious makeup and beauty collection, you might find yourself wishing for a better organizational system. And if you have as many products as Safiya does, you may need to bring in some heavy hitters to help you out. Since she’s dealing with a much larger collection than the average person, she decides to hire a professional organizing service to help her sort through all of her stuff, figure out an organizational system for it, and implement it. While at first you may be jealous of all the products she has, by the end you’ll probably realize that it isn’t worth the trouble.

#4: “I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features”

You’ve definitely seen magazine articles and online headlines purporting to offer up the “best haircut for your face shape” or “best style of pants for your body”. But is any of this advice actually useful? That’s the question Safiya seeks to answer in this video. She starts with hair, where she finds out she has a heart shaped face, and gets a cut to make it look more like an oval. She then went on to meet with Stacy London – of “What Not to Wear” fame – to work on clothes, and finished things off with a makeup look meant to suit her features.

#3: “Trying Clickbait Clothing Hacks From Instagram”

In a video with a similar concept to the “Facebook beauty hacks” video, Safiya turned to another social media platform: Instagram. This time though, she was focusing on clothes rather than beauty, but the results were just as entertaining. We’ve all seen those posts that show up on our feeds, with snappy little videos showing how to “hack” something to make it easier, cheaper or more efficient. Safiya puts a bunch of these tricks to the test to see if any of them actually work.

#2: “I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week”

You may have seen ads for shopping sites like Romwe, which offer clothes for shockingly low prices. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has considered shopping there, especially considering how many pieces you can get for just $5. But, the reality is most of us have never actually pulled the trigger, and are instead left wondering how good clothes can actually be when they’re so darn cheap. Safiya put in the legwork for us though, buying a wide variety of pieces from the site and testing them out so we don’t have to. Was it worth it? Watch and see!

Before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions.

Mixing All My Highlighters Togethers

Trying $1 Makeup From Wish

I Dressed Like Store Mannequins For A Week

I Dressed Like Bratz Dolls from the 2000s

#1: “Melting Every Lipstick from Sephora Together”

Safiya Nygaard’s most popular video by a landslide is this one, with over 23 million views on YouTube at the time of writing. The concept is a simple one, and one we had seen from her before: she takes a bunch of makeup and melts it together to see what happens. This time, she bought every lipstick Sephora had to offer – a whopping 603, in case you were curious – and blended them to get one definitive shade. Not only that, but she actually produced 500 of them to send to her fans! Would you wear that color?