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Top 10 Brutal Punishments Given To Cheaters 2

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Video game hacks need to get punished! Other times it's just innocent cheating in single-player games, and developers troll those people as well. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for part 2 of ways cheaters get punished in video games.

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Another Top 10 Brutal Punishments Given to Cheaters

Cheaters never prosper, but apparently, it takes more than one Top 10 to get the message across. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Brutal Punishments Given to Cheaters!

For this list, we’re looking at another ten ways developers have punished players for cheating their way through their favorite games. If you don’t see a notable punishment on here, be sure to check out our original list!

#10: Konami Code Fails


The Konami Code is, by far, the most famous cheat code in gaming history. To this day, there are games still using the code as a tribute to games of the old days. Although, not every game rewards players for memorizing the code. In “Pop’n Twinbee”, the code will cause your ship to crash to the ground and restart the level. In “Contra 4”, the Konami Code acts as an “instant death” code (unless you input it with the DS touchscreen during the opening helicopter drop), and inputting it into “Super Monkey Ball Jr.” changes the game’s title screen to “Super Nice Try”. It just goes to show that knowing your pop culture won’t give you a free pass on every game. So, be careful where you use it!

#9: Getting Cheesed

“Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy” (2017)

We’re all used to cheesing some bosses in our favorite games…[cut to TMNT NES Shredder fight] SOME bosses. However, some games will make it clear that we need to play the game the way the developers intended you to play. Take “Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED”, for example. During the boss fight against Tiny Tiger, it’s possible for you to cheese your way through the lion stampede segments by standing in the upper left corner of the stage. However, if you tried replicating this exploit in the “N. Sane Trilogy” remake, Vicarious Visions would guilt trip you by having the audience hurl cheese wedges. You may have been able to cheat past High Road and Road to Nowhere, but Vicarious sure as hell wasn’t going to let you get away with this!

#8: Boss Rush Mode

“Crusader: No Regret” (1996)

Have you ever tried inputting cheat codes of prior games into your favorite sequels? Fans of “Crusader: No Remorse” sure did when “Crusader: No Regret” came out, and they were given a nasty surprise! Inputting codes from the first game would cause “No Regret” to transport the player into a “secret level” filled with EIGHT Chairman Draygan mechs! Normally, this would prove impossible for any normal human being. Those who have beaten it have confirmed that conquering the supposed punishment nets you no reward. Instead, the game still outright kills you for being a lousy cheater. For once, it seems like the game is being a sore loser!

#7: Using Autofire

“Metal Gear Solid” (1997)

Remember the old days when third-party controllers came with buttons that allowed you to autofire? Some games may have forgiven and forgot, but “Metal Gear Solid” wasn’t gonna let that sh** fly! During Ocelot’s interrogation scene, the notorious gunslinger looks into the camera and says: (“Don’t even think about using autofire, or I’ll know”). Honest players using the standard controller had nothing to worry about. Those who ignored Ocelot’s threats and used autofire got to see Snake electrocuted to death for an uncomfortable minute. Hope your cheating was worth it, guys! You got to see a man die! You proud of yourselves? (We know we were...maybe.)

#6: Using DOOM’s Cheats

“Heretic” (1994)

As we said about the Konami Code, be careful of where you use classic cheat codes. The same applies to using old cheats from “Doom”. Unfortunately, those who played Raven Software’s “Heretic” found out the hard way. In “Doom”, inputting the code “IDDQD” would grant the player “god mode”, making them invulnerable to all damage. In “Heretic”, this code will instantly kill the player. A similar situation plays out for the “IDKFA” cheat, which grants the player access to all weapons in “Doom”. Although, in “Heretic”, it takes away the player’s weapons, leaving them only with a stick. Hope you’re up for a challenge because this won’t get you far, cheater!

#5: The Serious Room

“The Stanley Parable” (2013)

If you were ever sent to the principal’s office as a kid, this punishment may be familiar...a little TOO familiar… Although, if you have a conniving friend that cheats a lot, this might be a good joke to pull on them. When playing “The Stanley Parable”, typing “sv_cheats” into the command box will put you in the worst environment ever existed - the Serious Room. You’ll be forced to sit through a lengthy lecture by the game’s narrator, coaxing you about the mere thought of cheating. Cheaters don’t ever win, and “The Stanley Parable” will certainly make its stance clear.

#4: Branded as a Thief

“The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” (1993)

This is a classic Nintendo cheat that many “Zelda” fans are aware of. In “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”, it is possible to snag a free item in one of the game’s shops. Simply walk in, grab the item you want, make him face the wall, and run out of there before he can turn around. You’ll be able to nab the item for free, but beware - the game knows all! NPCs will refer to you as “THIEF” instead of your character name for the rest of the game, and the next time you enter a shop, you’ll pay the ultimate price. Cheaters, would you rather Link go out as a brave hero or a petty crook? Either way, it’ll be on your guilty conscience!

#3: A Lengthy Lecture

“Animal Crossing” series (2001-)

Speaking of guilty consciences, “Animal Crossing” will certainly put you through the wringer! Becuase “Animal Crossing” relies on activity in real-time, the game doesn’t like it if you try to manipulate your save file by any means, including “forgetting to save”. (You know who you are!) Those who did so got to resume the game with an insanely long lecture from Mr. Resetti. You won’t be able to do anything until you talk to him either, as walking away will get him even more irritated. This only gets worse in later titles, where he may ask you type out specific phrases like “Hail Resetti” or even threaten to wipe your save file. Best not to get on his bad side.

#2: Botany Bay

“Runescape” (2001)

There are many online games out there that will do anything they can to utterly humiliate cheaters. “Runescape” players will certainly know this for a fact due to the existence of an island made specifically for cheaters - Botany Bay! - A historic reference to the British prison colony that eventually became Australia. Cheaters that are caught red-handed (after two warnings prior) will have their characters teleported to the Island of Botany Bay where their character will be put on trial. Cheaters can watch helplessly as their character is humiliated and brutally killed off before being permanently banned from the game. In moments like this, we can’t help but think of a certain scene from “Avengers: Infinity War”... [02:12:04 cut to Avengers Infinity War: “What did it cost?” “...Everything.”]

#1: Doing Time

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (2017)

Whereas Epic Games was suing “Fortnite” cheaters left and right, PUBG Corp has been sending their cheaters straight to prison. China, at least. In 2018, PUBG Corp discovered over a hundred and forty Chinese hackers selling cheating software, some containing trojan viruses. All hackers were arrested, with some facing $5.1 million in fines. Cheating is as big of a problem as it has ever been in gaming. It can hurt a game’s reputation and discourage players from returning. So, developers won’t take cheating lightly, even if it means filing a lawsuit or dishing out a hefty fine. Just play the game fairly just like everyone else, and there won’t be any problems!

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