Top 10 Female Characters Voiced by Men



Top 10 Female Characters Voiced by Men

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Cassandra Kalley
It's not uncommon for actresses to provide male voices, although there are also many female characters voiced by male actors. We're looking at those alto to bass tones we associate with female faces but are provided by male voices. It's time to get genderbent! WatchMojo ranks the best female characters voiced by male actors. Who's your favorite female character voiced by a male actor? Let us know in the comments!
It’s time to get genderbent! Welcome to WatchMojo and today, we’re counting down the Top 10 Female Characters Voiced by Male Actors.

For this list, we’re looking at those alto to bass tones we associate with female faces but are provided by male voices. This list does not include anime characters. And, to be clear, we are not including characters who started as male and became female. Sorry, Mrs. Garrison.

#10: Lola
“Big Mouth” (2017-)

Nick Kroll has always been very good at bit characters. Mostly, this can be seen on his sketch show, Kroll Show, where he gives life to multiple crazy characters, one of them being Liz G. from PubLIZity. And Lola? Well, just imagine Liz as a middle schooler. In fact, in an interview with Time Magazine, Kroll himself said that Lola and a few others on Big Mouth are all throwbacks to Kroll Show. But Liz G. and Lola are practically the same person, with their cruelly funny backhanded comments.

#9: Diane Choksondik
“South Park” (1997-)

While Mrs. Garrison couldn’t make it on our list, this South Park fourth grade teacher is voiced by the same man, Trey Parker. If you look at Parker’s IMDb page, you'll find he gives voice to many of the characters in the strange Colorado town, but we’re focusing on this saggy-breasted, lazy-eyed woman. She might have had a short life on the show, but it was memorable one, filled with comparably innocent nicknames, adventure, and of course, her one-night stand with Mr. Mackey.

#8: Beverly ‘Bev’ Bighead
“Rocko’s Modern Life” (1993-96)

This frog-like character and her froggy voice could not be more perfectly matched. Charlie Adler, the man behind this overbearing neighbor to the titular character, has given voice to many characters from our childhoods. In fact he spends many of his work hours in the recording studio talking to himself. In this particular case, he voices both Mrs. Bighead and her husband, Ed Bighead. It takes a lot of vocal talent to play both a henpecked husband and the lady doing the henpecking, but Adler performs both with relish.

#7: Roz
“Monsters, Inc.” franchise (2001-)

This gravelly-voiced administrative monster is a character that people in the corporate world know too well. Obsessed with paperwork, this grumbly old slug just wants every t crossed and i dotted. Is that so much to ask, Mike Wazowski? The voice that gives the workers of Monsters Inc a cold chill is provided by Bob Peterson. And if Roz’s voice sounds familiar, there's a good reason for that. Remember this chess game? And of course, everyone knows this singing stingray. But Roz will always hold a special place in all of our hearts.

#6: Dr. Girlfriend
“The Venture Bros.” (2003-)

She’s the best girlfiriend a supervillain could ask for. And that deep voice of hers? It’s provided by Venture Bros. co-writer Doc Hammer, but it’s been a point of controversy for many in the fandom. Some attribute it to a sex change, or speculate that she’s a drag queen. However, many of these theories have been debunked by the fact that she just smokes too many darn cigarettes. It has also been said by the creator of the show that Dr. Girlfriend is an homage to former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, who also had a uniquely lower pitch to her voice.

#5: Grenda Grendinator
“Gravity Falls” (2012-16)

Here’s another unusually gruff voice that’s a point of contention on fan forums, only this one belongs to a young girl (as voiced by adult male Carl Faruolo). Fans have questioned whether or not she is transgender, with some even going so far as to say that the creator is transphobic. However, it’s clear from the start that Grenda is not your stereotypical preteen girl in many ways, except one: her insecurities. According to the show’s creator, Alex Hirsch, this is what Grenda is meant to be a joke about: those insecurities we’ve all felt as a preteen, and into our teen years and beyond. But at her core, she’s a super supportive friend who just happens to be extremely strong.

#4: D.W. Read
“Arthur” (1996-)

Were you surprised too? Well, it’s true. Arthur’s bratty little sister is voiced by multiple young male actors (namely, Oliver Grainger, Jason Szwimmer, Michael Caloz, Robert Naylor and more), with many going on to do voices on other children’s shows, like Caillou and Mona the Vampire. D.W. herself isn’t the most well-liked character, and many find her to be a tattletale at best. However, in truth, she’s just a typical preschool child who only wants to grow up just like her brother. And she’s not just a gullible and temper-tantrum-prone kid; she’s also sharp-tongued and quick-witted when everyone least expects it.

#3: Tina Belcher
“Bob’s Burgers” (2011-)

Everyone knows and loves Tina Belcher. But did you know this puberty-riddled, butt-loving girl was originally supposed to be a boy? In the demo stages of Bob’s Burgers, Gene was not the only Belcher son. As seen in the test pilot, Daniel Belcher - not Tina - announces that his crotch is itchy. Daniel was named after the man who gave him voice, Dan Mintz. However, upon viewing the short episode, the staff thought Daniel would be better as a Tina, but Mintz’s low monotone could remain. The decision paid off, and now this “smart, strong, sensual woman” inspires female fans all over the world to access their inner power.

#2: Lumpy Space Princess
“Adventure Time” (2010-18)

Oh my Glob! This purple cloud of sass and arrogance is one of many princesses in the Land of Ooo. A stereotypical teenage valley girl in many ways, Lumpy Space Princess is spoiled, overly confident, and has the voice of a nasally angel. Pendleton Ward does a wonderful job of portraying this character’s emotional roller coaster, through the highs of thinking she is the best thing out there to the lows of realizing she messed everything up. It's okay, LSP; we’re sure Finn will still help you out on your next adventure.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

“Family Guy” (1999-2003; 2005-)

“Shrek the Third” (2007)

Mrs. Brinks
“Angela Anaconda” (1999-2001)

#1: Edna Mode
“Incredibles” franchise (2004-)

When the people of Metroville need saving, we all know this androgynous stylist will be there to make sure our favorite superheroes are looking good while fighting evil. Just… No Capes! Since Edna’s arrival on the scene, there have been many questions as to her inspiration. While Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles and voice of Edna, has held those cards close to his chest, many have spotted similarities between her and Hollywood costume designer, Edith Head. We can see the resemblance, but all that truly matters is Edna keeps her passion for superhero fashion burning. She is the best of the best, after all.
You know Roz kind of reminds me of my old college teacher Diane! She talked with such a slow, drawling unenthusiastic voice.