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Top 10 Most Anticipated Sequels Of 2020

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
If you thought 2019 was a year for sequels, just wait until you see which anticipated sequels will come out in 2020. We're talking about such expected 2020 sequels as Fantastic Beasts 3, Bill & Ted Face the Music, Bond 25, A Quiet Place 25, Ghostbusters 3, and Godzilla vs. Kong! Obviously there are more! So join us as we count down our picks for Top 10 Most Anticipated Sequels of 2020. Which one are you most excited for?

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Good things come to fans who wait! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Anticipated Movie Sequels in 2020.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most exciting and high profile film sequels scheduled for release in 2020. To be considered, the films in question need to have an official release date, meaning that, despite the likelihood of Venom sequel in 2020, it won’t be considered.

#10: “Bad Boys For Life” (2020)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are bringing Detective Lieutenants Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett back to the big screen. Equal parts badass and prone to messing up, our titular Bad Boys always deliver on the action and the laughs. Though neither of the first two films performed well with critics, they’re a whole lot of fun, audiences love them, and they both have a lot of replay value. It will have been over a decade and a half since they last graced the screen, so we imagine we’ll have a lot of catching up to do! Also of note is the fact that franchise director Michael Bay has passed the reins to critically acclaimed Belgian directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.
[buckle up]!

#9: “Bill & Ted Face the Music” (2020)

Speaking of beloved characters that we haven’t seen in awhile, how about this blast from the past? Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves secured themselves a place in the slacker pop culture hall of fame as Bill S. Preston and Ted Logan. In 1989, they went on an Excellent Adventure, and followed it up with a Bogus Journey in 1991. Nineteen years later, in 2020, with this third and long awaited instalment, they’re finally facing the music. Fans have been waiting a long time for this film, and given that a script was in the works as far back as 2010, many had given up hope. But with the film officially in production, strange things are once again afoot at the Circle K…

#8: “Fantastic Beasts 3” (2020)

The second instalment in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter prequel films was a notable dip in quality from the first. But with three more sequels planned, we think that there’s plenty of time and opportunity for this franchise to find its footing again. And for many fans of the author’s expanded wizarding world, really… new content is always welcome, regardless of what the critics say. That being said, one of the biggest gripes with “The Crimes of Grindelwald” is that it mostly served to set up future instalments. Here’s hoping that, with the stage set, Rowling and director David Yates can truly make some magic happen in this as yet untitled follow-up.

#7: “The Conjuring 3” (2020)

James Wan is a master when it comes to building franchises. Not only did his low budget 2004 film “Saw” grow into a billion dollar series, but with “The Conjuring”, he planted the seed for a supernatural horror cinematic universe. And sure, not all entries into The Conjuring Universe are created equal, but the core films have yet to disappoint. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as husband and wife paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who you can also see in 2019’s “Annabelle Comes Home”. Though details remain scarce on The Conjuring 3, early reports point to it involving a murder trial in which the defendant claims to have been possessed at the time he committed his crimes.

#6: “Ghostbusters 3” (2020)

This one definitely comes with a lot of baggage. After the backlash against the 2016 remake, many fans feel like it would best to just let the franchise rest in peace. That being said, the idea of Jason Reitman helming a sequel to the first two films is enticing - there’s something nice about the movie’s original director passing the torch to his son. A short teaser trailer has been released, but it doesn’t give anything away in terms of plot. What we do know is that it will focus on teenage characters, and take place within the same universe as the original films, unlike the reboot. Until we get a clearer picture of what Reitman has cooked up, we remain cautiously optimistic.

#5: “Fast and Furious 9” (2020)

Cars might run out of gas, but this franchise apparently doesn’t. Over the years, it’s evolved into one of the most financially successful, high-paced action series in cinematic history. The eighth instalment, “The Fate of the Furious”, definitely suffered from the absence of Paul Walker, but with a strong ensemble cast of memorable characters in tow, this juggernaut clearly has no intention of slowing down. After 2019’s “Hobbs & Shaw” spin-off, we’ll be getting not just a ninth instalment, but a tenth as well, released in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Both will be directed by Justin Lin, the man behind films number three through six, and are sure to once again deliver the massive set pieces and intense spectacle we’ve come to expect.

#4: “A Quiet Place 2” (2020)

As surprising as it was to see Jim Halpert transform into a rugged action hero for Amazon’s Jack Ryan series, it’s his foray into directing and horror that has us most impressed. This wasn’t Krasinski’s directorial debut, but it was his first high profile project, and boy did he hit it out of the park. With its fascinating use of sound and silence, and emotionally-rooted narrative, “A Quiet Place” was one of the best horror films in recent years. Krasinski’s onscreen presence will be missed in the sequel, but the return of wife Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott is music to our ears. And with Krasinski once again penning the script and directing, we have the utmost faith that it’ll be a worthy follow-up.

#3: Bond 25 (2020)

Though he hasn’t exactly been shy about voicing his dislike for the role, Daniel Craig is returning for one last outing as Agent 007. And considering the great work he’s done during his time as James Bond, we’re happy to have him back. “Skyfall” was phenomenal, but it’s follow-up, “Spectre”, was admittedly a bit lackluster. The 25th film in the series has notably struggled to get off the ground, but we’re choosing to believe that the studio is using that time to ensure that Craig’s final film is a great one. With True Detective’s Cary Joji Fukunaga set to direct, all signs are certainly pointing in the right direction. And really… a milestone like 25 films deserves to a cinematic masterpiece worthy of the occasion.

#2: “Godzilla vs. Kong” (2020)

Everyone wants a cinematic universe these days, but as “King Arthur” and “The Mummy” learned the hard way… it’s easier said than done. Thankfully, Legendary has been taking their time with their MonsterVerse. And so far… so good! In 2019, our giant reptilian protector will be facing off against a myriad of familiar faces, including Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah, in “Godzilla: King of Monsters”. From the looks of the trailer, it’s shaping up to be quite a feast for the eyes. Then, in 2020, Legendary will make good on its crossover promise by pitting Godzilla and Kong against one another. Suffice it to say… we are freaking pumped from this smackdown of titanic proportions.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

“Legally Blonde 3” (2020)

“Coming To America 2” (2020)

“Death on the Nile” (2020)

“Minions 2” (2020)

#1: Wonder Woman 1984” (2020)

This wait has, quite frankly, been a painful one. In this modern age of short attention spans, we’ve come to expect a sequel two years after any successful film. But… considering we had to wait decades for Princess Diana to finally get her own live-action film, maybe three years isn’t asking that much! With director Patty Jenkins returning to direct the sequel, we have every reason to believe that Gal Gadot will once again blow us away as Wonder Woman. Add to that an 80s setting, Kristen Wiig as the villainous Cheetah and the mysterious return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, and well… that sounds like a recipe for another victory!

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