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Top 3 Things You Missed in the It Chapter 2 Trailer

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Brayton
The It Chapter 2 trailer had a lot going on! With all these references, easter eggs, and hidden details in the It 2 trailer, you're sure to have missed a few things. We're going to be combing through the trailer for this new sequel of It, based on Stephen King's creepy tale. There sure is a lot to look forward to in this upcoming movie starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader! Suggest a video here: https://www.WatchMojo.comsuggest

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What is this, like, some demonic version of “Up”? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 3 things you missed in the “IT: Chapter 2” trailer.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the small details, references, and Easter eggs in the first teaser trailer for “IT: Chapter 2.”

#3: Come Play with Us, Beverly

By now, Constant Readers know that we’re living in a Stephen King multiverse. If you had any doubts, just check out Mrs. Kersh’s picture wall. In a terrifying scene straight from the book, Beverly revisits the apartment she grew up in, now inhabited by an unassuming little old lady. Bahahaha, just kidding! Nobody’s unassuming in a Stephen King adaptation! Anyway, as Beverly scans Mrs. Kersh’s walls, she pauses a little too long on a picture of two women who look suspiciously like twins. Could this be a callback to the infamous twins from “The Shining”? Oh, AND, the “father” in another picture looks curiously like Jack Nicholson. We’ll be pausing and rewatching this scene for ever and ever and ever…

#2: Paul Bunyan

“Paul Bunyan had come to life and stepped down from its pedestal in order to commit murder with an axe roughly the size of a deluxe motor home.” For those of us who’ve read the book, we remember that passage and we know what that Paul Bunyan statue represents – and it’s way more than just a nod to the real life statue found in Bangor, Maine. The statue first showed up in “Chapter 1,” but its inclusion in the “Chapter 2” teaser suggests the spooky scene where it comes to life to scare an adult Richie Tozier might be included – and if not, it’s a nice homage to the source material all the same.

#1: 27

The shape-shifting entity most commonly known as IT returns every 27 years to torment the town of Derry, Maine, transforming itself into the literal stuff of your worst nightmares. What’s worse? It’s been doing this since time immemorial. In “Chapter 1,” the Losers discover that pattern in their present time of 1989. “Chapter 2” picks up 27 years later in the year 2016, with the adult Losers Club returning to finish off their foe once and for all. But that’s not the only place the number 27 pops up: this sequel is being released September 6th, 2019. What’s 9+6+2+0+1+9? You guessed it… the magic number: 27. Mark your calendars, folks.

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