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Top 10 Times Dr. Phil LOST IT On His Guests

VO: Lisa @MsMojo WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
Although he tries to be calm and understanding, there have been times Dr. Phil lost it on his guests. We’ll be looking at times when Dr. Phil became impatient, frustrated, or downright mad at his talk show guests for their behavior. This can include kicking them off the show, insulting them, or getting into heated arguments. MsMojo ranks the craziest times Dr. Phil lost it on his guests. Are there any Dr. Phil freak-outs we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Phil McGraw tries to be calm and understanding man, but even he has his limits. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten times Dr. Phil lost it on his guests.

For this list, we’ll be looking at times when Dr. Phil became impatient, frustrated, or downright mad at his talk show guests for their behavior. This can include kicking them off the show, insulting them, or getting into heated arguments.

#10: “Did You Go to the Fifth Grade?”

Everyone remembers Danielle Bregoli, AKA the Cash Me Ousside girl. She went viral thanks to her rebellious behavior, weird phrases, and fake street accent – but Phil wasn’t having any of it. After Danielle gives a smart alecky, poor grammar-filled remark about stealing a car, Phil stares in disbelief before asking her if she went to the fifth grade. This results in shocked gasps from the audience, who proceed to clap while Danielle marinates in the burn. It’s not easy to get the otherwise calm and collected Dr. Phil to insult you in front of hundreds of people, but Danielle managed to find a way.

#9: “You, Sir, Have a Black Heart.”

This is a bit of a dark episode. Pamela claims that her ex-husband Pete ran out on their family to be with a massage therapist he met at a couple’s retreat. She also blames him for their 15-year-old son’s suicide. Pete in turn says that Pamela wanted their son dead. It all culminates in a fiery and destructive three-minute speech from Phil. The host absolutely tears into Pete by calling him reckless and destructive before telling him that he has a black heart. Of course, everything is said in that calm Dr. Phil cadence, but you can tell that he is just seething inside. He’s not often one to judge people, but he is doing a whole lot of judging here.

#8: “Get a Job!”

This kid is so spoiled rotten that Phil resorts to raising his voice. Now that’s an accomplishment. In this episode, an aspiring singer self-named King Keith Franklin VII believes that becoming famous is more important than a job or an education. As such, the 20 year old lounges around his mother’s house hoping to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, his mother isn’t having it, and neither is Dr. Phil. The host tears into him by ordering him to pull his own weight and contribute around the house before straight-up telling him to get a job. Reality checks can be hard to listen to, especially when they come from a nearly-yelling and clearly irate Dr. Phil.

#7: “You Don’t Put Words in My Mouth!”

In this episode, Phil sits down with couple Paul and Alaska. Alaska has a cuddling business and uses provocative photos to market herself. This has led Paul to worry about her sexual behavior and personal safety. While defending herself, Alaska states that Phil has been insinuating various insulting ideas throughout the interview; in her mind, she thinks Phil believes that she sleeps with the men she meets. Of course, this sets Phil right off. He tells Alaska that she shouldn’t put words in his mouth before looking her dead in the eyes and stating that he isn’t afraid of her. That one woman’s “oh daaaamn” expression pretty much sums it up.

#6: “You Are Committing a Crime!”

Phil has a short leash when it comes to the mistreatment of children. That is on full display in this dramatic episode that culminates in Phil accusing Kaylie of a crime. Kaylie is a dominatrix who gives her 14-year-old daughter alcohol and marijuana and allows her teen to have sex. Phil begins Kaylie’s roast rather politely, saying that teenagers cannot give consent under the law and that adults need to monitor their behavior. However, that was just a prelude to the main event, when Phil tells Kaylie about twenty times that she is committing a crime by giving her daughter drugs and permitting her to be physically intimate with other people. Phil is less mad and more dumbfounded over the whole situation, and that makes his reaction all the more entertaining.

#5: “Let Me Please Have an Intelligent Conversation!”

Many of the previous entries showed a frustrated Dr. Phil. Here he is positively irate, and it is oh so satisfying. First, he shows frustration with an interjection, saying, “Let me please have an intelligent conversation!” And when the guest ignores Phil and begins bickering, he simply sits back and folds his arms like an ignored and irritated parent. But before the woman can finish, Phil interrupts and goes off about his guests’ children, which culminates in him telling her to shut up. Here we see all the telltale signs of seething anger – insults, folded arms, interruptions, yelling, sarcastic rhetorical questions, and exasperated hand gestures. The man is absolutely fuming, and it is terrifying.

#4: Kicking Off “Bumfights” Producer

For those who are unaware, “Bumfights” was a film that saw homeless people performing amateur stunts for small amounts of money or alcohol. The video was enormously controversial and has even been banned in various countries. A man who bought the film rights, known by the alias Ty Beeson, appeared on “Dr. Phil” hilariously dressed AS Dr. Phil. However, his appearance lasted for less than a minute before he was kicked off. Phil stated that he didn’t want to talk to Ty and promptly had him escorted off the stage by security. This is worse than yelling. This is like when your parents say they’re disappointed and refuse to speak to you. In a way, we don’t think we’ve ever seen Phil so angry.

#3: Sexy Vegan

Sexy Vegan has earned his place in the “Dr. Phil” hall of fame thanks to his eccentric physical appearance and reckless antics. And in this particular episode, his antics are on full display - he sings a little theme song, brags about his sexiness, and moonwalks down the aisle before calling his mother an “ugly piece of f-ing shit.” Suffice it to say, that was the last straw for Phil. He forcefully tells Sexy Vegan to stop and actually gives him a chance to listen before kicking him out and apologizing to his audience. Phil has some mad patience, so to see him kicking someone out over their toxic behavior truly says a lot about his and Sexy Vegan’s tumultuous relationship.

#2: “Are You Kidding Me!?”

In this episode, Phil shows a troubling clip of three adults bickering at a Little League baseball practice. The adults can be heard calling each other ‘crazy’ and insulting each others’ hair colors and outfits. One even says that the other should be punched in the face. Phil in turn brings up the out-of-frame children and literally shakes with anger when screaming, “Are you KIDDING me!?” After some much-deserved roasting, it all ends with a very exasperated Phil leaning back in his chair and saying “come on…” in a very defeated tone. If it wasn’t clear already, Phil REEEALLY hates when children are involved in adult immaturity and stupidity.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Tired Record”

“You Need to Stop!”

Booting Laughing Guest Off Stage

#1: Kicking Out an Internet Stalker

This is a legendary episode of “Dr. Phil,” and it comes with one of the best Phil reactions of all time. The guest is Bailey, a young adult who liked a stranger’s tweet and promptly fell in love. Bailey sent the woman thousands of messages declaring her love, even though they had never even met. After Bailey plays the victim, Phil quickly shuts the entire interview down, saying that he’s not interested in the melodrama and manipulation. Now think about that. Phil was so incensed at Bailey’s behavior that he refused to listen or help, despite claims of wanting to do so, and just kicked her off instead. Sure, he never raised his voice, but actions speak a heck of a lot louder than words.

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