Not All Revenue is Valued the Same: Understanding P/E Ratios

VOICE OVER: Ashkan Karbasfrooshan & Rebecca Brayton
Today on Context Is King, we answer a viewer question! Watch as WatchMojo Founder, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, gives some business advice!

Today's viewer question comes from Bartek Lukasiak, who asks:
I started watching your ContextTV series and I think it's great. My challenge is how to grow an independent studio ? Can you advise me on how to grow my video content production studio in Poland?

I run a video content studio in Poland ( We used to be boutique (2 big clients, handling most of their corporate video communication). Now I'm looking to expand the business and I'd really appreciate your advice. Company is 7 people, own small studio for filming and editing guys. Now I'm looking to expand the business. Branded content for brands seems like a dead alley as ad agencies take that business. YouTube content + channel management is a service where big brands go with big agencies, smaller businesses don't see value in it or are not aware (I don't want to be in the business of educating clients - I'm too small for that). Corporate communication is a great business but client acquisition costs are very high and the market is quite small. So I'm thinking to target IT companies with explainers and product videos, B2B manufacturing companies with product videos, B2C manufacturers with with videos for online stores and ad agencies specialized in content marketing to become their supplier for video. What do you think ? Is that how independent agencies in the US grow? If you have any examples or people I should talk to please let me know.

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