Top 10 Monica Geller Looks We Would Totally Rock Today
Trivia Top 10 Monica Geller Looks We Would Totally Rock Today



Top 10 Monica Geller Looks We Would Totally Rock Today

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These are the Monica Geller looks we would totally rock today. We're looking at the most memorable and timeless outfits that Monica wore throughout the show's run. There's no question that the '90s are officially back! MsMojo ranks the best Monica Geller looks we would totally rock today. What's your favorite Monica Geller look episode? Let us know in the comments!
There’s no question that the ‘90s are officially back! Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Monica Geller Looks We Would Totally Rock Today.

For this list, we’re looking at the most memorable and timeless outfits that Monica wore throughout the show’s run.

#10: Pink Bodycon Dress
"The One with the Proposal"

Everyone (except Monica of course), knows that Chandler is going to pop the question, but she still totally nails it with the outfit for the occasion. She wears a sexy pink dress for their dinner date, which has a body-conscious design that shows off all her curves. We don’t often get to see the “friends” all dressed up since they’re typically just hanging around the apartment, but when Monica gets all dolled up it’s a huge transformation. This dress is simple and timeless, meaning it would absolutely work even 20 years after the episode aired.

#9: Cozy Red Sweater
“The One with the Embryos”

In one of the most iconic and memorable episodes of “Friends,” “The One with the Embryos,” AKA “The One with The Game,” Monica wears a cute and casual ensemble that wouldn’t look out of place in the modern day. While she’s competing for her apartment, she has on a comfy looking red cable knit sweater and navy pants. To top it all off, she has her short hair pulled back with a simple barrette, and if you’ve been on Instagram lately you’ll know that this is one of the most on-trend accessories of the moment.

#8: Her Wedding Dress
“The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding”

Monica may not have been able to wear her first-choice wedding dress after another wily bride essentially stole it from her, but we have to say her plan B was not all that bad. In fact, the gown that she actually wears to say her “I do’s” is absolutely stunning and suits her personality perfectly. Wedding dress trends have changed a lot in the approximately two decades since Chandler and Monica tied the knot, but this simple satin dress with a classic silhouette would look incredible on brides today as well.

#7: Jean Jacket over Black Dress
“The Last One”

In the final episode of “Friends,” we were too busy wiping away our tears to notice what anyone was wearing, but in retrospect, Monica looked pretty amazing for a woman who just left the hospital after finding out she’s going to be the mother to twins. She wears a black midi-length dress (which is all the rage right now), with a pair of tall leather boots and a denim jacket. It’s a versatile look that could be casual or dressier, and it’s exactly the type of outfit we could see someone wearing today.

#6: Black T-Shirt Dress
“The One with the List"

This episode focuses mainly on the drama unfolding between Ross and Rachel, but we couldn’t help but notice that Monica is looking pretty great while Rachel is moping around the apartment. She wears a tight black t-shirt dress with a scoop neckline over a pair of semi-opaque black tights. It’s a simple look, sure, but it’s one that doesn’t look even a little bit dated. In fact, it would be easy to throw on this exact outfit and head out for drinks with friends. Even before the ‘90s came back in style, this would have been a great look!

#5: Denim on Denim
“The One at the Beach”

Denim is officially back in a big way, and even denim on denim looks (frequently referred to as the Canadian tuxedo) are actually chic again. It’s not exactly an easy look to pull off, because you have to decide if you’re going to coordinate two shades or go all one color, but Monica completely nails it in this episode where she pairs a slightly lighter button up top with more mid-tone blue jeans. Her white, slightly beat up sneakers finish off the outfit perfectly, making it an entire ensemble that we’d love to steal.

#4: Floral Button-Down Dress
“The One Where Rachel Finds Out”

It’s kind of crazy how much these vintage ‘90s outfits look like something you could buy today at your local Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. Monica’s style is typically pretty streamlined and doesn’t usually veer into the hyper-feminine, but in one episode, she wears this adorable and girly floral print button-down dress with a collared neckline. She pairs the piece with white sneakers to tone it down a bit (another move that would totally work today). It’s not the only time she kills it with florals, though, because this floral circle skirt paired with a knit top is enviable too.

#3: Her Red Dress
“The One with Ross's Wedding”

She may still be reeling from someone thinking that she was Ross’ mother at the rehearsal dinner, but Monica still turns out in her bridesmaid dress at Ross and Emily’s wedding. The slinky red dress works perfectly with her coloring, and it’s a bright hue that we’ve seen her nail several times throughout the series. In terms of wearability, these sort of dresses are totally back in style, with simple silhouettes dominating on the runway and in stores. Let’s just say, we’ve seen some bridesmaid dresses that are a whole lot worse than this one.

#2: Straight Leg Jeans
Various Episodes

If there’s one thing that we’d call Monica’s most iconic wardrobe staple, it has to be her straight leg jeans. She wears them a TON. In “The One After the Superbowl,” she pairs them with an argyle print sweater and black leather boots. In “The One with the Flashback,” she manages to make them look pretty darn sexy by wearing them alongside a red button-up tank. And in “The One with the Fake Monica,” she even wears them with heels to a tap dancing class! It seems safe to say that straight leg is surpassing skinny jeans in terms of popularity, so we can all take some inspiration from Monica here.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Plaid Button Down
"The One with Chandler in a Box"

Baggy Jeans
“The One Where Heckles Dies"

Sleek Grey Dress
"The One with Phoebe's Dad"

Overalls & White Top
"The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant"

Catwoman Costume
"The One with the Halloween Party"

#1: Black & White Striped Pants
“The One with the Thumb”

In one of the very first episodes of “Friends”, Monica wears an outfit that is so current, it could
easily have appeared on a TV show airing today. First, she has a cropped black t-shirt on with
white detailing at the sleeves and collar, and she pairs it with an incredible pair of striped pants
with a loose fit. The black and white contrasting in the shirt is mirrored in the pants, making the
outfit coordinate in a way that is just shy of matching. Aren’t we lucky that we can look back on
our favorite ‘90s show for on-trend fashion inspiration?