Top 10 Best Zendaya Moments



Top 10 Best Zendaya Moments

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These are the BEST Zendaya moments! From Disney, to Spider-Man and everything in between, her moments are as memorable as her name. For this list, we're looking at Zendaya's best pop culture moments, be it in interviews or on social media, from Zendaya vs. Tom Holland, to maturely shutting down Giuliana Rancic. While the actress is forging an impressive filmography; Zendaya's performances in movies and TV series will not be taken into consideration. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Zendaya Moments!

Top 10 Iconic Zendaya Moments

Disney, Spider-Man, and Zendaya. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Zendaya Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at Zendaya’s best pop culture moments, be it in interviews or on social media. While the actress is forging an impressive filmography; Zendaya's performances in movies and TV series will not be taken into consideration.

#10: Zendaya vs. Tom Holland

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2003-)

Ever wondered who would win in an air hockey match between Spider-Man and MJ? Well, you are in luck, as Jimmy Kimmel decided to finally put this question to bed. While on the promotional tour for "Spider-Man: Far from Home," Zendaya and Tom Holland found themselves taking part in a live air hockey match. With the whole country watching, Zendaya found herself on the receiving end of a one-sided demolition, although MJ did take the loss rather gracefully. When it comes to "Spider-Man's" cast, Marvel and Sony really hit the jackpot.

#9: Zendaya Handles Julie Klausner’s Eating Disorder Comment Like a Pro

Along with various other subjects, Zendaya is particularly passionate about matters dealing with Body Image. The "Shake It Up" actress uses the exposure afforded by her celebrity to spread a message of self-love and acceptance. So, Zendaya unsurprisingly did not react kindly to comedian Julie Klausner associating the “Euphoria” star’s slim physique with an eating disorder in 2016. Rather than cast even more negativity, Zendaya opted to raise up all the girls out there, regardless of body size. Even while still a teen, Zendaya demonstrated a level-headedness and maturity meriting admiration.

#8: 73 Questions with Zendaya

Covering all sorts of topics, Vogue’s 73 Questions segment provides fans with a snapshot of a celebrity's everyday life. With the interview taking place at the star's beautiful California estate, Zendaya reveals various tiny details about herself, including the actress’ main role model, favorite lip color, and a way to deal with negativity. The interview even briefly delves into some of the performer's best-known roles; for example, did you know that Spider-Man is Zendaya's favorite superhero? Well, now you do. The only annoying thing about this interview is that it ends way too soon.

#7: Zendaya’s “Ellen” Interview

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (2003-)

Interviews present the perfect opportunity to get to know a celebrity beyond solely their talents. If Zendaya's sit down with Ellen DeGeneres is anything to go by, then this is one celebrity worth getting to know. In just over three minutes, Zendaya discusses the responsibility that comes with being a positive role model for children, the perks of living with her parents, and being cast in "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Career-wise, Ellen's interview finds Zendaya in the middle of transitioning away from the Disney Channel towards cinema and ultimately more mature roles.

#6: “The Greatest Showman” Trapeze Blooper

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)

While the 2017 musical divided critics, one of “The Greatest Showman’s” standout scenes is the spectacular “Rewrite the Stars” duet featuring Zendaya’s trapeze artist and Zac Efron’s playwright. While promoting the movie on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, Zendaya went into great detail about the role’s arduous physical training and rehearsal regime. Naturally, Zendaya and Efron did not produce magic without failing every once in awhile along the way; fortunately, Hugh Jackman was around to dish out the occasional motivational remark. If nothing else, “The Greatest Showman” likely produced an awesome blooper reel.

#5: Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic”

“Lip Sync Battle” (2015-)

Once in a while, everyone lip-syncs to their favorite songs, but most people are presumably not backed by a choreographed dance group or get to end the performance with a blast of confetti. "Lip Sync Battle" pitted Tom Holland against Zendaya to see who could bring the heat. Although Spider-Man performing "Singin' in the Rain" and Rihanna's "Umbrella" is definitely something to behold, the show-stopping number was arguably Zendaya's "24K Magic." For a couple of minutes, Zendaya completely transforms into Bruno Mars and perfectly replicates the charismatic singer's moves. Zendaya's performance is what everyone else imagines they look like while lip-syncing.

#4: Zendaya Interviews Michelle Obama

In 2016, Michelle Obama produced a charity song entitled “This Is For My Girls” to raise awareness about the “Let Girls Learn” initiative. Along with lending her voice to the song, Zendaya took a special interest in the project and even got to interview the then-United States’ First Lady to further discuss the initiative’s goals for Teen Vogue. The two inspirational role models candidly address the challenges faced by girls from impoverished countries, with many risking their lives simply to attend school. The subject matter is not easy to discuss, but Michelle Obama and Zendaya are the perfect people to raise awareness on the topic.

#3: Zendaya Calls Out Airbrushing

Anyone who follows Zendaya on social media probably knows that the actress is a staunch advocate for promoting a positive self and body image. When the “Spider-Man Homecoming” star learned photos taken during a shoot with Modeliste Magazine had been re-touched, Zendaya did not hesitate to shine a spotlight on the unnecessary alterations. Along with calling out this practice, Zendaya posted before and after comparison photos, so fans could see the real deal. It is easy to talk a big game, but Zendaya’s actions show dedication to the cause; in fact, Modeliste even released a statement thanking Zendaya for pointing out the overzealous airbrushing.

#2: Zendaya Maturely Shuts Down Giuliana Rancic

For the actress’ first Oscar appearance, Zendaya went with dreadlocks, which apparently did little to impress some members of the fashion police; specifically, Giuliana Rancic. While Rancic’s remarks were juvenile and in poor taste, the actual teenager – who was still working with Disney at the time – handled the fashionista's criticism maturely and effectively. Over the years, the young star has spoken openly about various sociocultural concerns, including equality in Hollywood, and Zendaya's reply to Rancic is a prime example of the actress’ determination to inspire a positive change in the industry.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: Her 2018 Teen Choice Awards Acceptance Speech

“20th Teen Choice Awards” (2018)

Despite only being in her early 20s in the late 2010s, Zendaya is wise beyond her years. At 2018’s "Teen Choice Awards," the "Euphoria" actress won "Choice Drama Movie Actress" for her performance in "The Greatest Showman" and she utilized her acceptance speech to address the teens and children watching in attendance or at home. At the time, winning this award was arguably one of the actress’ greatest career accolades; yet, Zendaya remained focused on the bigger picture. Whatever the future holds for this former Disney starlet, there is no doubt that many fans – including us – will be watching.