Top 10 Best Jane & Rafael Moments on Jane the Virgin



Top 10 Best Jane & Rafael Moments on Jane the Virgin

VOICE OVER: Elise Doucet WRITTEN BY: Victoria Toltesi
The best Jane and Rafael moments on Jane the Virgin demonstrate why love blossoms in the most unlikely places. We'll be looking at the most tear-jerking and adorable moments from this romantic dramedy that will make you believe in love. It's a romance straight out of a telenovela. MsMojo ranks the best Jane and Rafael moments on Jane the Virgin. What's your favorite Jane and Rafael moment? Let us know in the comments!
It’s a romance straight out of a telenovela. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 best Jane and Rafael moments on the Jane the Virgin.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most tear-jerking and adorable moments from this romantic dramedy that will make you believe in love. We’ll be talking about major plot points, so this is you spoiler alert!

#10: How They Meet

Let’s start this list with how Jafael’s relationship began, when Jane was accidentally inseminated with Rafael’s child and their lives become permanently intertwined. We’d say this was the most unique meet cute in television history - except they had met before. Before the whole baby thing, they met at the Golden Harbor Yacht Club while Jane was working. Even though it was closed, she made him her signature grilled cheese sandwich, they talked for hours and even kissed, but the jerk never called her back! Things could have been SO different, but all’s well that ends well.

#9: They Finally Do ‘IT’

Usually this would be a weird thing to celebrate, but this is Jane the VIRGIN, it’s in the title. Jane doesn’t have sex with just anyone, so it’s always pretty special when she does. Jane and Rafael have been waiting a really long time, we’ve been waiting 4 seasons, and they even had a child together - so it was about time! Unfortunately, Jane busted into their apartment and announced her desire while their cable was being installed. A little awkward, but when things move to the shower, they have one of the steamiest moments in the entire show.

#8: Family Dance

Rogelio and Xiomara have just gotten married, so love is in the air at the reception. So once Matteo demands a family dance, the trio sways together. It’s a sweet family moment, but Mateo quickly gets bored, as kids do, so he runs off to play. He leaves Jane and Rafael to have an intimate moment of their own. Raf had just broken up with Petra, so he asks Jane if she has feelings for him. Jane calls him crazy... but she rests her head on his chest with her traitorous heart all aglow. There’s just something magical about weddings.

#7: He Supports Her Writing

From the moment they met, Rafael has pushed Jane to be brave and that means pursuing a writing career instead of teaching. Jane definitely has a passion for writing, but sometimes her confidence wavers, and this is when Rafael steps in to remind her how awesome she is. He was especially important after Michael died, and Jane was struggling to write. When Jane officially publishes her first book, she includes a special acknowledgement and credits Rafael as the first person to believe in her as a writer. It makes Raf cry (even if he denies it), it makes us cry, it makes everyone cry.

#6: Their First Official Kiss

Technically, they kissed once before, in the Golden Harbor Yacht Club, but it didn’t turn into anything. We’re talking about the kiss that completely transformed their relationship. Jane had just broken up with Michael and Rafael finds her, sitting alone under a blooming tree. As soon as “I broke up with Michael” leaves her lips, Rafael can’t contain himself and the emotional floodgates open. He stands her up and kisses her, with flower petals raining down on them and their hearts glowing. She even does the single leg pop thing when Rafael picks her up.

#5: The Proposal Part 2

It may have taken a few tries, but Rafael eventually gets the proposal thing right. The first proposal was incredibly thoughtful: Raf brought Jane to her favorite author’s book reading and got down on one knee in front of everyone. The only problem was that it was pretty early into the relationship, so Jane turned him down. (Xref – the second proposal) The second proposal was just as thoughtful and Rafael made sure to include the Villanueva family. He rigged a game of Lotería so that the answer to his riddle would be a ring, which prompts him to take out an engagement ring. It’s clever, emotional, a happy family moment - and Jane says yes!

#4: Getting Back Together (Again)

It wouldn’t be a very interesting drama if all the main characters were together and happy all the time, but all these breakups really mess with our emotions. Jane and Rafael have gotten together, broken up, gotten together again and broken up! Enough is enough; they’ve dealt with exes, murderers and husbands coming back from the dead and they’re are finally back together. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and totally worth the wait. They meet where they had their first kiss, and Rafael gives a tearjerker of a speech after which they kiss… a leg-popping heart-glowing kiss… It’s about time!

#3: When He Didn’t Stop Her from Marrying Michael

Sometimes loving someone can be painful, especially when it means letting them go. When Rafael saw Jane right before she married Michael, he had a lot of feelings. He loved her, he wanted to be with her and he didn’t want her to marry Michael. He loved her so much that he kept all of this to himself when he saw how happy she was. That’s true love, and Jane does the same thing when she convinces Rafael and Petra to give each other another chance. Jane and Rafael tried with other people, but in the end they are meant for each other.

#2: The Birth of Mateo

There have been a lot of transformative moments in Jane and Rafael’s relationship and this is definitely the biggest. Even though things are complicated and they aren’t together, the birth of their son officially makes them family. After a long labour, Jane is surrounded by Alba, Xiomara and Rafael when little Mateo is born. It’s a precious and emotional moment and everything in Jane’s world finally feels right; Rafael even admits that he never stopped loving her. Even though Mateo’s conception was unconventional, he’s the glue that holds everyone together.

Before we reveal our top pick here are a few adorable mentions.

When They Work Together to Help Mateo

The Graduation Party

The Kiss on the Couch

He Calms Her Down

Skinny Dipping

#1: Their Musical Moment

We may have said ‘finally’ a few times when talking about these two, but here it comes again: Jane and Rafael FINALLY get back together and it’s a magical moment. Sometimes a moment is so magical that the only way you can properly express it is to break out into song and dance. Who doesn’t love a musical with all your favorite characters singing about Jafael, especially Rogelio’s solo where he tries to steal the spotlight? Everyone is so happy it positively makes your heart glow, and this scene really makes us want to see Jane the Virgin on Broadway someday.