Top 10 Pokemon That NEED a Mega Evolution



Top 10 Pokemon That NEED a Mega Evolution

VOICE OVER: Todd Haberkorn WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Can we get a Mega Evolution over here, please? These guys have been waiting forever! For this list, we're putting the spotlight on our favorite Pokemon that somehow still haven't gotten Mega Evolutions. Seriously, what gives, Nintendo? This list includes: Dragonite, Flygon and Mew among many others!

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Top 10 Pokemon That NEED a Mega Evolution

Can we get a Mega Evolution over here, please? These guys have been waiting forever! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Pokemon That NEED a Mega Evolution!

For this list, we’re putting the spotlight on our favorite Pokemon that somehow still haven’t gotten Mega Evolutions. Seriously, what gives, Nintendo?

#10: Tauros

Seething rage inside of a fluffy coat, Tauros is one of the most aggressive Pokemon you’ll ever come across. Pokedex entries have pointed out its insatiable need to fight and ram its horns into anything it can find. Sounds like an easy Mega Evolution to make! Just add more horns or make em' bigger, right? Not enough for you? Turn this bull's tail into a whip that can rival the greatest of lassos, make each hoof a stampede unto itself! Do you see where we’re going with this? Go bigger! BIGGER!

#9: Dragonite

Time to get this cartoon-y Dragon into shape! Considering it hangs around the ocean and has a habit of rescuing stranded sailors, wouldn’t it be appropriate to make Dragonite a Water-type and a Dragon-type? Make it an aquatic beast that retains some of the elegance it left behind from when it was a Dragonair. Cute and simple as it may be, as one of the original 151, we feel a Mega Evolution is long overdue. We're pretty sure it's sick and tired of everyone mocking its pudgy appearance by now anyway!

#8: Bisharp

Just from the looking at it, it's easy to assume this pointy customer is inspired by the classic game of chess. If that's the case, then why not roll with it?. According to the Pokedex, Bisharps command small armies of Pawniards and always deals the finishing blow on its enemies. In which case a Mega Evolution only has one job - become something so fast and deadly that it scores checkmate in half the time! We’re not quite sure what a transformed Bisharp would look like, but with a design that looks awfully similar to Kamen Rider, there’s plenty of space to play!

#7: Skarmory

Nothing's scarier than a bird as sharp as a razor. Unless he was given a Mega Evolution of course. According to Pokemon lore, people found Skarmory feathers to be so sharp that in the old days they used them for weapons! With this in mind, Skarmory is ripe for a kickass transformation that can double its current killing prowess. Time to turn those wings into a medieval arsenal and make Skarmory realize its dream of becoming a flying death machine that's got sword feathers for days! Try plucking its plumage now!

#6: Snorlax

And here we have everyone’s favorite snoozer! Over the years, the Pokedex has shared a variety of tidbits about the chubby sloth. It allows people to bounce on its belly, it’ll eat 900 pounds of food a day, and it’ll chow down on just about anything it wants, regardless of mold or potential diseases. While Snorlax’s basic design makes it seem like there’s no point in a Mega Evolution, there is still some potential. How about a Snorlax that’s extremely hangry? A sleepwalker with a bad case of the munchies? Or, god forbid, one that actually wakes him up so he can lose a few pounds!

#5: Mew

Alright, sooooo, here’s something that makes no sense: Mewtwo has TWO Mega Evolutions. One for “Pokemon X” and one for “Pokemon Y”. So, what’s Mew’s Mega Evolution look like - oh, wait, IT DOESN’T HAVE ONE! How can you completely neglect Mew? Mew’s design is adorable yet brimming with untapped potential. It has the DNA of all Pokemon, right? If anything it should have a Mega Evolution for every element there is. At the least give it something that strips away the cuteness and pushes it towards "destroyer of worlds" territory.

#4: Darkrai

We’re seeing a common theme amongst all of the Psychic-type and Dark-type Pokemon. They tend to be either bizarre, creepy, or some weird combination of both. Gengar is horrifying, Duskull is unsettling, and Shuppet...well, they’re sweet as candy. So, why is a legendary Dark-type like Darkrai anything but frightening? Sure, its Dark Void move packs a punch, but that’s about as intimidating as it gets. Should this shadowy entity get its own Mega Evolution, it could really push the boundary of horror. Give it longer claws or a creepier eyeball, anything to inch it towards looking like Cthulu's younger cousin.

#3: Flygon

Despite its bug-like appearance, this beloved Gen 3 Dragon is actually a Ground-type with the tendency to create sandstorms, earning itself the nickname of “the Desert Spirit”. Sounds cool, right? Well, much like its namesake, this thing has been left in the dust! Given how it's counterpart Salamence already got itself an invite the Mega Evolution VIP Room, it's damn well time this flying insectoid joined the party. Spruce it up a little, make use of its legend, dazzle us already! Arceus knows it's put in the time and effort!

#2: Arcanine

It’s everyone’s favorite Poke-doggo! This veteran puppy has so much to work with in terms of possible Mega Evolution design it's kind of a head-scratcher that nothing's come of it yet. Capable of travelling at immense speeds, known far and wide for its "proud and regal appearance”, there's easily enough here that you could give this burning fluffball multiple transformations a la Charizard X and Y. What are you waiting for? Hasn't Arcanine been enough of a good boy/girl already! Don't kick the poor thing when its down Nintendo!

#1: The Gen 2 Starters (Typhlosion, Feraligatr & Meganium)

So far, the majority of the retro Pokemon starters have at least one Mega Evolution to their name. Blaziken looks like a beast, both of Charizard's are practically the poster boys for Mega Evolution, and Sceptile has never appeared more vicious. That being said, why were the folks from Gold, Silver and Crystal skipped over? Does the Johto region have a ban on Mega Rings or something? Imagine what could be done with this iconic trio! You've got a walking volcano, bulky alligator and super-powered plant! Hopefully, these guys will get more love in the next game.

the fist 5 made no sense btw where was vikavolt
That's all the other Pokemon I want to get a Mega
The second one is Togekiss
These Pokmon definitely need Mega Evolutions! Someone should show this to Nintendo.
I have all the Pokemon mega evolutions but yeah they need to have a mega evolutions instead of those old mega boys we need new mega evolutions %uD83D%uDE09%uD83D%uDC4C
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