Top 10 Anime That Will Ruin Your Life

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Just bury me with a Mamoko body pillow and be done with it. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime That Will Ruin Your Life.
For this list, we'll be looking at the series that will undoubtedly cripple your ability to function as a nornal member of society. Why? Because anime, that's why! Prepare to find your inner trash.
Top 10 Anime That Will Ruin Your Life
Just bury me with a Mamoko body pillow and be done with it. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime That Will Ruin Your Life.
For this list, we’ll be looking at the series that will undoubtedly cripple your ability to function as a nornal member of society. Why? Because anime, that’s why! Prepare to find your inner trash.

#10: “Yu-Gi-Oh” franchise (2000-)

Oh sure, this show likes to boast about the heart of the cards and believing in friendship and all that, but what it fails to note is how many of its viewers get addicted to the damn card game itself! You remember the early 2000s, that time where friends were willing to stab each other just over a Gemini Elf! Well its gotten worse. These days, fans are spending out enough money to make Kaiba blush just to get their hands on that next rare card…only for it to suddenly become for forbidden in the next band list! There’s so much money poured into this thing that they could probably establish an actual Duel Academy by now! Now does anyone want to trade me a Dark Magician girl? I need it for reasons.

#9: “Parasyte” (2014-15)

You can always count on body horror to unsettle you, but when you combine that with shapeshifting aliens that inhabit the bodies of everyone you know, it’s easy to get a little paranoid. After all, Shinichi got stabbed by a body-snatcher pretending to be his mother, his MOTHER! The whole invading alien scourge thing is pretty terrifying, but pretty soon you’ll find yourself constantly peeking over your shoulder and finding it hard to even trust your pet hamster. Great, now I can’t go outside!

#8: “Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?” (2019)

You’ve done it now, anime. You took an already popular fetish and managed to propel it to such an extent that you’ve ruined regular anime girls for the rest of us. With the birth of the MILFsekai sub-genre, Okaa-san Online over here has managed to put the spotlight on sexy mother figures who get transported to another world, who also blur the line between maternal and MOMMY at any given time. Mark my words, Mamoko and her S-Class arsenal will be Patient Zero when the inevitable rip-offs flood our screens. And I for one…am not complaining.

#7: “Naruto” series (2002-17)

You’re probably thinking we’re including this for its mountains of filler and inability to stick to a main antagonist. Well, you’d be wrong. This series is guilty of a far graver sin. After subjecting newcomers to the likes of the Chunin Exams and beyond, the show managed to inflict the infamous Naruto into modern society, inspiring countless geeks to flail their arms behind them and charge forward with reckless abandon. That’s right – The Naruto Run! The consequence for this? We nearly had a small army of ninja-geeks invade Area 51! If anyone gets riddled with bullet no jutsu, that’s on you Naruto!

#6: “Cells at Work” (2018)

While we all strive to live a healthier lifestyle, some of us are a far cry from reaching bishounen body goals. This was made all the worse when this series revealed that we all clearly have innumerable waifus living inside us. How tragic is it that a) you will never get the chance to confess your feeling to someone as sweet as Red Blood Cell, and b) your unhealthy lifestyle has possible genocidal consequences for said waifus. This is either going to push you to go full on Kenshiro, or cause you to wallow in grief at all the platelets lost along the way. A moment of silence please.

#5: “Akira” (1988)

A masterpiece of classic Japanese animation, there are so many things to adore about this dark sci-fi that you could write an essay on every angle imaginable. And Hollywood wants to make an adaptation of it. Not that we don’t trust Taika Watiti, it’s just that the property itself is so iconic, so close to perfection that before you know it you’ll be spending every night praying for Warner Bros to get it through their heads to drop all of it. But how does this ruin your life? Well, every so many years another live action remake gets announced only to get cancelled early on in production. Just when you think you’re out of the woods – ANOTHER one gets announced.
We don’t want a live action adaptation damnit, but we’re left in constant fear that they’re going to make one – Leave kaneda alone!

#4: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (2012-)

Do we even need to explain this one? JoJo-mania has become a very real and turbulent condition in the last few years. You might think you’re immune. You might think you’re above it all. But all it takes one gander at Dio’s face before you’re hooked. From there, life itself becomes on big JoJo reference, wherein you’ll constantly fall down the rabbit hole of JoJo memes while desperately trying to explain to everyone who will listen the cultural significance of an ambulance running over someone’s head. Wait what’s that 1980s song your boomer dad is listening to in the other room? Is that a JoJo reference? Am I a Jojo reference? Sorry I’m gonna need a moment.

#3: “Neon Genesis Evangelion” franchise (1995-)

Bust out those tinfoil hats because if you’ve watched Evangelion, that means you HAVE to read a mountain of Eva theories until your eyes fall outta your head. Even if you had the willpower to separate yourself from this series’ bombardment of philosophical questions and laundry list of crazy-ass conclusions, the fact this property is so damned popular means there will always be another spin-off, movie or spiritual remake to hammer in those head-splitting, larger than life queries right back in your face. There’s only so many theories and existential angst the average anime fan can take, you know. Maybe this was Anno’s plan all along as punishment for all those death threats…

#2: “Berserk” and “Hunter x Hunter” (1997-2017/2011-14)

That’s right, these two have a common thread. No, it’s not how both reflect the frailties of humanity and the monsters that lurk inside all of us. No, it’s not the endearing leads and their capacity to crush their enemies into gory chunks. It’s the fact that they’re both constantly on hiatus! Hunter x Hunter’s second adaptation was incredible, but because of the deathly slow pace of the manga, chances are we’ll never see a continuation. Of course, we’re a little cautious about asking for new content…just look what happened to Berserk. Look how they massacred my boy! Sure these manga will make a grand return here and there, but it’ll only take a few weeks of publication before Miura and Togashi get bored and stop writing again. For the love of god fellas, please don’t die before you finish these series! I’m begging ya!

#1: “Fate” franchise (2006-)

Don’t do it. Don’t take the plunge. Once you do, you’ll be battling against the current that is this franchise’s continuity. Even if you somehow have the conviction to go full Type Moon and withstand everything from the different routes, endless spin offs, the side-sequels to the spin offs and so on, you still have Fate/Grand Order. When you wake up one morning to see you’ve dropped thousands of dollars just trying to unlock that one particular version of Saber with a cute lil hat, you know Fate the anime and regular old Fate has screwed you over. You’ll end up a penniless fool, my friend… now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go back to rolling for Merlin. Aww son of a…